By now, you've probably noticed that people are catching onto (and tapping into) some of the old, ancient, rituals and traditions.

I've always found, though, that if you don't really have a clear understanding of what you're doing - things don't hold much meaning. There's not as much weight behind it. Plus, we all want to know why we're actually putting something into practice. It adds to the experience. It expands our consciousness. You learn something really cool - and you're not just following the crowd, because 'everybody else is doing it.'

I love the idea of '8 ways to implement an (xyz) practice into your life'; but what I REALLY love is the back story and the continued research and practice that accompanies this! 

This seems to be missing, a lot - so I've taken it upon myself to fill in the gaps.

Image source Pinterest

Image source Pinterest

Let's discuss the reasons behind these ancient, and spiritual, rituals...

If you've been following my blog, or Instagram page, you've probably heard me talk (a lot!) about these rituals.

Eventually, my aim (no - actually, my dream!) is to bring these old 'ways' into our modern world - in a grounded and practical way. An evolvement of old crafts, into the now. With a clear link back to their source. Full story backing it up. And an easy to understand explanation of why, and how, they work. 

Allow me to be your Modern Day Spiritual Alchemist, your Grounded Mystic - to remind you of what you once knew, spirited one.

And the most exciting part?!

When you read my posts (ramblings?!) and the strongest feelings of familiarity start to emerge within you! It bubbles up like an old memory. But not in thought form - in feeling. And through waves of understanding. And then - 'yeah that makes total sense!'

This is, I believe, because you're going through the process of remembering what you already knew. I'm just reminding you. 

So let's get started on the significance and story behind the New Moon...

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Image source Pinterest

The New Moon provides us with some time to ‘go back over things’, to do some research and to plan – rather than take action. Just yet. You're getting a fresh start at this time, there is a new beginning for you. Waiting. If you will take the opportunity. Let me explain...

Let’s start with ‘manifesting’. 

Manifesting is just another way to explain ‘bringing your goals to life’. When something has manifested, it has come to fruition. Something has evolved. A thought has transformed into reality. An intention has presented itself in front of your eyes. A wish, or a desire, has come true! (All from inside you, into the ‘real’ world.)

Now, think of your goals (or intentions) as seedlings. When you plant seedlings, they need a period of incubation under the soil. Darkness. Silence. A protected, quiet time to manifest. To develop. A time to establish roots in a nurturing environment before they break through the soil, into the sunlight – and present their little green sprout. Akin to a baby in the womb.

Image source Pinterest

Image source Pinterest

The New Moon is the beginning of the Lunar Cycle; and it begins with darkness.

Or so it appears from Earth – as the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in perfect alignment. (Kind of, also, like having your 'ducks all in a row' - before you take the next, new step) This planetary positioning leaves us to see no reflection of light on the Moon’s surface. Making it (almost) non-visible in the night sky.

Farmers have long been aware that the beginning of the Moon’s cycle is the perfect time to sow, and cultivate, their seeds. They understand nature’s cycles – as well as we all once did (but have forgotten, as we’ve become more and more disconnected.)

Farmers know their baby seedlings need a time of darkness to start forming, under the Earth. And; so is true for our intentions, dreams, goals and desires. They always need a beginning. A nurturing time. A gentle space to develop.

The New Moon also symbolises a time of new beginning, the start of a cycle, a checkpoint in your life to review what you want – and where you’re heading. A clean slate. But remembering to stay true to who you really are.

Who do you want to be in the world?

This New Moon is opening up a new pathway for you.

How do I figure it all out?

Knowing what you want can sometimes be hard to figure out in your mind. But, your soul knows exactly what you want and has written a lifelong list of ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’ – derived from your experiences from the time you were born.

But to move things along, and get a bit of a blueprint of it all, I've developed a little activity for you to do. Read more here.

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