1. Please tell us a little about you and your amazing business!

My name is Megan Brown I’m a mother of 2 handsome boys and a business owner. My business is called 'Chandra Yoga and Wellbeing', currently based in Roma, Queensland.


I started as a Massage Therapist 10 years ago and have been blessed to have worked in some great places learning more and more about spiritual practices. I now provide Yoga, Massage, Energy Healing and spiritual guidance.

My job does not feel like work to me, I love working within this field and I am extremely happy to go to work every day and share my knowledge with my clients, friends and family. 

2. How do you define being more connected to your intuition and feminine energy?

I have learnt lots of skill over the years around trusting my intuition and embracing my Feminine energy and feel blessed to have been so guided with this.

I stay connected through Mother Nature, Meditation, Yoga and self care. Trusting my intuition has definitely been a huge part of my learning, I have grown from someone scared to even use my gifts - to someone who helps other use their gifts.

3. What does a typical day in the 'wellness' world look like for you?

A typical day would consist of starting my day with yoga or meditation; I then meet with my clients for massage / healings; and running yoga sessions.

My day can be very busy so I make sure I eat good nutritional meals to provide myself with enough energy to keep going throughout the day. I take time to energize and clear myself and my space between clients, which keeps me connected to Source.  

I feel that a good work/life balance is important ,therefore I fit in personal care time during the week - spending time with my family and other activities such as gym, swimming and catching ups with friend.  

4. To me the phrase 'We of the Moon' means...

When I think of ‘We of the Moon' I picture a Sisterhood of empowered women, grouping together to reconnect with the Moon and Mother Nature. I sense that ‘We of the Moon’ is reconnecting women who may have worked together in other life times to join forces, reunite and empower our fellow sisters to live in their own power.

5. Tell me about an intention or goal that has manifested for you!

I feel ‘We of the Moon’ has helped me to believe in myself and honour my calling.

It has given me knowledge to plan and manifest how I would achieve personal and business growth. I felt empowered by this course to rename my business to Chandra Yoga and Wellbeing, which has open many doors for my business - and especially my yoga practices.

6. What was your favourite part of the We of the Moon course?

I loved getting to know Anita, she truly is a beautiful soul and the work she has put into the course is inspiring. I enjoyed all I have learnt in the course, but I have to say the thing I enjoyed most was the high vibration space we all get to share and the reconnection that is made with Mother Nature.

7. Describe the type of woman you support through your work...

I get to connect with such a diverse range of women, but I feel I support women who are starting their journey to empowerment or change.

I am a very humble women and I believe in just being who I am and living the life I envisioned. I encourage my clients to never compare themselves to anyone else but just find their own identity and follow their own pathways in life.

8. What is your favourite quote right now?

‘Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.’

9. What day and time will you be jumping online to support people in the course?

The last Thursday of every month at 6pm AWST - 8pm AEST for my QLD peeps! Look forward to connecting with you within this space!

10. How can we find out more about you?

Facebook - www.facebook.com/chandrawellbeing

Instagram - www.instagram.com/chandrawellbeing