Since moving to Western Australia, and occupying a new house with new sleeping quarters, I have struggled with developing a regular and restful sleeping habit – and my friends and family know all about it. I can be naaaasty when I’m tired!

At first, I thought it was due to the big change from NSW to WA. Then I put it down to the time difference (it’s amazing how 3 hours can affect your mind and body!) Then I thought it was the energy of the New Moon/Full Moon/Super Moon. And then I thought that it must be due to the fact that I was sleeping in a big old bed, on my own, whilst my partner was away for work.

I was stirring every couple of hours. Staying up past midnight, but waking up before the sun. I was wired! Not being the best of sleepers, for most of my life, I tried every method that I had ever used. And checked them off one by one:

  • Sweating out any built up energy through exercise
  • Absorbing as many negative ions as I could (swimming in the ocean and ‘earthing’myself by going barefoot on the grass, moving the salt lamp closer to the bed…)
  • Drinking my Tulsi Tea
  • Being strict about not having any caffeine in the afternoon
  • Making sure all of my crystals were out of the bedroom
  • And all the other traditional methods – writing down any worries on a notepad, having a lavender bath before bed, not looking at my iPhone or iPad before bed, etc

But the, once successful, methods were being overpowered by something else. They weren’t working. I asked for some guidance. And ‘Feng Shui’ dropped in. Of course! I’d done a bit of rushed mental ‘Feng Shui-ing’ when we moved in – but, to be honest, it was a bit of a stressful time and I must’ve overlooked some things. So I went back to the books!

You can’t see, or tell, all of these things in the pictures – but here were some of the Big Bedroom Feng Shui No No’s I’d made when setting up my bedroom:

  1. The foot of the bed was facing the doorway, almost directly.
  2. The crown of my head was facing Direct South.
  3. I had Plants on my bedside table.
  4. I had only one large bedside table, on my side of the bed.

So, I made some adjustments…

1. Having the foot of the bed facing the doorway allows too much energy coming at the bed, so I’ve shifted the bed to the ‘Command Position’. This is the position where you have a clear view, from your bed, of anyone entering the door (without directly facing it.)

2. I learnt that positive energy can be utilised by sleeping with the crown of your head pointed towards a certain direction. I calculated my ‘Kua’ Number (personal number according to Feng Shui), and my number is 5. The least positive direction/worst direction to face the crown of the head, if you’re a #5, is South. (Of course it was! Exactly where my crown was facing.) It just so happens that, in general Feng Shui positioning anyway, facing your crown South has too much energy surrounding it. Making it difficult to sleep. Now my crown faces Direct West, which is a positive direction for #5’s – especially in relation to marriage and family harmony.

3. Plants create too much Yang Energy, which is OK for your office or a space where you want to be productive – but it’s ideal that your bedroom has a nice relaxing Yin Energy to nurture you, and to harbour restful and restorative vibes.

4. You should be sporting equal sized, matching side tables and lamps, on either side of your bed. This creates a balance of energy – particularly the energy between partners. I do have 2 identical lamps, but I don’t have two tables – yet! It just so happens these are on my list (as it’s been messing with my interior-design-ocd-qualms anyway!)

Some other things to note…


It’s suggested that it’s best to avoid positioning a bed below a window. In my case, this is the best option for me in this space. It’s a better option than having the bed on the same wall as the entry door, or the bathroom door. Since I have a strong headboard, it is suggested that this will ‘support’ me whilst I sleep under that (annoyingly placed!) window.


Candles are suggested to be the best Feng Shui bedroom lighting so I put some white pillar candles next to the bed and have been lighting them for when I read before bed. (Don’t worry, I’ll be careful Mum!)


I’ve learnt that it’s important that you don’t see or hear water whilst you’re in bed, so I’ve made a conscious effort to keep the ensuite door closed – as bathroom pipes are seen to be pulling the energy downwards. (And I definetely don’t want all of the awesome ideas and messages I receive in my dreams to be sucked away!)

So, I’ve made the changes (all on my own, huffing and puffing – making sure to ‘bend the knees’ when lifting! It’s amazing what furniture you can lift and move around when there’s no one else to help you.) I shall let you know how the shift in energy goes. It already feels calmer and more peaceful in my little bedroom sanctuary – so fingers crossed I get the whole 7-8 hours sleep that I need! xx

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