Here Comes The Sun


Here Comes The Sun

Here Comes The Sun: Preparing for the Birth of Hunter Kye

Pregnancy has brought a lot of questions around how I prepared for Sage’s Natural Hypno Homebirth, and if/how I’m trying to plan for, and recreate, that experience for the birth of our baby boy.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 8.32.13 pm.png

As far as sharing the tools I’ve used, my personal experience and the training I’ve done,

I feel a responsibility within me to do that. Because someone shared them with me, and on goes the generational passing down of (fear removed) self experienced wisdom...

This is a ‘grass roots’ book that celebrates the innate intelligence of mind, body and spirit in relation to birth.    (Click image for more info)

This is a ‘grass roots’ book that celebrates the innate intelligence of mind, body and spirit in relation to birth.

(Click image for more info)

Non-Synthetic, Wholefood, Prenatal supplements that contain the equivalent of over 12 servings of fruits and vegetables and provide necessary vitamins and minerals to support pregnancy.    (Click image for more info)

Non-Synthetic, Wholefood, Prenatal supplements that contain the equivalent of over 12 servings of fruits and vegetables and provide necessary vitamins and minerals to support pregnancy.

(Click image for more info)

This book is the textbook for HypnoBirthing training and will guide you through the philosophy and techniques of normal, gentle and positive birthing.    (Click image for more info)

This book is the textbook for HypnoBirthing training and will guide you through the philosophy and techniques of normal, gentle and positive birthing.

(Click image for more info)

But the planning part...

Well that’s for Mother Nature to decide.

I trust in her, with patience and confidence. My labour will be, what is labelled as, spontaneous.

Just as my body was able to conceive our baby, grow and nurture our baby - it will also birth my baby.

But anything more on the 'how' - well it's two pronged.

There isn't much to plan, but there is a lot to prepare:

The mind, the body, the emotions and the soul. Not all the other 'stuff' that we are falsely sold since birthing went from something women knew how to do, to something we're now 'taught'.

But (and I speak her on behalf of myself and every other woman that finds it hard to find their voice around this) my plans around how I will birth my Son are privileged, private and sacred information. And just as we did for Sage's birth, our plans are just that - ours.

What is the need to know basis that arises when a pregnant woman carries a child.

When did it become normalised that her business became everybody's business?

Adding pressure, publicly discussing expectations or trying to control a situation that my female body needs to be completely surrendering within - would be counterproductive.

You can now probably see why a hospital setting does not create that space for me. But of course I am completely grateful that we live in a privileged time, in a privileged country - that I can count on this structure to support me should the small chance of an emergency arise during birth (less than 5% of women when there are no unnecessary interventions introduced). And I would never take that for granted.

Yet, receiving feedback (requested or not) around the way I choose to birth my babies is not an open forum.

And should be the case for every pregnant Mama! Unfortunately when a woman becomes pregnant, she becomes the topic of open discussion, opinion, criticism, questioning and advice. And maybe it stems from the traditional 'a village raises a child' lineage - but most of us are so far removed from this as an authentic way of life, that it comes across with little of the original intent.

So, as I did before, I do the energy work myself, tap in, tune in - and then take the guided action from there.

I’m committed to my daily HypnoBirthing training, meditation and visualisations. I’ve nurtured myself and my Son holistically, taken the necessary steps to ensure my preferred choices are recorded (but then I don’t revisit Plan B, to keep that pathway active).

The biggest thing I can do is to stay within the highest possible vibration, in keeping in alignment with the best possible outcome for the birth of our boy.



I remove myself from conversations related to other’s experiences, when they are being imposed on me to change my mind or smother my enthusiasm - because they are their experiences, and don't have to be my own.

I disengage from the illusion that we connect on a deeper level through the continual retelling and recirculating of low vibrational stories of trauma or hardship, in an effort to create feelings of ‘normalcy’, connectedness, triumph or community - or in preparation for the unexpected/the worst.

I don’t believe pain is an ideal space to connect from and I don’t believe it serves us in the best way to engage with each other, in order to 'bring awareness' to things. I don't believe it's being a realist or sharing the truth at all. Because one person's truth does not have to be another's. Once shared, these experiences should be transformed and transmuted - not become your story, and then become You.

I block out any negative comments or remarks from those that don't believe in, or align with, my birthing choices - and block other's anxiousness, nervousness or any other non serving emotion. Because I make the choice around how I feel. We all have the power and control to determine how we feel. Nobody can make you feel anything.

I avoid (or strongly protect myself from) negativity, ego centred or aggressive behaviour, projection, competition, judgement and any situation or person that is low vibrational - in general. To hear that I was 'lucky' to birth my daughter the way I did, was common for me - yet I am conscious enough to realise this was a projection of someone else's pain - and I have no room at this precious time, to be able to carry that load for somebody else who needs to empower themselves to do their own healing.

I also choose a certain time during my pregnancy to step back and retreat into my cocoon, before the birth of my babies, and whilst most of the time this is respected, when it is not I have full strength in strengthening those boundaries. With no apologies.

That may all sound arrogant or judgmental, and at other times I would allow myself to be a vessel to help transform that energy for others - but at certain times (pregnancy especially)

I unapologetically take complete responsibility for my energy and space.

Because it's not just my own at that point - there is another life residing within me.

And ALL women should be respected and able to do exactly this. To be able to intrinsically follow their bodies, their babies and what nature is asking them to do. To protect their space without anyone else being offended or hurt.

I also answer questions lightly. 

Especially around the ‘guess date’ - it’s not a due date, because that includes a schedule or feelings of early/late/rush. A due date can induce fear and doubt and questions, when it was never a certainty anyway.

"Before drug companies made gestation calculating wheels and gave them, with their brand names emblazoned on them, to all the doctors to use; before ultrasonic scans were used to measure bone length of babies in the womb to match that with the length of the average and then estimate gestation age; before electricity dominated the rhythms of our lives, when women ovulated on the full moon - a woman marked the progress of her pregnancy according to the turnings of the moon. Her baby would be born in the tenth moon from her last blood. Birth can be trusted." - Jane Hardwicke Collings 

Plus - doesn’t a sense of wonder related to the unknown feel so much better than control.

Control stemming from fear?

I also aim to completely escape the societal fear around pregnancy and birth and the encouragement of not trusting in our own bodies and in not taking deeply connected, self directed, empowered care of ourselves. And I completely disregard the notion that birth is dangerous. It should be respected.

But for me it is much closer to Life, than Death.

The basis of this mindset for me, stems from the foundations of my HypnoBirthing Training - as a Mama and a Facilitator. I undertook this training (no, not just read the book) because i was deeply fearful of birthing. I undertook this training because i was told as early as a teen, that I would never be able to birth naturally - if at all, due to my severe Scoliosis.

Hypnobirthing is not just about the removal of fear. It is deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of being built to birth as a woman. In the ancient wisdom that pregnancy and birth complications are the absolute minority, but have somehow become the majority.

  • 77% of HypnoBirthing mothers who birthed vaginally did so without epidural anesthesia - I birthed drug free.

  • 45% of HypnoBirthing mothers birthed in under eight hours - My birth was 5 hours long with Sage

  • 17% of HypnoBirthing mothers birthed via C-section, compared with the national average of 32% - I birthed vaginally.

  • 9.5% of HypnoBirthing mothers chose to birth in the comfort of their homes (national average is less than 1%) - I birthed at home.

  • 6% of HypnoBirthing mothers chose to birth in freestanding birth centres (national average is less than 1%) - I had a spot at a low intervention Birthing Centre with Sage as a back up, available to Mothers who had a low risk pregnancy.

(Data provided by HypnoBirthing Institute, between 2005-2010)

Well hello there our Sun. Those chubby fingers are your big sister’s - and she told us she was going to have a 'baby brother', even before we knew

Well hello there our Sun. Those chubby fingers are your big sister’s - and she told us she was going to have a 'baby brother', even before we knew

How else am I preparing?

I get in sync with the natural rhythms, season and cycles.

