Oh the power of LIVE GREEN FOOD!

Salt + Pepper Greens | Recipe below

Salt + Pepper Greens | Recipe below

We all know eating our ‘greens’ is good for us. But do you know HOW good?!


1. Green foods contain Chlorophyll.

2. The only difference between Chlorophyll and Haemoglobin (Blood) is that their centre elements are different. (Think back to Year 8 Biology – and the structure of a cell.)

3. Blood’s centre element = Iron. Chlorophyll’s centre element = Magnesium.

4. But! Chlorophyll is so damn clever, that it can release Magnesium and absorb Iron – transforming itself into Blood!

5. More Blood in our bodies means more Oxygen being disbursed around.

6. (And the banger!) Cancer cannot live in the presence of Oxygen.

7. Again, Cancer cannot live in the presence of Oxygen  – at the cellular level.

Eat. Yo. Greens.

This yumminess above is so easy to make! Throw Asparagus and Snow Peas into a pan full of heated coconut oil, toss it around with the oil, then some salt and pepper – until crunchy. So good! (Remember to rinse the veggies, chop the hard ends off the Asparagus and peel the ‘line’ off the Peas.)