Mama Support Session

Pregnancy + Birth: Navigating the Unconventional

90 min Skype or Phonecall


Our journeys of pregnancy and birth matter

Becoming a Mama is not a ‘procedure’ - it is a spiritual journey of transformation + healing

Let’s reconnect you to your innate ancient birthing wisdom, your body and your intuition

To become the Powerful, Awakened, Conscious Mother you feel within you

This is for you if

You’re preparing for conception, pregnant or considering, in your 1st, 2nd or 3rd Trimester, a Mama or new Mama to be

It won’t include

Medical advice, Hypnobirthing Course content, birth attendance

But it WILL include

An explanation of Hypnobirthing, your prenatal and birth choices, rights + options, birthing without fear, Womb Wisdom, Fear + Lineage Healing, tools, resources, referrals, info, mindset, emotional and energetic work, Intuitive Guidance, the low-tox natural pregnancy journey, Cycle Charting, natural remedies, protecting your Birth (Plan) Decisions, plus whatever is on your heart.

My experience

Lies in formal industry training, my knowledge of the birthing world (from personal and thorough navigation and investigation, my natural and drug free pregnancies, homebirth, freebirth and miscarriage experiences, my connections to some of the wisest women in the herstory of birth.

Mama or new Mama to be…

you want to feel supported and empowered in this journey,

whether it’s your 1st or 7th experience, and

you’ve got questions…

About your pregnancy, birthing without fear,

your birth options, choices and rights

conscious conception, natural remedies

Cycle Charting,

what is necessary/what is not,

Pregnancy + Labour Intervention

Womb Wisdom + Healing

The Low Tox Natural Pregnancy Pathway

plus lots more, I’m sure!

During this consultation you will get

Answers to your questions

Advice and knowledge

Tools, resources, information

Downloadables for further work your end

Referral to like minded communities

Intuitive guidance


About Us

About Us

WHO is the Midwitch?

WHAT is a Midwitch?

The term Midwitch is a combination of the term Midwife and Witch - although, most likely not as you have come to ‘know’ these terms.

A Traditional Midwife always described the woman of the village, community or family that supported another woman throughout pregnancy and birth. The term is derived from Middle English: mid = ‘with’ and Old English: wif = ‘woman’. WITH WOMAN. Her knowledge came from traditional, ancient and informal methods that centre the Mother at all times. She knows and trusts birth and nature, and allows a Mother full responsibility and autonomy over her body. With the skills and intuition to hold space for her the way the Mother needs.

This title was, in time, bought and stolen by the medical establishment. Lost to our own arrogant medical imperialism. Now so far removed from it’s original meaning that we have come to know this role in 2019 as one that serves under a Doctor or Obstetrician, confined by strict rules and legislation and trained in emergency and to recognise and deal with deviations from the normal.

'Witch describes a person who sees divinity in nature, worships Goddesses always, practices the healing arts, is in touch with their psychic abilities, practices Magick and experiences their life as an ever evolving miracle.' - Fiona Horne.

Witch is a term I deeply resonate with. She is one who is deeply connected to, understands and works with Earth’s Intelligence. Nature’s seasons, cycles, rhythms, vibrations. She is conscious of the tides of the ocean, the phases of the Moon, the rising and setting of the Sun - and synchronises with them when she needs to. She is familiar with sitting in circle with other women and also sitting solo, performing ritual and ceremony. Feared for her knowledge of her own power, she has had to fight to be who she is.

I birthed this name and my business from a culmination of teachings, experiences, training, mentoring and awakenings - from my own journey of becoming. Because Birth as we know it, is

My intention in connecting with conscious thinkers like YOU MAMA, is to share my own journey to remind you of what you once knew. To help reconnect you to Yourself. Your Inner Voice. Your Rememberings. Because YOU know what is best for YOU.

In Birth. And as a Woman.

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And to reconnect you to our Healing Mother - Nature.

Your Intuition and Your Ancient Wisdom.

My philosophy centres around each individual’s incredible innate wisdom to thrive, heal and to birth. And so I hold the space for those wanting to unlearn, de-program, live consciously and become in-sync with the natural world.

Today I support and guide Mamas and Mamas-to-be who are feeling the call to tap back into our Herstory. I am passionate about holistic and natural health, becoming in sync with the natural world, Earth Medicine, energy alignment, women standing in their power and of course the return of Matriarchy!

You with me?