I also work from the ground up, when it comes to empowering myself with knowledge, rather than work backwards from the ‘structures’ already in place. I don’t fight the current system, reject it or create a birth plan around choosing the opposite of conventional.

I connect with the ‘ground roots’ and work upwards with a simplification attitude

- from the foundation of what my body was built to do, with little intervention; and add on whatever else is needed - if it is. And this is where the Down to Earth Birth Book comes in. It should be a Bible for expectant Mamas.

Someone once said to me after Sage’s birth that I was a Warrior. Although I know it was intended as a compliment and said with love - it didn’t sit right with me at all.

I felt I embodied the opposite.

I didn’t fight for anything. I didn’t draw on the Ego or Masculine within me for strength. And I definitely didn’t physically ‘push’ my body. I let my body do it for me. I was allowed the time and space and safety to do so. I let my baby decide how it was all going to unfold. I released energy through primal moans and sighs.

I embodied the open, receptive, trusting, confident nature of the feminine.

Naked. Raw. Seeking support when I needed it, but being completely empowered in going within for strength. Drawing on my own ability to be in my own space and do it on my own too.

Although there was certainty, I was a student of the experience.

And will be again.

Whenever we believe we as humans have more understanding of the way the infinite intelligence of creation and nature unfolds - we become completely disconnected from the Magick that it’s trying to weave around us. We completely lose touch with our opportunity to ‘BEarth’. (The most amazing term I’ve heard yet, created by my @doulatrish - that I’m so grateful to journey with!)

In re-reading this, I noticed there are a lot of “I’s”, which I usually try to avoid when writing - but I know now that this was significant. For you can only share and affect change from a place of direct experience. For you are the only one that can birth your baby, Mama. For you are the one that knows best and cares the most for your body and your baby.

For you are more intelligent, in touch with, invested in and knowledgeable in pregnancy, birth and Mamahood than what you've been led to believe.

More than anyone else on the planet, no matter their qualifications.

There is a real problem in our culture when Medical Professional (in all areas - the body, the mind, etc) have taken far too much responsibility and credit for the outcomes of the service we have asked to engage in. Their role is to provide a service - the outcome is our responsibility, based on our choices, empowered in the knowledge that we hold full accountability for ourselves. And it should always remain that way. This has been stripped away, but it's our time to claim our SELVES back.

Do what you need to do Mama.

Go within and ask that of yourself, and of your baby.

You will know.

And carve out that path for you, for the Wise Womban that you are.

Reclaim it.

And do it unapologetically.

It is your birth right to do so.



Copaiba: Heaven Scent

My daily drops.

Analgesic + Antioxidant + Nervous System Soother.

1 of each under the tongue every morning and night, now a necessary part of my daily self care routine.


But first - Copaiba.

I knew this particular Earth Medicine instantly relieved my back pain. I knew it instantly calmed me down. It also helped me immensely with the after pains following Hunter’s birth (give me labour over that any day!) I knew Copaiba had been frequently compared to CBD/Medicinal Marijuana.

But it's only now that I've really taken the time to understand just how...⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Medicinal Marijuana contains CBD and Copaiba contains BCP.

CBD and BCP are different, but are both Cannabinoids.

Therefore they both interact with our body's CB2 receptors to give us the therapeutic benefits of pain relief, decreased inflammation, reduced #anxiety, nervous system support and much more.

The difference?

BCP (in Copaiba) is in a much more concentrated form.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • CBD derived from hemp has a 2-4% concentration

  • CBD deceived from cannabis/marijuana has a 5-35% concentration

  • BCP derived from doTERRA's Copaiba has a 60% concentration

The other incredible thing about doTERRA's Copaiba is that doTERRA is the first company to formulate their Copaiba Oil using 4 different species of Copaiba Tree, to increase the therapeutic potential, potency, and diversity of the potency - making it the highest concentrated #Cannabinoid available.

Also, doTERRA sold more Copaiba in it's month of release, than they projected for the entire year. Suppose people were having some pretty good results then? I know I have.

So has my Dad who suffers with Parkinson’sD isease and it's relentless tremors.

So has my lovely friend who's son has high functioning Autism.

I could go on...


Freebirth: Hunter's Story


Freebirth: Hunter's Story

It was around 3:30am on the 8th of August, when I was awoken by a crampy feeling in my belly. Creeping out of bed, sliding out from underneath Sage’s arm (#cosleepinglife), she said aloud in her sleep;

“I see Hunter?!”

(Translation: I want to see Hunter!)

It was at that moment that I thought - how freaky!

But - yay he’s coming!

The day before, I’d called Rhys at work, with the last slither of fear around freebirthing arising. “I’m pretty sure he’s breach bub, or sideways, or in a weird position, or something. It’s giving me anxiety, I think I’m going to go to the Doctors just to check.”

Although I wasn’t too worried about him being breech, because I knew he could turn last minute or be birthed breech regardless, I just couldn’t figure out how he was positioned at all! He was all over to the left in a curve. I’d tried to Belly Map, but I just could not figure out what he was doing in there! I’d had the sharp pains of engagement earlier but they’d stopped. And for some reason it was playing on my mind.

I could hear Rhys’ surprise when I’d said I wanted to see a Doctor

…(only seeing one twice throughout the entire pregnancy), but being my rock as always he just said calmly; “yep no worries, we can do that this afternoon, yeah?” So we went to a local bulk-billing GP that I’d never seen before - and came back home none the wiser! Seems the Doc couldn’t figure out his position either. Apparently, though, I needed to do that to get into a safe space in my mind before I birthed.

Maybe it was some sort of old, deep-seeded societal conditioning (that birth is a medical event), pulled from within my subconscious. My outdated belief system…?

Or maybe it was some kind of early transition?? Maybe I was in labour at that point and didn’t know it? Could’ve been, since he arrived a short 13-ish hours later? Fast forward to Sage talking in her sleep, which she often does, and I was doing the weird - ‘am I actually in labour?"‘ questioning. Just as I did with Sage’s birth.

I went to the toilet, thinking maybe that’s what the tummy cramps were about, but after I got back I had another few crampy feelings. So I decided to screenshot my phone every time I had one, to capture the time and see if these ‘feelings’ were regular. Not to time my surges (I’ve never monitored my surges during labour, or known my dilation - cos, why…?)

But yeah, they were regular!

So, just like my birth with Sage,

(read here)

I immediately went into ‘Hypnobirthing’ mode.

I had always visualised birthing Hunter in our backroom, looking out the big back window at the gumtrees and into the night sky. But somehow that space seemed too open, too cold, too exposed. I decided the warm bedroom where Sage and Rhys were sleeping, and where the heater was on, was the perfect spot to labour. And I was so certain of that. (And that’s what is meant by trusting yourself during birth, no matter what your ‘plans’ were.)

I grabbed my birth altar props that I had out in the back room (candles, crystals, essential oils and Goddess Oracle Cards) and I started setting up a birth altar on my bedroom dresser. Yep - this is the perfect spot to be, I decided. Definitely not in my original plans, but as I said - a woman in labour is always most connected to her instincts and intuition! So I was not going to let my logical mind question my heightened intuition at that moment.

The dimly lit room and the light snoring of both Rhys and Sage in our bed made me just as I needed to feel - safe.

I grabbed a towel, got on all fours and got into some suggested positions from the Spinning Babies website, because I was still sure Hunter was in a weird position. And once I did that there was A LOT of movement in my belly! It honestly felt like he flipped, but I will never know if he turned into the perfect position, if he already was, if he would have anyway, or if he was just moving downward - but I remember saying aloud ‘whoa’ at the intense movements. Yet, he still felt quite high up.


After about an hour of peacefully labouring on my own, sniffing Wild Orange Essential Oil from the bottle (which this time stopped the nausea in its tracks - I wasn’t vomiting like l was with Sage), using my birthing techniques, listening to my Rainbow Relaxation in my headphones and whispering to Hunter at the same time - everything started to intensify. At that point Rhys and Sage woke up together and saw the glow of the candles and the altar already set up on the bedroom dresser. I said to Rhys something like “pretty sure this is happening bub'“ and he said (groggily); “really? You all good? Want me to do anything?”

