What is #365daysofspiritedspace?

What is a 'spirited space?'

How can you reconnect to yours?

So, what is a Spirited Space..?

spirited [spir-i-tid] 

Determined. Energetic. Lively. Strong-willed.

I’d say I identify with, and have been perceived as, most of the above throughout my life – as a human on this Earth. But I’ve also created my own, personal, definition of the word…

Spirited – think ‘spirit-filled’. When you connect with ‘it’.

Just like the word excite – how it’s not much of anything until it’s felt inside of you. Then you become excited! And so, spirit, becomes spirited when you give yourself the time and the space to awaken ‘it’ – and connect with ‘it’. When you are aware of ‘it’, feel ‘it’, are conscious of ‘it’, responsive to ‘it’ and utilise 'it'.

What is ‘it’? 

'It', as I understand it, is (one and the same as) spirituality, consciousness, source energy, life force, light, vibration, soul, knowing, Love, GOD, frequency, inner voice/guidance, intuition - the opposite of EGO.

Whatever you prefer to call it - sometimes a hard thing to put into words. It’s more a feeling, or a knowing, that we connect with. What we were filled with, when we first entered the world – that true goodness. That pureness. But most importantly, the way we relate to it, listen to it – and become guided by it.

And the 'space' 

...is where it resides for you - within you, between two people, in a sacred place, within the pages of a book or notes of a song.

so what is #365daysofspiritedspace?

After our big, life changing, move to Western Australia (from Wollongong NSW) in late 2014 - I decided I was going to take the opportunity to really work on myself. To reconnect to my spirituality, follow my heart and figure out my life purpose.

A Trusty Toyota Echo, a German Shepherd and a 4 day drive from Wollongong to Perth | What's that? Impossible? Ha! #bestroadtripever

A Trusty Toyota Echo, a German Shepherd and a 4 day drive from Wollongong to Perth | What's that? Impossible? Ha! #bestroadtripever

 I wanted to...

  • Become certain of what I wanted.
  • Discover what my path is.
  • What my life purpose is.
  • How I can be most happy.
  • Find out who I truly am.

I wanted to make it a journey. And I wanted to make a commitment to this - yet, be unafraid to voice it. (Rather than timidly just write about it in a journal, that sat tucked away in a secret hidden place.) I wanted to 'come out of the spiritual closet' - which my spiritual mentors had been encouraging me to do for years!

So I thought the best way to do it, was to share the journey via an Instagram account - for 365 days, over 2015. And see where it led me! See who I connected with! See what 'it' had in store for me.

At first I told no one about this account...

Except my partner. Then my sister. Then my best friends. (But gave them all strict instruction not to 'like' or comment on anything I posted!) Then I bravely talked about it with a few like minded people that I connected, and re-connected, with. And 6 months in, I pushed the fear aside a little more, and developed a blog around my posts. Especially since (opening the flood gates!) so much had began flowing through me - the limited caption characters on Insta were not enough!

More about me  here...

More about me here...

So as time goes on (and more and more people have started engaging and asking me questions), I've realised that I'd like to help others that are feeling they'd like to do the same. (Because, as you read above, I understand first-hand how scary it can be!)

I've started developing some e-courses and e-books around the topics that have sparked the most conversation and interest. But I realised, more importantly, that through connection with like minded people (and some very special mentors) that I've found myself walking further, and more confidently, along this path. Which has opened up endless doors of opportunity and happiness for me!

These individuals supported me, never judged me. Never instructed me. Never criticised me. Or told me what to do. They held a safe, sacred, warm and spirited space for me - to grow and shine. And I respected the way they did this.



If there’s a spark of interest inside of you, a tingle of awakening or remembering, you want to try to reconnect with your Spirited Space, or you're craving a connection with like minded people - then awesome! Nothing would make me happier than if you jumped on board with this little (yet quickly growing!) community - and joined us for the ride!

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