The December 2017 Full Moon is rising; in the sign of Gemini, with the Sun in Sagittarius.

This creates a balancing act between ‘my breath’ (Gemini) and ‘my spirit’ (Sagittarius). ‘My words’ and ‘my truth’. Between sharing and flittering communication – and the quest for authenticity in amongst all of that!

You’ll know I’m longing to teach women about our connection to the Moon, and the Full Moon being a time of illumination. Where the Sun’s light bounces off the Moon's surface, down onto us - leaving no place to hide! Illuminating anything that was hidden; and revealing things that you may not have been noticing. 

At our Women’s Circle this Friday night, we’ll be discussing the Ancient Wisdom around the Moon. That she is feminine, yin, nurturing, intuitive – and the holder of our feelings. When the Moon becomes full and reaches the peak of her cycle, this is when emotions can sometimes overflow or ‘spill over’.

This happens every month, and the deeper you connect with the elements, the stronger you will feel it.

Image source Pinterest

Image source Pinterest

Because this Full Moon falls in Gemini, you will find that she enhances the traits of that sign. Scattered mind, over-thinking, over-talking, witty, curious, energetic. Gemini is all about gathering information, the need for connection, communication, speaking, writing, listening and sharing ideas. All of my favourite things…being a Gemini myself!

Gemini is an Air Sign – representing the Mental Body. But I find when the Full Moon falls in this sign, it can also affect our physical breathing, as the Air Element is magnified. Have you been out of breath? Asthma playing up? Anxiety rearing it’s head? This may be an indication you need to balance things out. And breathe a little deeper.

This Full Moon is ALL about expression.

Sharing who you are and what you want. It’s all about networking and making contacts. It’s all about ‘getting out there’. BUT the Sun in Sagittarius this Full Moon makes things uncomfortable for those who aren’t sharing their truth. For those who aren’t being authentic. For those who are trying to share the creativity, but have sided with the Egoic Mind, rather than the Higher Mind.

How do we know the difference?

The Egoic Mind stems from fear and insecurity. The need for control. The tendency to manipulate people or situations, to meet our own needs. The lack of trust in our intuition or abilities.  

An imbalance of these Fire and Air energies can create illusions, deception and confusion at this time; as we may tend to over-analyze, over-think and lean into the logical; whilst being completely detached from our intuition, inner and authentic SELF. The compass can also turn the other direction - when we sit with our feelings for way too long, without expressing or releasing them.

What can you expect?

Well, if you are communicating or sharing information excitedly (Gemini) and somebody questions what you’ve said, OR you got a little carried away and they ‘call you on your shit’ (Sagittarius) - instead of overflowing with emotions or being reactive (with the Full Moon’s emotional energy), have a little think about what you’ve been sharing.

Reflect for a second.

Were you speaking with absolute fact? Could you have balanced out your words with a sprinkling of truth? Is it just a little nudge to get you to balance out the Air and the Fire energies that are floating around at this time?

If you are looking at doing your own Full Moon Ritual, I'm going to leave you to your own creative devices. There’s been a strong sense of people looking externally for answers leading up to this Moon. Of looking outwards, instead of going inwards.

Ask yourself if this is linked to whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding confronting? 

Maybe some truths you don't want to see?  

With the main theme of TRUTH being illuminated this Full Moon, the need to balance the energies of communicative Gemini and Sagittarius’ integrity; I know that you’ll know exactly what to write about. Create a Sacred Space, sit with yourself and ask what it is you need to do...

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