It was at that moment that I should have reminded him to go and get the GoPro Camera that we had borrowed from his brother, with a fully charged battery that we had ready to go, weeks ago. But I forgot about it too and said calmly; “no, I’m OK. I’m going to message Trish (my Doula) soon.”

“Maybe wait a bit bub, it might take a while.” And the memory of Rhys telling me the exact same thing whilst I was in labour with Sage (and the absolute certainty it wasn’t going to ‘take a while’ last time too) was just as strong this time!

I said; “oh no, he’ll be here before sunrise for sure.”

“Nah, that’s in a few hours Neet!'“, he said. I whipped out my phone again and Googled what time sunrise would be - at the same time my surges became a little stronger.

Sunrise was 6:40am.

So I messaged Trish at 4:42am - I’m having surges! After a few texts back and forth, Trish left hers about 5:15am. I let her know that my surges weren’t too intense, they were OK. I hadn’t had any other signs of labour yet either - no show, nothing. When she did arrive, she walked into me being in full blown established labour, which was only half an hour later!

Books I read + recommend reading…

During that half hour, Sage and Rhys were with me the entire time. Sage was hugging my leg and whispered a few times “you OK Mummy?” as I’d started to become a bit more vocal. I also started rising up on my toes with each surge, as I gripped the edge of the dresser. I assured her I was and gave her big cuddles during the lull of the surges.

We had prepared her during my pregnancy for Hunter’s birth. We’d shown her birthing videos (The Birth Into Being films) and she not only became obsessed with watching that, she was also a huge fan of the Instagram privacy policy being lifted, as she wanted to watch every single birth video that came up on my suggested list! We’d spoken to her a lot about Hunter’s arrival and what would happen and that Mummy might make some noises, and where Hunter was going to arrive from. She was as excited as we were with him arriving, and we kept telling her that night; ‘Hunter is coming now!”

When Trish arrived at about 5:45am-ish, I burst into tears.

It was a huge release! If you’ve ever had a Doula, you’ll know the feminine energy they bring into the room when they arrive. For me, I know there is someone who can match my energy and hold that space for me entirely, whilst I completely let go. Rhys and Sage were amazing birth keepers, don’t get me wrong - and even though I know I have walked this Earth with my children and Rhys many times before, I also know I have done the same with my Doulas, as well as sat in Circle with them. We’ve discussed women’s sacred wisdom over many lifetimes, I’m certain of it - and it all floods back to me when I’m with them.

This moment was also right about when I went somewhere else.

It’s hard for me to remember what happened, it’s the time Mamas often describe as leaving their physical body and going into the Ether to get their baby and bring them back down, Earthside. The consciousness of this moment was like a lightning bolt, when one large intense surge brought me right back down into my body. It was the same moment Trish whispered something to me whilst she whisked her Raven’s wing around my body.

It’s something I’ll never forget and at that moment the Divine Feminine entered the room.

I felt her.

And she patiently waited for me to surrender and hand over my birth, to the natural flow of nature. As I did, she took me right to the edge. This was definitely transition, because the veil was thin. I could sense my complete surrender and trust as she held out her hands for me to take, and my respect for the life and death border that is presented to you at this exact moment was the strongest I’d ever felt it.


This moment right here…

is (what I truly believe) has shaped the way our Birthing Industry operates. It’s a succumbing to the fear of the unknown that it brings. A lack of respect of this natural process, of our birthing women, of our babies - and the need for huMANs to control it.

And this is the worst perception, because there is no control. You either allow it to be what it is going to be, or you let your mind convince you there is something ‘wrong’ - because you’re not leading the process. Mother Nature is.

You are presented with an opportunity to disagree with the fear, and just let what ever is happening, happen. Or let fear handle your decisions. This moment is something women will never be able to truly explain. I believe this is the moment you are presented with all of your ‘stuff’, in one intense moment. All at once. If you haven’t healed or processed them beforehand. And that can be scary - if you’re not willing, or wanting, to let go of them.

Physiologically, this is also the moment we are flooded with adrenalin. We enter flight or fight, in order for our bodies to be able to have the energy to get through this stage. If you know this, and are able to fully trust everything at that moment - your baby is coming undisturbed.

This is the moment where, I know for sure that, if I was in any other environment, I may be at risk of leaning into external opinion or direction. And for me, that risk is far more dangerous than ‘freebirthing’.

Safety for me, is a completely undisturbed process of my body, mind and soul doing what it was built to do, during labour.


It wasn’t long after this, that I had that same sense that my water was about to break - although I never know that’s what that ‘sense’ is. I said; “quick! Help me into the shower.” I felt a sense or urgency to get in there, and once I did, my waters broke. It was a huge, intense gush that Rhys heard from the bedroom! And the relief, oh the relief! I think I even let out an ‘ahhhhhh’. Trish was with me, after helping me waddle into the shower and untangle from the pj’s I had on. And Rhys was with Sage in the bedroom. I turned the warm shower on, as that early morning was still a tad chilly, as well as the fact that water always calms me when I’m in labour.

I asked Trish to please get Rhys, something along the lines of “I need Rhys now” - and in the entry way to the bathroom, Rhys and Trish ‘swapped shifts’ supporting Sage. That gush of water had pushed Hunter right down, and almost through. His head was now crowning, and I grabbed Rhys to help me inside the shower - whilst Sage and Trish watched from outside the tiny cubicle.

I was pretty vocal at this point. I had been breathing him down so perfectly that he was coming down so easily. I had this need to bear down, whilst I used Rhys’ shoulders and neck to hold the rest of my body up. But then - “Quick! You’re going to have to get him”, I said. “He’s coming out fast!” And with that, I pushed him down from a standing position, to a squat. He cupped his hands underneath me and I heard Trish gently say to me;

“reach down and touch your baby’s head.”

So I did. And I will never forget that feeling. That immediate and beautiful connection. The way his wrinkly head felt. And then - as fast as I had dragged Rhys into shower with me, I pushed him out! Hunter was coming, and he was coming fast. As soon as Rhys was out of the shower, I got down onto all fours with my head sticking out of the shower door. Trish and Rhys almost said at the same time (I assume after a quiet discussion OR they were both just so in sync with their thoughts!) - “have you got this Neet? You’re going to have to do this, we can’t get in there to grab him.”

Yep, I said. But Rhys wasn’t convinced - so moments before the amazing (wonderful, magnificent, magical!) Fetal Ejection Reflex pushed Hunter out, Rhys threw a folded up towel on the shower floor underneath me. And underneath him! He came out so quickly that my attempt to catch him one handed underneath, from above, was matched with Rhys’ forearm shooting into the shower and breaking Hunter’s fall!

We brought him up and I noticed the Umbilical Cord was wrapped around his neck.

He was wriggling around attempting to unwrap himself (the intuitiveness and primal consciousness of babies!) So I gave him a hand and unwound it. I pulled him to face me and he greeted us with the biggest smile (2nd pic below.) An ear to ear smile that assured me that everything was absolutely fine when his first breath seemed to take far too long.

This had been one of the fears of birth that I had to walk through and get face to face with. And only weeks before I had seen a video of a homebirth where the baby had taken several minutes to take in his first breath. Thanks to his Mama’s calmness and knowledge that this is extremely common and natural, as baby’s airways adjust to breathing, and circulating, Oxygen. I had spoken to Rhys about this also, and therefore we adopted the same temperament when Hunter’s little body was limp, floppy, grey - and he was yet to breathe.

I rubbed his little back, and continued the communication with him that I had been having with him since he crowned. “Come on mate, you’re safe, everything’s OK, Mummy’s here, you’re OK, deep breath in.” Thinking back to this moment, I am once again grateful that I was managing my own birth, as opposed to an immediate removal from the mother, cutting of the Umbilical Cord (the Umbilical Cord… where babies are still breathing from at that moment) and oxygen mask application ‘procedure.’

