1. Please tell us a little about you and your amazing business!

When I moved to Perth from London six years ago I was ready for change.

I retrained as a Holistic Health Coach and created Conscious Cravings, leaving my 20 year career in research to start afresh. I coach and support people with their health and wellness, in particular their emotional wellbeing. I also see clients 1-1 for energy work and Aromatherapy massage.

Alongside this is my essential oils business, where I share amazing therapeutic grade plant remedies through wellness workshops across Australia and the UK. Happy days!

2. How do you define being more connected to your intuition and feminine energy?

For me, it's about creating space and peace in my day so that I can tune in and really listen to what I am feeling.

In particular, those cues our body gives us about what's right and wrong for us - when we take the time to listen.

Anything that gets me out of my head and into my body is helpful. Yoga, swimming, spending time in nature, energy based chiropractic and other body work. I spent so long in a very masculine energy in my career, that I'm still unraveling old habits of disassociation and distraction - it's a work in progress!

3. What does a typical day in the 'wellness' world look like for you?

Mornings are sacred and I like to take my time over a large pot of tea, after a smoothie of some kind to nourish my body. I'll exercise in the morning, usually half an hour of yoga or rebounding if I'm feeling more active.

The day can vary, but either supporting my essential oils team with mentoring calls, running a wellness workshop and/or seeing clients for 1-1 sessions. I like the variety of this.

I'll take time for a nutritious lunch, even if it's just 15 minutes, but ideally longer!

Evenings are quiet in our home, a simple dinner and watching a movie. I'll wear and diffuse essential oils all day long to support my mood, stay balanced, calm and boost energy if needed.


4. To me the phrase 'We of the Moon' means...

Appreciating our deep connection to nature.

Honouring our rhythms, cycles and flow.

5. Tell me about an intention or goal that has manifested for you!

Funny enough, the most amazing things that have happened to me in life have apparently 'fallen into my lap' when I didn't consciously realise I was manifesting them.

Such as the opportunity to move to Australia, which I have never considered - but on holiday in Perth I got 'randomly' chatting to a woman who offered me a job here, relocated me and my partner and arranged our visas!

6. What was your favourite part of the We of the Moon course?

So much!

Understanding the different energies around the stages of my monthly cycle. Connecting with Anita and the other women. Finding more flow in life.

The intuitive messages were wonderful too!

7. Describe the type of woman you support through your work...

She tends to be lacking in confidence and may be feeling stressed or anxious. She is a perfectionist and over thinker.


She is wanting to create positive change in her life and find an easier, more joyful way of being, and looking for guidance and support with that.

8. What is your favourite quote right now?

This one...

9. What day and time will you be jumping online to support people in the course?

The 2nd Thursday of every month at 6pm AWST! Look forward to connecting with you within this space!

10. How can we find out more about you?

Website - consciouscravings.com.au

Facebook - www.facebook.com/ConsciousCravingsKarenMiller

Instagram - www.instagram.com/_karenmiller