You've done the 'energy work', the visualisations, your New or Full Moon Ritual, meditations and journaling - so what do you do with your written intentions/piece of paper afterwards? 

Where you poured out your heart, your innermost wishes, your dreams and your goals...

This step is just as important as the initial work you did. And if this next suggestion brings about some hesitation or discomfort, then you might want to do this sooner rather than later! Here goes...

Get your piece of paper - and burn it. 

When you read that, were your initial thoughts...

  1. But what if I forget what I asked for?
  2. But what am I going to look back on when I want to see if they've manifested?
  3. But I put so much time and effort into writing these!
  4. So why did I even write it down in the first place?!
  5. And why do we hold onto Affirmations?

Let's look at it this way - if you truly, 100% believe in your intentions and the power of a higher intelligence bringing you ALL the things that you've asked for - then there's no need to hold onto a piece of paper. You've already 'put it out there'. You don't need to revisit it, or remember. If your dreams and intentions revolved around your true desires, then they're already in your heart. It's only your logical mind that wants to hang onto them. Maybe you're not really trusting the process if that's the case? That piece of paper might be acting as a bit of a security blanket for you?

But, most importantly - 'holding on' can block the process for you.


Well, there's a difference between placing your list in a special place, on your altar, or in a crystal grid whilst the Lunar Energy is still present VS holding onto your list for months and months. If you continually re-read and refer back to your list, to see what has come about and what hasn't, it can start to plant seeds of doubt within you. If you notice that some of your intentions have not presented themselves in your life yet, then the mind can start to change your vibration. Your energy becomes redirected from seeing it coming, to not seeing it in the present - or the lack of it. Rather than the faith that it is most definitely on it's way. (And these are two very different energies!)

Our human logical minds (without us even noticing!) can start questioning - and wondering - and demanding answers to when and how it's going to all come about. And this is usually the time people start to get impatient or desperate and try to take action - maybe even try to control the situation to get their outcome sooner. They start to dictate when they think it should be here!

This 'controlled action taking' creates big blocks when it's not inspired action. It's a different feeling - it goes from one of absolute faith, trust and patience; to diving deep into feelings that there isn't enough time, that things need to be hurried up, that maybe all of this is a crock of s**t! And now one big hurdle has been placed between you and your desires. What was flowing to you cannot get through anymore!

Imagine it was on it's way to you, heading down a stream of energy, direct to you. And every time you imagined it coming (through visualisation and faith) it got that little bit closer. But every time you noticed it wasn't physically there and slightly doubted it, it jumped off that stream, landed on another one and completely bypassed you. 

Then we come to comparing that piece of paper with what we've created...

As you know our Ego's are always knocking on our door. That little niggle that always needs a pat on the back. That needs guarantees. That needs to SEE the outcome. Needs evidence. Needs to be sure. Needs to know we did it right. Needs certainty, rather than hope. Needs tangible evidence. Needs to know whats happening (dammit!) and now! 

When we start reviewing that list, down the track, as a measure of what we've created, or brought into our lives - sometimes it becomes more about feeding the Ego. Just a smidge. It's that silent little pat on the back again. The 'well done.'

And that's OK! Don't be hard on yourself. We all succumb to the Ego energy - we're human! But think of it as not wanting to hang out in the space so much anymore. Plus, you don't need any of that! You already know deep down you are a magnificent creator! We all are! You don't need proof, or the Ego to back it up, for you. 

This all reminds me of a little story I heard...

Random Acts of Kindness
Have you ever heard of people doing these? I think it's a beautiful idea. The intention is so selfless and a true act of unconditional love - expecting nothing in return. But I was talking to someone who had delivered one of these random acts, who then spoke of how they waited around so they could rejoice in the other person receiving it. This is where Ego creeps in a little. It's that congratulatory 'buzz', rather than just putting it out there and having absolute faith that it was going to make somebody else's day. In the perfect time and space. 

It doesn't need to be be complimented with instant, or visual, gratification. You don't need to have proof. It wasn't for you to visually see the outcome, or see the evidence of it - to say 'yay me!' It was for somebody else to feel good through your actions. 

It should be executed with a total 'release' of the situation. A 'letting go' and full faith that somebody will receive your gift, at just the right time. (Probably when you're not watching!) And that, down the track, that beautiful energy may be returned to you. And you will notice it come to you when you least expect it. The surprise will be a natural unfolding - rather than sitting around and waiting. Can you see the correlation? We send out our intentions, but we don't need to see it coming, or create our own realisations through reflecting on our 'list'. We'll just know it when it happens. And when it does come, the surprise and perfectly crafted timing of it, will blow your mind!

So why write it down in the first place?

2 beautiful ritual set-ups from some of the ladies who attended our last Women's Circle.

Good question! The writing down of your intentions is all a part of the creative process. To write something down, is to bring something out of ourselves and into the physical world. Sometimes we hold things so deep inside that it needs a bit of a tug, to come on out! Plus, have you ever noticed that getting into that creative space, draws out things that you had forgotten - or pushed down deep inside. Writing for me often reminds me of pulling the string on a ball of wool. Once you start gently pulling, everything starts to unravel - and things start to unwind and flow! You notice things that were covered up before, because the wool was so tightly wound around it before. It was waaaaay down, deep in the core.

Our Affirmations then...
Affirmations are a completely different ball game. An affirmation states that we have already received something. It's spoken in the present tense, yet from a time ahead in the future - and is always positive. It 'affirms' our confidence and belief that this is how it's going to be for us - so much so that we start to speak as if it already has. Think of it as a tool to 'beat' the Ego. The doubt of Ego can't slide in there - if you're keeping up that positive, faithful, high vibrational thinking; with the help of Affirmations.

So, as I said, a few little comfort zone crushers! But take it all in with an open mind, and just try it out. What's the worst thing that can happen? Your dreams and intentions come true...? Not a bad outcome then!

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