He drew in a huge breath, and we all took one in at the same time. His body turned pink and he let out a huge cry. Here I am world! At the same time as Sage yelled out; “yay! the babies here!”

And so he was.

At at 6:38am.

Just 2 minutes shy of sunrise, on the magical 8th of the 8th Lion’s Gate.


Now… I feel it in my bones, that this story might trigger a lot of you.

For your own individual reasons.

But at the end of the day, this is my story and my choices.

They are not mainstream, they are ‘unconventional’ in relationship to our birthing views at this time on Earth. But, just at this time. Expand your mind a little, outside of your own consciousness and remember that ‘birth’ has been happening since, well - you know, the start of mankind! And the way you may believe birth should unfold, is only one way. And one way in one, very very short, period of time on this planet.

So I share this story, as an ode to my amazing Sun Hunter Kye, his fiercely awakened sister Sage Luna, his unconditionally loving father Rhys, our wise BEarth-ing Doula and to WOMBen all across the world. Those who have birthed, those who have not, and those who wish to…

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The Low Tox Christmas Gift Guide


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An Energetic Experience of Frankincense


An Energetic Experience of Frankincense

Step off the treadmill guys, just for a few moments whilst you read this and allow yourself to experience the present - and expand your consciousness through the words you’re about to read.

Slow down.

Christmas is 1 day, that’s it.

Don’t subscribe to the hype. The busy-ness. Switch over to receiving mode, just for this window of time, rather than what you’ve been following along with. Focus on giving to yourself totally right now, rather than what you’ve been giving away - your focus, energy, attention. Whatever you’ve been draining yourself of.

I have a gift for you to receive - fill up your cup...

And here it is. Free for you. Not only a vibrational experience of Frankincense via these words, but the tangible bottle placed into your hands in December. Did I mention, for free?


The Father Oil. The lifeforce of the Boswelia Tree in Somalia. The energetic essence that balances the masculine within us. Which helps us to lean into the comforting, protective energy of our patriarchal world, without always feeling frustrated by it's imbalance.

Franki - the oil of light.

I always say if the intention of the term Namaste was an essential oil, it would be Frankincense. The light in me honours the light in you. This is how Franki opens up our heart and connects you with your Higher Self. That voice that knows judging others, judging yourself and falling into any sort of seperatedness does not align with your highest, truest self.

Franki whispers a little louder than the Ego…

…when we allow him into our 4 bodies. He is the high vibrational state of joy that a child lives in, that flows through our veins and expands beyond our physical shell. Frankincense under the tongue, massaged into the fine lines around your eyes, rubbed onto the bottom of your children's feet when their defences need fortifying. 

Frankincense shot out from the diffuser, clinging to water particles and hanging in the air, becoming the aura of your home - and then your body. Travelling in through your airways, journeying up to the Limbic part of your brain, triggering emotional healing, mental cleansing and then entering every cell in your body to repair what needs attention.

Whilst you’re doing other things, living life...he does this for us.

Frankincense, the masculine hug, the fatherly shoulder to lean upon, the channeller of higher energies down into your crown, but then out through your feet and into Mother Earth (the perfect union of masculine and feminine) without the residual dizziness after spiritual work. 

Frankincense sourced and harvested where he's thriving. (Read more on doTERRA’s philanthropic efforts regarding this here.) Where the conditions to grow strong and vibrant and full of the Great Goddess, pulse strongly. Ethically and sustainably harvested. Frankincense. No not your 'other' brand of Frankincense...doTERRA's Frankincense. If your connection to our Great Mother is strong - you know and feel this anyway. 

Franki - you are the oil of Truth and that’s why I love you so much. 

We’re all fizzin’ for Franki right now because he is a FREE GIFT to you if you place a 200+ point order - whether you’re a doTERRA customer yet or not. And doTERRA gives him away every year in December. This time of year gives us an opportunity to really appreciate this ancient and magnificent oil. As well as demonstrate to you just how generous this beautiful company is.

This is the month to get started on your natural wellness journey sisters. To get these oils (and Franki!) into your hands before you kick off the new year. Again - Christmas is 1 day. Value your health and wellness more than what you’re prescribing to right now.

Do this for yourself, don’t wait until next year. For some of you, that ‘later in time’ moment will never come.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 9.55.00 pm.png






From Monday 19th November for 5 days only you will receive 1 FREE oil when you purchase the product of the day!

2 for 1 deals all week!

10 oils for the price of 5!

Buy just one deal, or all of them!

purchasing instructions

summer '20(8).jpg

Some deals from the last BOGO…



An opportunity to try doTERRA Essential Oils - at half the price.

An opportunity to try some of the oils you haven’t tried before.

A faster and cheaper way to build up your doTERRA collection.

The perfect way to start your doTERRA oils collection.

Learn about how to use these oils a couple at a time.

Buy an oil for yourself and gift the other to someone for Chrissy.


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Supplements: Literally Re-build Your Body


Supplements: Literally Re-build Your Body

Did you know you can re-build your entire body in one year?

95% of the cells in your body will die and be replaced approximately every 365 days. This means that, depending on what you're feeding your cells, your body will rebuild itself into something better - or something worse.

And some organs work even faster - like within a matter of weeks! The Liver will completely rebuild itself in 6 weeks, the lining of our gut in 5 days and the surface layer of our skin (epidermis) is recycled every 2-4 weeks!

So why aren't we taking advantage of this opportunity to re-create our physical bodies?

Or taking steps towards this every single day?

I know most people would desire to have a healthier, better performing, thriving physical body. So maybe we've tried...with little results? If that's the case, there's a valid reason behind this. And I'll tell you why. It is actually impossible to completely thrive via just food, in the world that we live in today. Regardless of how healthy you are or what diet you're living by - Raw, Vegan, etc.

Are you taking Supplements?

A Multivitamin?

Are they working?

This is actually the saddest part - that even if we are trying our absolute best to feed our body with the right nutrition, in 2018 it's extremely rare NOT to be nutrient and vitamin deficient due to the soil quality our fruits and vegetables are grown in (organic or not), plus the environmental toxins clogging our body and blocking absorption - no matter how many detoxes we do. So, maybe we're not all aware of this. And maybe we are, and we're trying our best to do the right things. But regardless;

many of us are not investing in the future of our health and bodies.

We're eating for now, busy, rushed, doing our best and focused on cures rather than prevention. We're looking for quick fixes for the things we're conscious of in our bodies right at this very moment. Not thinking about down the track. Not making an effort to continually live a high vibrancy natural lifestyle - to promote prevention, to turn off what might be coming down the road and so that disease goes away as a by-product of how we live. So, how do we invest in this for our future health?

How do we improve our Cellular Vitality and Energy, daily?

We have to supplement our diet.


To be honest, because I had already ridden the wave of supplements, and then started to see more and more being presented (some as tiny bits of fruit in a clear capsule??), I was skeptical. Until I did my own research on the topic and learned there was actually a science behind it, rather than just marketing.

If you' are already taking a multi vitamin, or (several!) supplement/s of some sort, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does the product you're taking have more than 100 ingredients in it?

  2. Are the dosages of each ingredient a therapeutic amount (ie enough dosage to create change in the body)?

  3. Does the company/brand offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you're not feeling more energy in that time?

  4. Does the company/brand specify quality and plant potency, details of ingredient sourcing and do they emphasise that they include plants with the highest constituents possible?

  5. Do you notice a change in your body and the way you feel, or do you just trust that they are working?

  6. And if you tallied up the cost of ALL your supplements, do they cost you more than $80/month?

I think I know the answer to most of the above. You know why? Because I've been there! I've tried almost every supplement, vitamin, mineral, 'multi' there is! Because I too was looking for more energy, for the best way to support certain body systems, to thrive, to feel better, to cure an ailment, to gain optimal cellular health. But I never really achieved it...

All I got was a Fluro Yellow 'Vita-Pee'


If we are actively taking additional supplements, then most of us are not doing it right.

The figures tell us this...

