Oh New Moon in Gemini! What a powerful time of the year - and in our existence all together! There's been some huge Universal energy shifting...that's for sure.

Do I feel so excited by it, because Gemini is my Star Sign? Because New Moons mean new beginnings and a powerful time to dream? Or, because I am SO ready for this shift?!

Let's talk about the planetary alignments first...

The New Moon falls in Gemini this morning, at approximately 11am Perth time. Gemini: Expressive. Quick-witted. Gemini represents two different sides of personality and you will never be sure with whom you will face. Gemini can be sociable, communicative and ready for fun - while on the other hand can be very serious, thoughtful, restless and even indecisive.

Indecisive, back and forth, hot and cold, yes/no, fast and slow, energetic then tired.

Have you been infused with these Gemini energies lately? That Twin Mind? Is this how your mind has been operating? They may even be a little amplified, because the current Universal shifts tie in perfectly with the positioning of Gemini. We're also heading towards the Winter Solstice - and so much more!

Universally; we've been operating and taking comfort in 'safe' patterns of survival, so far. We've been conditioned to believe that we had to play by certain rules and that we had limitations - but this is starting to be overthrown by a new awareness! And has brought on some feelings of confusion, Psychic Fog (walking around with that haziness in front or / behind your eyes) and a few unearthed emotions.

An awakening is occurring, that is opening up our collective minds to a frequency of complete freedom!

But what to do when there are no harnesses? No rules? No limitations? Do we cling to the safety of fear? Do we jump aboard other people's paths? (I mean, they seem to know what they're doing!) Do we cling onto others for dear life? Projecting it as our own 'calling'? Well if we don't, we'll be flung out into a big abyss of possibilities, wont we?! 

Are we back and forth between our Truth and our Self Doubt? Like a true Gemini's mind?

For some, it's too much - and for others it's an excitement that they can hardly contain! It's an opportunity they've been working towards their whole lives! It's the green light they've been seeking! It's the complete connection of their spirit and mind.

Because their spirit has always known, and felt comfortable with, freedom!

Have you been torn though lately - between the old and the new? The pendulum swinging back and forth like the Gemini energy. Is it scary or exciting? (Do it! No, don't!) Safe or adventurous? Do I roll with that idea, or this one?

Are you getting excited about things, rendezvousing with your imagination - only to have those desires throwing self doubt and fear straight back in your face? It's normal. But sometimes we actually grab for the self doubt to remain 'safe' in a big ol' bottomless depth of choice.

When we accept, that every one of our experiences is a result of us choosing it for ourselves, (whether we were aware of it or not), we're open to an even bigger freedom within ourselves. We no longer need to engage in victim/survival patterns. As I said earlier, most of us have been been living in a consciousness of survival and protection -

but we're reaching a new level where we've remembered.

Remembered that we were always going to be OK. That our Spirit and our Higher Self have been keeping us 'safe' all along. That's how we've arrived here completely in tact! So, this would make it the time to lighten up and have fun then...right?

Whether we're comfortable with this shift or not, it's our new reality.

We can fight it - or flow with it.

We can ditch the 'in 2 minds' Gemini...and just relax.

So, just for fun, allow yourself to imagine a world where everyone lets their guard down, and allows themselves to play. Where they've shifted out of survival mode. Where they live in joy. Where love is given and received and life is appreciated for all that it is! Where hard work and sacrifice and all those yucky victim mentality energies are thrown out the window! And you have the opportunities and choice to live exactly how you'd like to live out your time here.

No, it's not some imaginary fairy land - that's your old programming there, trying to keep you in disbelief. Your Ego mind is telling you to laugh at the 'Unicorn-loving-Hippie-Peace Love and Mungbeans-Wacko' that wrote this and it's trying to tell you to face 'reality'. It's trying to make a mockery to keep you safe. Well this will be the new reality. And your crushed little Spirit that the Ego trod all over is whispering 'this is truth' into your heart...if you'll reach out your hand and help it back up!

But do take the time to answer these questions?

What does all of this bring up for you?

Are you looking forward to it or is fear rising?

Are you unsure of what you're existence will be without all of those anchors holding you down?

Allow yourself to be freed from all that came up. You are more than that. And when you get real with yourself, don't tell me that kind of a world doesn't make you feel all sorts of amazing! Like a certain (familiar!) sense of lightness. It's in you - it's your true nature. Be with it, or resist it. It's up to you beautiful.

The next step...

If you've gotten to the place where you do feel drawn to these energies of freedom, but you're not completely on board, or you won't let go of the rope because you can't see the next step - then you're in the right place! That's how it's supposed to feel!

It's not your job to control the next part, or figure out the 'how'. Stick with what feels right with you, refrain from jumping on anyone else's energy train and just sit patiently with yourself to start becoming familiar with becoming aligned with yourself.

With your true self.

And then just trust.

It's not your job to figure the next part yet.