Keeping your energy safe. 
Not taking on other people's energy?

Yet, at the same time, letting things flow naturally – so that everything that arises is able to shift things onto a higher and more conscious level.

Oh the dilemmas of becoming a much more conscious being! Of being awakened!

So what do we do?

This is an adaptation of a blog post I wrote last year - when there was a big ol' powerful Full Moon hovering over us on Christmas Day. It was the first one on Chrissy Day since 1977; and one which won't be seen again until Christmas Day 2034!

So there's no Full Moon this year...juuuuust the end of a 9 year cycle of spiritual evolvement PLUS Mercury Retrograde! So, let's just say that it's 'up there' with the high flying energies!

(I've also included a mini meditation and some quick activities you can do to centre yourself on the day - bottom of the page.)

Christmas Day can be 'energetic' at the best of times...


And by that, I’m referring to the the day - and the energy surrounding the lead up. The vibes may have also been building for quite some time. It’s often a period where people take some (lonnnng overdue!) time off work; and catch up with people they haven’t seen in a while.

There’s excitement, as one year begins to close - and the anticipation of a new one begins! There’s flickering lights on houses, dashing around for last minute Christmas presents, kiddies going nuts for Santa’s arrival...and sometimes that energy can build, and build - and possibly get a little out of control.

Family gatherings can also be a time where the emergence of things, left unsaid, begin to poke out. (Especially after a bit of liquid courage.) Some like to gain satisfaction from ruffling other's feathers, because of hurts from long ago. And the past can sometimes be dug up.

Will these surrounding energies intensify on Christmas Day?

A day that is supposed to be (and should be!) one of celebration and harmony?

The best way to keep all of these energies in check?

You may find yourself in a position, this Christmas, where you’re feeling like you need to defend yourself, your beliefs, your energy, or your 'new' way of thinking.

This may be in the form of a perceived ‘gang up’, or a combination of lower energies trying to bring you down. What you need to know is that, no matter what anyone else does – no one can make you feel a certain way. No one can mess with your energy. Not without your permission and not without your cooperation.

At all. At anytime. In any way.

You have a choice in every situation, to choose how you want to feel about something.

Nobody can choose or control your thoughts, but you. It may be the case that others try to 'burst your bubble'. But you always have the ability to control the outcome. How?

  • By choosing how you respond.
  • By deciding how you will react.
  • By creating a strong foundation (in mind, emotion and spirit) so that you can hold your ground.

This doesn’t mean fighting back, and it’s not aggressive – this means choosing to react differently to how you may have in the past. And what is the essence of your reaction? It should be one of Love. In what way do you create a reaction from Love? Through changing your perception OR through non-engagement altogether.

By choosing Love, when defensive anger or frustration is so easily reachable, dangling in front of your face like a carrot - it takes a bit more effort to look past the 'easy to grab' reaction. But take the time. Embrace the pause. Look harder, there will always be a second (and much better!) option. 

At our Full Moon Women's Circles, we take the time to release the things that no longer serve us. We do the work around this. Most women express that they immediately feel lighter. That they immediately gain a different perspective on current situations or relationships in their lives. That they had ‘made room’ where pain, lower energy or heavy vibrations were taking accommodation inside of themselves!

We speak of the fact that when you release such energy, it frees up space – and most importantly, provides a gap when interacting with others. Making room inside of you so that when others are attempting to project energy onto you, you have given yourself a few more seconds of ‘space’ to react. A little bit more thinking time around how you’d like to react.

If others haven't gone through the same process, or cleaned up their energy - then you're in a position to be able to see why they're behaving the way they are. Why they say the things they do. You're able to see exactly how built up energy can initiate that emotional overflow in others - as it reaches it's peak. It’s simply a flooding or bursting of energy - in the form of words or actions.

Pull yourself out of it, it’s not personal.

Take a step back, create the space, see it differently and watch the magic that unfolds.


On Christmas Day, there can also be a connection to past pain or hurt. 

You have two choices here: 

  1. To let past pain trap you, to keep it inside of your heart and never let it escape - or
  2. Let it ‘exit', allowing it to change your direction through the experience.

Initially; pain, grief, betrayal, loss or difficulty can break your heart. It stings. So, you can stay here if you choose to – or you can release it and come out the other side. How does holding onto pain make you feel? Heavy? Grey? Clouded? Think about how you would feel, comparing the two possible pathways – how would you feel holding onto the pain vs how you'd feel if you let it go?

Regardless of whether you think someone or something is right or wrong.

This time of year is also a beautiful time change, transformation and new beginnings.

So how do we let go if the past, to transform?

Well, your perception of how Christmas Day is going to unfold, has been developed in your mind from the culmination of past experiences. This may be positive, or it may be negative. Whatever your attachments are to past memories, relationships, emotions and thoughts – this day is the perfect opportunity for you to close the door on all of that! On what it may have been previously.

To let go of the past.

When you do this, you allow your perceptions and your predictions to change.

You allow more constructive patterns to emerge! You let go of outgrown and outworn ways of life! You create a clean slate for a new situation to occur. And wouldn’t it be amazing if you could tell a new story in relation to your family, your relationship with your family and your family get-togethers - if they have been of a negative or tense nature. Try and keep your energy here, in this place, and I guarantee things will change!

Negativity can only affect you if you're on that same frequency - vibrate higher; and you will be far beyond needing to protect your energy! 

How do you vibrate higher?

Here's a '20 Minute Vibration Raiser' really keep your energy in check before Christmas Day...

  1. Spend 5 minutes setting and visualising your intention for Christmas Day, the night before.
  2. Spend 5 minutes in appreciation, as soon as you wake up on Christmas Day.
  3. Spend 10 minutes dropping into your Spirited Space before you gather with other people - more here.

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