Just like you, the outcomes was that I was weeing out all my dollars. My body wasn't absorbing much of what I was giving it - no matter how my committed I was at taking them.

Let's chat about the traditional Vitamin and Mineral deficiency signs:

  • A lack of enegry

  • Fatigue

  • Mood irritability

  • Immune function compromised

  • Bone health and joint discomfort

  • Skin, hair, nails weakness

If this is you, please let me open your consciousness to 3 Supplements that work on vitality and energy at a Cellular level.

3 Supplements that...

  • will start your cells communicating with each other again

  • that ONLY include therapeutic amounts of ingredients (ie enough dosage that it will actually affect change in your body)

  • that encourage your body to naturally produce more Mitochondria in your cells (are NOT a stimulant)

  • and that come in 3 bottles - the equivalent to over 10 different bottles of supplements, and approximately $340/month if you were to buy the same in a chemist/health food store

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.22.53 pm.png

As I said, I was skeptical about diving back into the supplement world, especially because I had already been using doTERRA Essential Oils for a couple of years and I wondered - why do I need these too? So I bought some and tried them, because I knew they were doTERRA"s most popular product, but I started without doing a great deal of research. But the way I felt after a couple of days got me intrigued.

I wanted to know everything about these things - and WHY/HOW they were making me feel so good! Then my mind was blown even more. Let's start with your...

1. Your Multivitamin (MicroPlex VMZ)

  • Your Food Nutrient Complex

  • The equivalent to 10+ servings of fruit and vegetables

  • VM standing for Vitamin Mineral - or you're 'multivitamin'

  • This tablet covers your complete Vitamin and Mineral Recommended Daily Intake profile. Wow.

  • And it is formulated as a Food Matrix (so that your body recognises it as food), helping it to become more available to your body. This is why I've never peed yellow with these!

  • It includes 22 Essential Vitamins (including A, C, E + B Vitamins) and Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Selenium, Manganese), natural folate. For pregnant Mamas a natural/non-synthetic Folate is extremely important - most offered to you are not.

2. Your Essential Fatty Acids (xEO Mega)

  • A combination of Land and Marine Omega 3 Fatty Acids and 9 Essential Oils

  • 80% of us are deficient in Omega 3 fatty acids

  • Also offering a Vegan Version - Omegas sourced from only plant sources

  • Supporting your body's cell growth, brain development, muscle activity, immune function, joint health, mental clarity, heart and circulatory health, glowing skin

  • Reduces inflammation in body (inflammation in the body = the root of all disease).

  • 9 Essential Oils: Franki, Clove, Thyme, Chamomile, Cumin, Orange, Ginger, Carraway, Peppermint

  • Also includes: natural vitamin D, natural vitamin E, and pure astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant harvested from micro-algae (which passes the blood brain barrier)

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.04.21 pm.png

3. Your Energy Blend (Alpha CRS+)

  • Super powerful antioxidant (need antioxidants to support body with overload or excess of free radicals.)

  • Clean energy! Not a stimulant, encourages body to produce more Mitochondria in the cells.

  • Supports cellular energy by supporting healthy mitochondria and creating energy production. (Mitochondira are the energy factory of the body, if you increase more at a cellular level, your body natural increases in energy.)

  • Help support your body on a cellular level - our cells rely on communication pathways to perform. When cells are under stress, they respond defensively to reduce the stressor - damaging cells.

  • Includes Turmeric, Milk Thistle, Resin from Frankincense, GSE (Grapeseed extract) and more.


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My Easy Morning Routine with Essential Oils


My Easy Morning Routine with Essential Oils

  • But how will I have time to use all the oils?
  • Will this be another waste of money on products I won't use?
  • Morning time is way too busy to be adding all these oils into it!
  • What do I do with my oils when I get them?

I got you covered!

  • Do you wish you had more energy in the morning?
  • Could easily boost and support your family's immune system?
  • Protect your family from chemicals and toxins?
  • Start the day energised, yet calm and relaxed?
  • Start the day more focused?
  • Get your gut health in check from the moment you wake up?
  • Send your kids off for their day focused and grounded?
  • And also have time for self care routines!?

Besides being able to have 150 Ways to use 10 awesome Essential Oils on hand in this download, I'm going to run through how I use Essential Oils every morning in my home; and for myself personally - as well as the ways in which I've easily and quickly added them to my already existing morning routine.

Because let's face it, who has extra time or energy in the mornings to add much else to it?!


(Stay tuned for my daily practices and nightime routine - coming soon...)

Step 1: Bathroom

As soon as I wake I'm off to the bathroom, and this is where I use the oils to wake myself up, get my mind clear and focused for the day and also help my body to eliminate all the toxins it wants to get rid of after a long night of rejuvenating, healing, restoring and cleansing my body.

1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil goes into my hands...

I rub my hands together and take a big breath in. This immediately clears my sinuses if they're stuffy (men - been snoring all night!?), invigorates my whole system and wakes my whole self up!

1 drop of Lemon Essential Oil then goes into the bottom of my glass...

I top it up with water and down that straight away. Lemon Essential Oil is the Oil of focus and concentration, so for anyone that's not a morning person, is a Mama with Mama Brain, has a foggy head after shift work, didn't get enough sleep the night before, has a high focus job, is a student or you just need to get your brain kickstarted - this will do it!

Not only that, your body has spent the last 6-12 hours whilst you slept, working to eliminate all the waste and toxins that it doesnt need, from your body. The water and the Lemon Essential Oil will aid this elimination process, get your digestion started and cleanse your body from the inside out - whilst balancing your PH levels (from Acidic to Alakline) from the moment you wake up!

Step 2: Diffuser (Loungeroom or Kitchen)

I turn the Diffuser on straight away, to make sure I'm setting the tone of the house right off the bat - and then I open all the curtains to let the day in!

4 drops of EasyAir Blend straight into the Diffuser...

This beautiful blend (The Oil of Breath) also sets the scene for one of my own self care practices - being present with correct breathing. I was always a shallow breather, but EasyAir encourages and reminds me to take full deep breaths consciously - and subconsciously. And I start this right from the time I wake up - when that diffuser goes on.

As our 'respiratory blend' or 'chemical free Vicks', it also helps me with any Hayfever symptoms, sneezing or stuffiness - which, if I'm going to get, usually happens in the morning. Perfect too if there's been any sniffles around or if the kids have runny noses on those cold winter mornings.

I find the Roman Chamomile in the EasyAir blend also keeps the house calm and relaxed during the morning rush too.

Step 3: To the shower!

I drop of Tea Tree/Melaleuca into my face wash / body wash / shampoo...

as this Essential Oil is cleansing and purifying, with it's antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties - especially if you're prone to blotches or spots on your face and neck, or an itchy and dry scalp. I know teens that have had great results using this in their daily face washing routine, and also adults suffering from adult/pregnancy acne, whilst others with dandruff have benefited also.

Also very beneficial to add a drop to your body wash, for those with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and those prone to blotches or spots on their chest, shoulders or back.

And for those detoxing from conventional deodorants (yes, we are supposed to sweat!), there is often a period of time when the build up of toxins from years of suppressing your sweat, will release and mix with your natural bacteria - creating a touch of a tang under there! The Antifungal properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil will stop that fungus growing, and therefore the smelliness.

1 drop of Frankincense + 1 drop of Lavender added to my face moisturiser/rosehip oil

Frankincense Essential Oil is a resin which works deeply on your skin, affecting the deeper dermal layers. Think fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dark areas.

"Frankincense has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes, and appearance as someone ages. It may help tone and lift skin, reduce the appearance of scars and acne, and heals wounds. It may also be beneficial for fading of stretch marks, surgery scars or marks associated with pregnancy, and for healing dry or cracked skin.

Studies suggest that it’s the pentacyclic triterpene (steroid-like) structure of frankincense essential oil that contributes to its soothing effect on irritated skin." - Dr. Axe


And Lavender is incredibly smoothing to the skin, with it's anti inflammatory and calming properties, so will relax and soothe the skin - taking out any redness or dryness. (This is why it's the perfect Essential Oil for any burns.)

