(Jul 26 - Aug 12)

I'll be honest. This post became a little difficult to write. Normally when I initiate a blog post, all of this energy (in the form of words and thoughts) starts flowing through me - as if I just HAVE to get it out! It becomes channelled writing a lot of the time. Like something/someone takes over and it's not 'me' writing anymore.

That's how it started with this topic.

But as this frequency started to run through me, I started to feel my energy dwindle at the same time - which is the opposite of what usually happens.

So I sat back a little, watched the process (instead of trying to force it) and asked - 'what's different here?' Writing for me is almost an entirely out of body/spiritual experience, yet I (obviously) still need the tools of my mind to collaborate with.

This week, I just could not bring the two together...

I realise, now, that this Lion's Gate was not a 'mental' event. This was purely and entirely spiritual. And whilst I tried to capture it, and explain it, within my mental capacity - it was a much greater energy than this. It was time to put my mind aside, lay it down to rest, clear that mental confusion - and let my spiritual energies become activated on their own.

So, to keep me on track - here's what I cover in this post:

  • Sirius and it's connection to Earth
  • The increasing distance between you and mainstream going ons
  • What is a portal? 
  • The significance of the Lion and 888
  • Energy and Interconnectedness at this time
  • How this significant time affected us as a community
  • How this portal opening most likely affected you

Making Room for the download

If you read my initial Instagram post, you'll know that I was first feeling very anxious, frustrated…and even a little agitated at the beginning of the Lion's Gate opening. I wasn't really sure why? I even predicted you may have been feeling the same. 

And then, on the night of the 7th August, I had a huge release. I was watching a movie and all of a sudden the waterworks started. I cried like a baby. BIG tears. My German Shepherd came over and rested his head on my lap.

I've learnt not to question this process so much, and to just let it happen without figuring out the 'why' - as this seems to be the way that I personally undergo an energy release. So I let it flow. And I cried for a good 20 minutes. Over nothing. Without even knowing what triggered it. But afterwards, I felt extremely light. I had made room. I felt like I had pushed a restart button, cleared out the junk - and I was ready to go!

The next day, of course, was the 8th August.

The Lion's Gate.

Perfect timing to make room before a huge download of energy!

I took a seat, remembered to breathe and let it all awaken within me. Without forcing it and without making myself sit down to write. I had to remain rested and open during this time. I figured you did too… I had a sneaking suspicion this 'feeling' would be hanging on until the 12th. And it did. Today is the 12th, the end of the portal opening, and I finally feel up to writing.

Reflecting today, I realise... 

there were a few reasons I wasn't supposed to write about this - until now.

1. I needed to go through my own spiritual evolvement and activation - and this spiritual energy would not allow me to summarise it whilst it was happening. It would not allow me to offer anything to anyone else. I had to put on my oxygen mask first (so to speak), before I offered help or guidance to anybody around me. It was to happen without words. I needed a reboot, a software update - without the interference of downloading other Apps at the same time! 

2. I initially wanted to write an entry that included practical activities for you to use and implement. To help you ease through this time. But now I realise, there was nothing for you to do - except allow it to unfold. There was a power much greater than any of us, and it knew what it was doing. No need to interfere and make suggestions - only, to rest and receive. You were your own guidance - and I was mine.

3. I also needed to remove myself from the 'hype' around this event - and the increasing negativity around it. For some reason there was a lot of 'this is hoo-hah' talk on social media. As well as on blogs. When I read them, they had a tone of misunderstanding. It struck a nerve. It offended me. It did not sit right within my intuition and my knowing.

keys, codes, portals, celestial energy and beings...

To me; planetary alignments, ancient wisdom and spiritual knowledge not only sits well within me - but is also based on fact, history, philosophy and science.

It doesn't have to get that deep though.

You don't need to fully comprehend the terminology you may have read or seen - keys, codes, portals, celestial energy and beings. 

