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A couple of months ago, I moved intestate.

It was a quick process, due to a job offer for my partner. I had to pack, and I had to pack fast! I also had to limit the freight. More furniture = bigger expense!

So I gave away a lot of our things. Things that I loved, that I'd hand made, and wanted to take but knew we couldn't. I didn't have time to sell them - they had to go! Quickly.

To my surprise it became such a rewarding thing to do.

The surprise and joy on people's faces as I handed over brand new furniture, a full gym set, plants...everything but my dog! Although it helped us, it turned into a huge random act of kindness and a complete detachment to material things. I loved it!

The thought crossed my mind that I would receive this 'giving' energy back in some form or another, but I never expected it, or did it for that reason. Well, it has presented itself within the first couple of days of 2015.

Through an online community group (that I joined to become connected to my new area after the move), I have received a brand new coffee machine, a coffee table with beautiful cane shelves and an Ikea (fave store!) rug - all for $10! I was stoked! So grateful! Surprised that these things just fell into my lap. I felt so lucky.

But a voice whispered "just you wait, there's more coming..."

Karma? Is that you?!