Free radicals, like toxins, chemicals and pollutants cause unbelievable damage to our bodies - and where does this often show up first? In our skin.

"The body’s natural response to free radical damage is to create antioxidant enzymes — especially glutathione, catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD); that prevent these free radicals from doing their damage. Unfortunately, your body can actually become deficient in antioxidants if the free radical burden is great enough...because of poor diet and high exposure to toxins.

Thankfully, lavender essential oil is a natural antioxidant that works to...(increase)...the activity of the body’s most powerful antioxidants - glutathione, catalase and SOD....More recent studies have indicated similar results, concluding that lavender has antioxidant activity and helps to prevent or reverse oxidative stress." - Dr Axe.

1 drop of Frankincense + 1 drop of Lavender added to Fractionated Coconut Oil/non-scented Body Moisturiser

"Aromatic dressing is all about applying an oil or beautiful synergistic blend with a carrier oil onto your body while you lovingly massage it in.  Talk to your body as you do this, giving it messages of love and acceptance.  Create powerful affirmations and aromatic anchors as you use your essential oils and aromatically dress.
After a shower or bath, begin from the bottom of your legs in big circular motions working your way up the body towards the heart.  Dip and rub, dip and rub, giving your body loving touch and loving words, while saying positive affirmations and giving love to yourself…" - Vanessa Jean, Food Alchemy

1 drop of DeepBlue added to Fractionated Coconut Oil/non-scented Body Moisturiser

If you ever wake up with aches and pains, stiff joints, sore or tight muscles, if you have a bad back or work out / play sport - doTERRA's DeepBlue Blend works as natural inflammatory and is labelled our 'chemical free Deep Heat.'

I use 1-2 drops diluted and rub it on my lower back, as this is where I feel stiff in the mornings due to my Scoliosis. It increases blood flow and energy to the area, works as a pain relief but also stimulates my physical body to wake up and get moving! When I have time to do my morning Yoga routine, I always make sure I apply this first, as it encourages my physical body to open up and my muscles to expand further due to the increase of oxygen flowing to them.

If you just want to get your physical body up and going, but don't necessarily have any physical pain or ailments, apply it diluted to your large muscle groups and feel the magic!


1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oil in water for a natural gargle / mouthwash

This has replaced my habit of needing even more freshness in my mouth after cleaning my teeth, by dropping a piece of gum before walking out the door.

Did you know that chewing gum causes you to swallow excess air, which can contribute to abdominal pain and bloating, along with other gastrointestinal issues?

That when you chew gum you send your body physical signals that food is about to enter your body. The enzymes and acids that are activated when you chew gum are therefore released, but without the food they're intended to digest. This can cause bloating, an overproduction of stomach acid, and can compromise your ability to produce sufficient digestive secretions when you actually do eat food.

That chewing gum can cause jaw muscle imbalance (if you chew on one side more than the other) and even TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder in your jaw?!

Let's not be chewing gum hey...not when there's a better (and again - cheaper!) alternative at 8 cents per drop/swig of 'natural mouthwash.'

"...for well over 1,000 years, peppermint oil has been used to naturally freshen breath. This is probably due to the way peppermint oil kills bacteria and fungus that can lead to cavities or infection. Peppermint oil ... displayed antimicrobial activities against oral pathogens, including Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus fecalis, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans." - Dr Axe

Step 4: Getting Dressed

1-2 drops of OnGuard (+ Oregano) diluted and added to the souls of my feet (and the kidddies!)

As The Oil of Protection, the OnGuard Blend is our Immune Support and energetic protection for the day - for those walking into harsh or intense environments that may threaten your health or your energy. On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal threats, with a blend of essential oils known for their antioxidant qualities and positive effects on the immune system.

And for when the Winter Season creeps in, and more and more people are coughing and spluttering around you, I add a drop of Oregano to the mix. Oregano is labelled 'nature's antibiotics' and can penetrate the walls of your cells, due to it's tiny sized molecules - unlike conventional medicine/pharmaceuticals which are too large in size. This is why you cannot be prescribed these when you have a Virus, as Viruses lay inside our cell walls. Fun fact.

Step 5: Quick Cleaning

10 drops of OnGuard added to a glass spray bottle and topped up with water

I would have already used OnGuard by now in the morning too, as I have a spray bottle in the shower filled with 10 drops of OnGuard and purified water. I spray this on the glass and tiles just after I've turned off the shower. OnGuard is antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial - all the qualities/claims of conventional cleaners - without the Endocrine disruptors, toxins, indoor pollutants and harsh chemicals.

Another fun fact - Clove is the only element that can kill mould (No, Exit Mould does not do the job - it only bleaches it to a pretty white colour, whilst damaging your respiratory system through inhalation) - and our OnGuard Blend contains Clove in it.

At 13 cents per drop, that's a pretty cheap, effective, and most of all much safer and healthier, Shower Cleaner, mould killer and preventative. $1.30 the cost of the glass bottle that you can re-use over and over again.

I also have another 'OnGuard + Water Mix' spray bottle under my kitchen sink, which is my all purpose cleaner. I will spray the table, sink and kitchen benches with this after breakfast. (Another cheaper, safer and more effective $1.30 cleaner!)


Step 6: Breakfast Time

1 drop of Peppermint into my smoothie

This is the perfect disguise if your kiddies don't like the taste of greens (either greens powder or spinach.) I add 2 frozen bananas to water or coconut/almond milk, either a big handful of spinach or tbs of greens powder, tbs of cacao, plus 1 drop of Peppermint (less is more!) and it's a nutrient dense choc-mint smoothie to start the day right!

1 drop of OnGuard Blend to a bowl of Oats

If it's way too cold for a smoothie during the cold winter mornings, I add the OnGuard Blend to already cooked Oats (don't add whilst cooking, the heat will destroy the therepauetic benefits of the oils.) It tastes yummy, with it's Cinnamon, Clove and Wild Orange essential oils, and is another way to support the Immune System at the start of the day!

1 drop of DigestZen Blend in a glass of water

If you're needing some extra digestive support or are looking to balance your gut health, reduce bloating, trying to become more 'regular' or less frequent - then doTERRA's DigestZen will support your body in this way.

If I'm feeling my digestive system is a bit sluggish or unbalanced, especially during pregnancy or the cooler months, I put a drop in a glass of water after breakfast and before heading out the door, drink it down. It has a non offensive licorice taste. If I have tummy nerves, a knotted stomach or am feeling stress in my stomach area, I do the same - or I rub a drop diluted onto my belly.

If you have kiddies that have an upset tummy or get car sick, rub some on the bottom of their feet or tummies diluted, or put a couple of drops on a cotton ball and put it in the vents of your car on the way to school / on road trips.

My digestive system has improved immensely since using this blend (it was one of the first I tried and was immediately blown away by how quickly it worked!) and so I rarely use it in the mornings anymore, I might do so every so often in the afternoon after lunch when our digestive systems naturally slow down anyway.

How do I start this natural health journey too?

As I mentioned in the video, buying all of the oils individually will cost you $550+, and whilst I still see the value in this, there is a cheaper way. doTERRA has put together a 'starter kit' so that you can implement these top 10 oils (which will help you out with 80% of your current needs by the way - whatever they are!) into your life within 2-3 days and for $220 cheaper. How?

By buying the Home Essentials Kit. Details below - click here to take the next steps via my website...


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We of the Moon Training Program


We of the Moon Training Program

As a woman, you are of the Moon.

You know this.

Your connection with her is growing stronger.


And you're intrigued by

...her cycles

...her impact on YOU to lean into, and harness, her energy


"I've always been someone to try and set goals - but they always seem to get forgotten about...but since We of the Moon, I'm actually sticking to my goals. And not by forcing myself - it's as if I have all this force and power (collective Feminine Energy!) behind me getting the ball rolling and making it seem effortless! Not to mention my actual Moontime being in-sync with Mother Nature, for the first time I can almost ever recall!"