These are all just human words that we use to label things, a structure we use to try and express our understanding of something. I stick more with how I feel. What I sense. Yes, I do utilise my Clairsentience (feeling) sense more than my other abilities (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance) - so this obviously works well for me. But I feel it works well with everybody - when it comes to intuition and inner knowing.

Sometimes our mind gets in the way. And this is because it is such a powerful tool. Yet, sometimes it overrides things. It overrides us. 

When I was younger, and first started recognising my Psychic Senses, I had this idea of what things were supposed to look like.

For some reason my human mind had conjured up this pre-conceived image of what talking to Guides and receiving messages would feel, sound and look like. This actually created boundaries and limitations during the process. And within myself. Because what was happening wasn't slotting into what I thought it was supposed to be. Especially when I couldn't describe or summarise in words what was going on. Ans so I shut up real quick! I closed it off for a bit. I almost dismissed it.

Often during spiritual discussions, I hear people get caught up in the intelligent sounding words related to this. And it gets very intertwined with making an attempt at an impressive statement, sounding intellectual and that dirty stench of Ego. Yes, all of this is highly (highly!) intelligent - but on the same hand, it is simple.

Plus, attempting to summarise the metaphysical world with our words, is almost an insult - because we can never fully describe it.

Let's not do that with the Lion's Gate opening.

In hindsight, there were no rules for this event. Now I realise there was nothing you were supposed to do. You were just supposed to absorb it - and not try to capture it. Just like trying to hold a bubble - it will pop and disappear! Just let it all happen. However it was supposed to happen. 

You don't have to be seeing little blue men from Sirius, or feel the unlocking of codes within you. You may have, but I'm thinking you had a bit more of a grounded connection to this event - like I did.

  • Have you been feeling even more distanced from mainstream going ons? Like you're not really a part of the old paradigm thinking anymore?
  • Are you starting to feel more of a connection to the Galactic Calendar (astrological events, moon phases etc) and not so much with the Gregorian Calendar (Monday - Sunday, workdays/weekends etc)? 

Whilst I get into the background and ancient wisdom around the Lion's Gate event, let's keep referring back to these things - to keep it all real… I also want you to think back over the last week or so, and ask yourself if you felt the 'Feline Frequency'?

  • The attitude, character, vibe, energy of the Lion or Lioness?
  • A courage within your heart, that lead you to what you know you need?
  • A confidence in the sense of what you truly are and what you can be?
  • Were you exposed to, or did you feel, the dark side of this animal - anger, masculinity, power, need for control?
  • Or the light side - the greater feminine energy prevailing, Lioness heart openings, LOVE, people connecting (almost as a united front or family?)
  • Or both? The masculine and then the feminine?

I know as a community we did... 

During the Lion's Gate opening most of us were connected to the killing of Cecil the Lion, in one way or another. We were exposed to the dark side of power and dominance and brutality. And then, suddenly, we were all united by this event - as we became awakened to the unjust of this situation. We embraced our feminine side as a result of this event. We felt the connectedness (to another species and to each other) as we stood up, united - and opened our hearts with great sympathy.

The Greatest Spiritual Awakening 

To me, the greatest spiritual awakening is that we finally understand, and realise, that everything is interconnected. We are connected to everything and everyone. Sometimes on a small scale, sometimes on a much larger spectrum. Sometimes it's when you go about your day and the positive energy you project brings you a smile from a random stranger. Sometimes it's the Full Moon, with it's powerful energy packing Hospital Emergency Wards to the brim. When a star is in alignment with the Earth, it's energy affects our energy also. 

This is what was happening during the Lion's Gate opening...

The brightest Star in the sky, Sirius, (over 20 times brighter than our Sun and twice as big) has been rising in the morning sky at the same time, and in nearby location, to our Sun. Therefore, closer to our Earth. Sirius has often been referred to as the light that illuminates our 'spiritual essence', compared to the Sun whose light illuminates our 'physical world'. 

There's always been a mystical connection between humanity and Sirius. It's movement in the sky was once used to determine the Egyptian calendar. When it lined up with the Pyramids it created either light or shadow on the Earth's ground - relative to these triangular structures. These were used as markers for particular events within their year.