You're starting to remember what you always knew about her...

You want to discover your own personal connection to Her.

How your energies fluctuate every month, alongside Her.

Allow Her to guide you via your Intuition, personal energy and Femininity.

So, let's start with 30 days of Moon Connection to get you back in sync

- with her, and with YOU.


"The We of the Moon course has not only changed the month of August 2016 for me, but has set up foundations for me to continue this way for months and months to follow. It has put light on the things in my life that are really important, helped me keep track of my emotions, motivation, passions - and with this my Intuition has only heightened. The We of the Moon Course can only be described as an ignition to a flame of an even 'better you' - and for me has just helped me be in love with LIFE itself - and everything around me! Not only this, but has definitely helped me get a regular 'Moon.' So appreciative and grateful for this experience..."

This is how...


> Access to a practical, yet high vibrational eCourse

> Self paced modules - in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

> Instructional videos on how to cultivate spiritual, yet grounded, practices

> 2 separate Handbooks with 50+ pages each - available for instant download

> DIY rituals to harness each individual phase and coinciding energies

> A re-connection to, and re-syncing of, your Menstrual Cycle and Moontime

> A Personal Development Toolbox of Mother Nature's Gifts to support and deepen your 30 day journey - and beyond

> An understanding of how to embrace each of the 8 Transformational Phases of the Moon

> Energetic Planning to implement into your daily routine, related to your 4 personal Feminine Archetypes

> Attunement to the Moon's energy for manifesting and goal setting

> Key dates within the Lunar Cycle - harnessing the Universal, Lunar and Planetary energies for each phase

> Weekly Group Readings - intuitive guidance and messages to support you throughout this journey

> Individual Healing + Alignment - learning how to tune in, tap in and clear personal blocks


I want to show you...

that deeper connection to the natural world, will align you with her balancing and healing rhythms and cycles - and must also include embracing our lunar feminine ally.  

how connecting to the rhythm that all plants and animals are attuned to, is one of the deepest forms of transformational healing you will experience

that working on this relationship with our Moon brings you...

back into alignment with YOU.

This program is ready to be re-delivered, for the 4th time since 2016.

It's time - again.

It's here - and you're ready.

Don't be surprised if this is the healing you've been seeking. The aligning you've been needing. And the connection you've been craving.

This offering has always evolved into an organic circle of supportive Sisterhood, a transformational journey, a spiritual experience - as much as an individual journey of growth.

Whether you've been craving this subconsciously or not, this Sisterhood are the women you have gathered with under the Moon before. And they will hold you up eneregtcially throughout this journey.

My fellow Moon Sister,

I want to share with you all that I've learnt. All that I've remembered.


It's time to reconnect to what you once knew too.

I'm ready to add the content that I didn't include in the original course...

Because now is the time.

I'm ready to connect you with the tools that will deepen this experience for you.



Self-paced online modules.

Bonus information to unlock.

Downloadable resources and printables.

Instructional videos.

Handbooks for future reference.

And personal mentoring sessions with me - if this is what you choose.

For those who feel called to work with me, we will reconnect you to some of the most transformational, high vibrational and supportive tools.

We will reconnect you to the natural world, and every element within it - in the most organic sense.

We will add Pure, High Grade, Therapeutic, Essential Oils to your Toolkit - to support you every step of the way.

For as each phase has its own distinctive qualities and symbolism, so do these vibrational essences.

And you will join a DoTerra Sisterhood of like-minded women on the same journey of reconnection as you.

For those who feel called to work with me,

We of the Moon will be offered to you. For free.

And you will begin a journey of remembering your Ancient Wisdom. And a reconnection to the natural cycles around you.

Your journey will begin, complete with the tools to protect you, ground you, connect you, support you and transition you - dependent on the current phase and archetype you are embodying.

This liquid Prana is the energy and vibration of the natural world - the Moon, the Sun and the Earth. In complete harmony.

An Ancient Healing Tool, bottled up for us to use in our modern day.

Consciously gathered from Nature, infused with the energy of some of the most beautiful and spiritual lands, fair traded by the hands that grew and nurtured them, and gifted to us -  

the Lunar Woman.

My discovery of Earth's Magick began long ago, but has since bloomed into a deep gratitude for the individual gifts each plant on Earth offers us.

I now glow with the balance and rhythm that PURE essential oils create within my body.

And I want the same for you.

I'm calling self aware women like yourself, to join with me.

To step into balance, self acceptance, emotional awareness, empowerment and alignment.

To shine your light.

I can't wait to show the energy you will welcome into your life when you open your arms to this opportunity!


We will begin with charting your individual cycle,

where we pinpoint your personal archetypes and identify when you embody these throughout each month.

This will help identify any energetic blocks or personal challenges. But also help you to realise your goals, your vision, your dreams.

Then, you will take each step as you are called to - and when you are ready. Just as the phases of the Moon naturally and patiently unfold.

You will also receive unlimited support from me, during the length of this course - and beyond.

My aim...


to support and guide you into a way of living an aware, balanced, flowing, in sync and aligned life.

The offering will guide you for 30 days, and will provide you with all the tools to learn and engage in your own time, within your own space.

If this resonates with you, if this feels right - then you're aligned with this, you're aligned with the next part of your journey, and you're aligned with me.

Let me be your guide as we uncover the next steps of reconnection for you.

Pre-requisites for this FREE We of the Moon Training

1. You are new to doTERRA and would like to get started with doTERRA Essential Oils to support you throughout this Course - and beyond

2. You grab a discounted Enrolment Kit when you enrol, so you have your Toolkit by your side from the get go

Option 1

The Essential Collection Kit ($174) - view kit here

Option 2

The Home Essential Kit ($330) + includes 4 x BONUS 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with me to support you through the Course - view kit here

If you feel called to embrace this opportunity, fill in your details below

(Applications close Mon 30th April 2018)


I'm bored...


I'm bored...

I'm bored...

But not in the traditional sense. What I mean is - I yearn for more than most. I think. Well from my observations over the span of my life so far; that's what I've arrived at anyway.

Last weekend, I took my unborn bubba and myself to the 2 day doTERRA Australia Convention in Sydney with 4,500 other Aussies. And evolved in ways, within this space, that I really did not expect.

This was my first doTERRA convention, because I'd said no twice before. I'm usually someone who is a little turned off about these types of gatherings. Maybe it's all the boring conferences I was made to attend in the earlier part of my working career. Maybe it was all the sucky networking events I was forced to go to, and put on a fake smile for a company I didn't truly love.

Who knows?

I do get a little bit uncomfortable when there's wooing and cheering and dancing and yelling out from a crowd. It's not my thing. And this is what I expected it to be. Being hypersensitive in large, significantly charged up, crowds - my senses go into overdrive and my physically body cannot deal! But I was so wrong.

For me, opening up to new information was the reason I drove 2 hours each way to get there. And the reason I was away from my 2 year old daughter for over 12 hours both days - not something I usually do. My intention was to absorb information and learn. I am a sponge right now - and I wanted to take in everything that was going to be shared! So I took myself along, after booking my tickets months ago. Because I just knew I had to be there.

And from being in this space, surrounded by the highest vibrations I've sensed in a long time, and from opening my mind and my heart, and from connecting and aligning with the energy that was produced from this gathering - I have to make an announcement. I have to speak my thoughts and I have to share my 'white hot truth' (as Danielle La Porte would say)

Here goes...

Emily Wright in Nepal - one of doTERRA's Founding Executives

Emily Wright in Nepal - one of doTERRA's Founding Executives

My heart was cracked wide open, my mind blown and I was in tears more times that I let on to anyone else there! I have to say - I am on a high.

And at the same time - I am bored.

Let me explain.

I'm bored with the conversations people have about meaningless things.

Bored with the passive aggressive comments and criticisms and sometime attacks, of working alongside a Network Marketing Company/Multi Level Marketing Company.

Bored of being labelled and talked about behind my back. Bored of people that don't truly know me, questioning my intentions.