The most important thing to understand about Siruis is that it is actually a couple of stars together, that are continually rotating around each other. As you can imagine, this creates an enormous energy and electromagnetic field within it - and around it.

Therefore, when it is closest to Earth, or unobscured by other planets, this energy comes down onto Earth in full force. (There are times in our history when this energy has been measured by Scientists to be at it's greatest, that have coincided with huge events on Earth. Some of our World Wars, for example.) 

They say that Sirian energies stimulate both the best and the worst in humanity. And although we may see this as a negative thing - there always needs to be dark to have light. Bad to have good. For balance. For Interconnectedness. Once the dark is brought to the surface, we can illuminate it with light. (Think of Cecil the Lion.) 

Again, Interconnectedness explains that everything is energy and it is bouncing off each other - all of the time. 

During this window of time (July 26th - August 12th) we're aligned with the star system of Sirius - and there's a strong flow of energy between it and us. 

When the energy of this star is channeling down to us on Earth, as it is during the Lion Gate's portal, this frequency becomes a relationship between our (human) consciousness and the galaxy. And this is where we experience the strength of Interconnectedness. This is what the Ancients always felt - and always knew.

Remember, 'we are all made of Stardust.'

A different frequency begins to flow down. A type of 'language of light' pours into the planet's atmosphere.

  • Energy is in the form of light.
  • Light 'codes' is just another way of saying 'information contained within light.'
  • When we are given more 'light' or become more open to 'light' - this leads to awakenings within us.

This is what I refer to when I say you are remembering what you once knew - what is inside of you. That which you've forgotten, but is always there. You shine a light on it. You awaken it. You awaken yourself. 

Feline Energy

The reference to the Feline Energy, or the Lion, is that the Sun is travelling through the sign of Leo at this exact time. Therefore, it is the theme of this portal opening. What is a portal opening? To me I would best describe it as visualising a stream of light from a star (Sirius) pouring down onto Earth. From a distance it looks like a line of light, but due to it's size (remembering it's between Earth and a big Star System!) it has depth and an 'inside'. If you were underneath it, looking up, it would look like a tunnel, a tube, a connection from one thing to another, an opening - a portal. 


The significance of the 888 is that these numbers bring with them a great frequency, and the peak of this portal opening happened on the date 8/8. On their sides, they are the sign of infinity. This numerology alignment represents limitlessness, abundance, high frequency, balance and continuity. It is on this date every year that the Earth aligns with the centre of our Universe (Sirius). Yet this year it is said to be even more powerful and intense - as our year (2+0+1+5 = 8) also adds up to 8. A triple 8 energy, rather than a double. Gotta be bigger, better, stronger - right?!

What's next for you?

During the Lion's Gate, whether you realise it or not, you are either creating the reality that you desire or you are fighting it.

This may not be some huge transition, it's most likely not. You've probably just taken some steps in the right direction (the direction of where your heart knows you need to be going) - or you're experiencing a time in your life where seemingly everything is out of control. (Have you been trying to control things a little, Dear One? Not truly and honestly following your heart's call?) You've probably (I hope!) figured out that this doesn't work - and only creates confusion and turmoil in your life. You're not really feeling what is for you.

Manifesting and creating the life you want - again, sometimes there's just a little too much thinking and logic that goes along with this sentence. I speak with people about this and they get confused. They want to grasp it too much. Plan it all out. Get into the Psychology of it.

  • But what do I want?
  • But how do I know?
  • What do I do next?
  • What do I truly desire?
  • How do I get it?!

It doesn't work this way.

Let's think of it more like this - when you are in alignment, you are creating the reality that your frequency is already attuned to. Doesn't that sit better? You already know (even if your mind can't describe it, or you can't see where the steps you're taking are leading you - just yet). But you've already felt that frequency. That feeling. It's what's inside of you when you experience freedom, light, truth… The things that 'feel' good to you...