Bored of people seeing my offerings of help as trying to 'sell' or con them into something.

Because, when you truly understand, or are educated on, what is being done here by this company, and what I am doing as a job, and what thousands of others are doing as a job too, and how it is so aligned with my life purpose, and theirs, and how it is focused on people healing, and world healing, and disrupting the current systems that are failing us (and not just failing 'us' - failing the downtrodden and forgotten about too..)...

then you would understand immediately that the fears and ideas and opinions around what you think you understand, and what you think you know, about this business model, are so irrelevant. And even more than that - so insignificant.

There are much more important things here, that are going on.

And things that are not just important to me, but should also be of importance to you - if you are a citizen of this place we call Earth. There's a quote that I love that has great impact here, and helps me try to communicate all of this with grace...

"People Can Only Meet You As Deeply As They Have Met Themselves."

And this to me is also about people arriving where you're at, or people only being able to truly see things from their own consciousness. And so I say all of this with love and compassion, and I understand, because I have been there too.

Had. I really want to emphasise the had as past tense - because you can never go back once you've awakened to something. It's just not possible.

I also know everyone is at their own stage of their life and there is also SO much more to be revealed to me. And learnt by me. I'm just sharing where I'm at right now, and explaining what I can't tolerate anymore - because of that. (Ever seen the blinding truth about something, but you hadn't earlier? And when you do, you just have to share it with others - but when you do, you're shocked that they don't want to hear it? Yep, that's what I'm talking about here.)

So if this triggers you...

please know that I truly understand how you've come to believe there is a one-size-fits-all life. That's the way we're conditioned from the moment we're born. We're taught from an early age, in our society, that this is the box that's called life - and if you follow the rules, you'll be just fine. Anything outside of that is far fetched, or just too good to be true, or a scam!

Unfortunately, you've been lied to. That's just not the truth.

The other thing we're told is that there are poor people, and it's sad - but that's just the way it is. There's not much we can do about it - except pray and send donations from the comfort of your loungeroom. We're told - it's going to take more than anything you could ever contribute as one single person. A little bit of 'out of sight, out of mind' conditioning. 'Not our problem' mentality.


I know the paradigm that your perspective is stemming from. And whether you want to challenge this paradigm, or remain within it, can only be up to you. So how can you tell if you want to challenge it? By the way you feel when you think about these things, and your life.

Questioning the paradigm was something I did a long time ago.

And when you can see and understand what's happening in the world, when you're familiar with, and have worked alongside corporations and Government bodies in the past, that are funding projects they don't truly deeply care about; and when you've personally seen them rip away funding as quickly as they've granted it, and just tick boxes for show - you can see as plain as day, when the opposite comes along.

You can see when a group of people have their heart right at the centre of everything they do. On the ground. At the core. And fueling every single thing they do. And when, you know they know, that project sustainability is a must. And when, you know they know, that when your needs are taken care of, you can give a whole lot more to others. That's the Abundance Mindset.

This is a company that is disrupting our current failing systems, starting with Healthcare.

This is a company that has already impacted the world - in parts of it that no one else cares about.

This is a company that is encouraging everyday people to empower themselves and take their own health and lives and decisions back into their own hands. (Because maybe the ones who said they were helping them do that, weren't really...all along.)

And this is a company that has already, personally, gone out to areas of the world, putting other's lives in front of their own comfort and sometimes safety - because, they care. And because, well, who else is going to do it?

They gift communities with running water. A basic necessity of life. A basic human right. Days of walking, often the women being raped along the way, scooping up unsanitary drinking water from crocodile infested rivers,  carrying it back for their people, some losing limbs in the process - because that was their only option.

They rescue children from sex-trafficking rings, and do everything they can to abolish this through partnering with and utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations. Rescuing these children and then working to rehabilitate them, at the same time as having the perpetrators arrested and convicted to ensure they don’t traffic children again.

And so much more...

So when you open your mind and your consciousness to what really needs to be done in the world, you realise that the BS around how people think a company is structured, from their outdated and limited belief systems, (that have been falsely and effortlessly set up, either by their peers, or parents or by something they heard)...

Is just that - BS.

Come on! It's so small scale! Have they truly looked into what they're criticising? No - most don't. It's easier not to.

I can sense your mind ticking over right now...but isn't doTERRA an Essential Oils Company? Well, yes it is. And this is how it all connects and unfolds.

If you are someone like me, you've always felt like you needed to make a contribution to the world - but you felt useless and helpless at the same time.

If you are someone like me, you're very awakened and educated on what's happening in the world (and I don't mean through our bias, filtered Mainstream News) - and you know there are people in it that need our help.

If you are someone like me, maybe you tried to mould your career around helping others, or work for corporations or companies that appeared to be interested in making change. And maybe they looked like they cared about those things.

If you are someone like me, maybe you were disappointed too.

If you are someone like me, you've moved from job to job, because you were searching for an employer that cared and was authentic and true - like they said they were. 

If you are someone like me, you might've been criticised for this - because in other's eyes, that moving around from your searching became a reflection of your commitment to your career. And maybe you started to believe them for a bit.

But if you are someone like me, you see the structures of our world, and you see that they are less invested in you, than they are in their own profit - and so you decided to start looking out for yourself.

And, you discovered those changes you can make for yourself, within your complete control, were your health and your happiness and your work - and that your healing spills out and over from your own personal life. (See where I'm heading with this...?)

If you are someone like me, you got your own life together, your strength, your health, your vitality and your clarity. You finally came to a realisation that what you'd been chasing, all along, was something larger than yourself.

* Do you need to 'do' doTERRA as a job or a career? No - the majority of people who buy their Essential Oils from doTERRA are just that - customers. But, your individual focus on your health, has such a greater impact than you will ever know.

And then, you come across a company like doTERRA. People that have no ties, no debt, no owing to anyone. People that put up their own money and traded their own equity in their houses because they had such a belief that they could change the world for the better. Make the changes in the world that were needed. Starting with sharing the 'gift of the Earth' with others.

What does your gut tell you their intentions are here?

People that do not owe money to anybody in business, because they will never give their power away. And they will not trade in their vision, or give it away (not even a fraction of it) to somebody that pretends they care, when their interests lie elsewhere.

What does your gut tell you their intentions are here?

I could not be here on this Earth and have a career, or purpose, or spend my time doing something, that had no impact positively in the world. I just could not do that. I came here for more than that. And that's why I get bored of anything less than that. I'm sorry but I just do.

So, just stop with the meaningless comments about marketing and selling and pyramids - and whatever low vibrational energy you're projecting.

Stop ignoring the pain in the world, or thinking that you can't do anything about it.

Stop fighting the urge to look after your health in the way you intrinsically and innately know how, because you'd prefer to hand your money over to someone you don't know running a large corporation, rather than to your friend that genuinely cares about you.

(Cos that's what it's sometimes about, right? Odd when you look at it like that, yeah?)


Ask yourself if maybe you need to see the world through different eyes.

I'm bored of that old paradigm. And you should be too! I can't engage in it these conversations anymore, be at the tail end of them, defend my core values and beliefs in responses anymore. I can only live them in front of you. And through that, protect a company and a vision and a movement that is working for change. For everyone. You included. Whenever you decide to see that.

So when you're ready (and you will be) I will be here to show you how this all unfolds. How this all plays out and how you can actually feel like you have choice, and can be empowered, and have a purpose.

Because you can and you do.

And that's what pulls on my heart strings the most, and makes me most emotional about this.

I am in shock that I have found this. I tripped over this 3 and a bit years ago; and I feel like it's what Ive been searching for, for a really long time. It's the thing that I hear most other women who have stepped into this role, say too. The role of, not only, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate - but a Philanthropic Advocate. A Human Rights Advocate. The Advocate of a movement that will, and is already, utilising the 'gift of the Earth' as a healing tool... for so much more than just our health.

I loved that the 2018 convention was themed 'YOU' - because it was, and it wasn't. This is what the YOU meant to me, after attending...

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi


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