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For reals though. I believe this.

Kids and Meditation - two words that create a visual of complete crystal catastrophe! (And yes, it has happened once or twice - gemstone carnage all over the room.) Little ones can't sit still at the best of times, little alone when they're Mama wants a quiet 10 to realign her Chakras! (Just 5 minutes then...?)

And wow; what an opening for an externalising of mini person emotions we created in our household, over the last couple of months. First of all, we give away most of our belongings, THEN leave the safe space (the only space Sage had ever known!) we'd called Home for the last couple of years, THEN we get on a plane, stay at Nan's for almost a month, got settled there, but shift environments again when we found our apartment (reefing Sage away from enjoying bath and jammie time with Nan every night) - all whilst her Daddy flew to another state to work for several weeks. 

My poor little Empath felt it all. Not only was she going through huge hormonal changes within her tiny physical, almost 2 year old, body - but she was being dragged through huge adult transitions and adjusting to these Universal energy shifts... that were taking a hold of her Mama too.

Sage has been feeling all the feels.

Internalising some of it, but expressing the majority of it all - as I encourage her to do. (PS Don't get into the habit of telling your child to stop crying! It's one of the most damaging practices, creating adults who are entirely disconnected from their feelings. Who are we to tell anyone how they're feeling at any point in time - and how they should express it?! As their parents and their Guide, it's important to show them healthy ways of expressing how they're feeling. OK, rant over.)

Throat and Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Bowls

Throat and Solar Plexus Chakra Tibetan Bowls

So, all of these changes (almost too much for even an adult to bear at times) were shifting me out of routine. I hadn't been able to carve out time to cleanse the energy of our new home, I hadn't set up my Meditation Space/Altar, I hadn't been able to unpack my 'Spiritual Toolbox' that assisted me with my usual rituals to keep me grounded and protected, and I almost cried every time my smashed Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls caught my eye.

Oh yeah, that happened too. Removal Story from hell - but for another time...

Yet amongst all of this noise, a voice dropped in and said; "Make time. Align your energy first. Centre yourself - you know this must be done to get back into flow. You need this and your family needs you to re-establish harmony and balance in your home." (Yeah, that particular Guide of mine has a beautiful way with words ;) )

I think when you're a Mama, you go one of two ways - you either try to involve your child in everything you're doing; or it just becomes so much harder, so you try to do the things that need doing, on your own...within every 5 minute pocket of time you can find during the day (or middle of night!) Both can be extremely stressful!

But I really wanted to change this, I wanted to be a little more present for my HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), because I knew exactly what it was like to be one. I wanted to start supporting her in navigating this life as a high vibrational soul, so that things will be easier for her.

Photo 9-11-17, 8 14 11 am.jpg

And so my Meditation Altar, that became 'our' Meditation Altar, was created in the South West Corner of our room. I normally like to place this in the Eastern corner/side, where the sun rises, but it wasn't possible. Shortly after; our morning Meditation Practice began.

Every morning we head straight to our corner upon waking. No distractions, Meditation first. Alignment first. It's a priority.

1. Energy Cleanse

Starting with an Energy Cleanse, we clear our Aura and Energy Centres using a Selenite Spar. I prefer to use White Sage but I know little MIssy will become obsessed with the lighter if I do that! With the Selenite, the ultimate cleansing (and self cleansing) crystal, we float it up and around our body. I visualise it's purifying vibration clearing anything that is stuck in my Energy Field. Sage enjoys doing this to herself, and then me, after she's watched me do it. You can feel the clearing and lightness immediately and I can see Sage settle in straight after we do it.

Photo 9-11-17, 8 18 27 am.jpg

2. Mala Beads

We're ready to get started! I pull out the first drawer and she gets out 2 pairs of Mala Beads, a green one and a black one. I let her choose which one she wants and then she places it over her head and wears it. I do the same, but I use these later for my Mantra Meditation. I have used these Mala Beads in my Meditation practice for years, and I have an unexplainable connection to Tibetan Culture and Buddhism, so I can feel the beautiful energy these beads hold.

Photo 9-11-17, 8 16 56 am.jpg

3. Essential Oils

I then put a drop of Balance Blend Essential Oil in my hands, rub them together and rub it up Sage's spine and on the bottom of her feet. This always brings her back to the present and grounds her roots to the Earth - and because I use this every morning, it has become her anchor to this practice.

Essential Oils can be used this way, as an anchor - it's like a programming through your senses. If you use a particular Essential Oil for a routine or ritual, it will bring you all the energetic qualities that that plant offers - but it also connects with your incredible Olfactory System to anchor you straight back to the vibe you had when you last used. In our case, it brings us back to the calm and peace we feel during every Meditation. My final use of the oil is to take a big inhale as I cup my hands over my nose, breathing in and connecting with the life force and plant medicine of Mother Earth. Sometimes Sage will have a whiff too!

The most incredible thing I've noticed, by using this oil in our practice, is that she never leaves the space. It literally roots her there. My instincts got me the first time we meditated together and I went to close the bedroom door, so that she couldn't escape and run a muck in the loungeroom! But something pulled me back; I reconsidered and thought it was a much better idea if she chose to sit with me, rather than force her too. And she has chosen to remain with me the whole time - every single time.

Kids innately want to do the right thing, you know? They're not manipulative or defiant on purpose, even though it may feel that way. They're behaviour is always trying to tell us something - I'm full of energy, I don't feel safe, I need your attention or presence, I'm feeling big emotions right now and I don't know what to do with them!

Balance Blend Essential Oil - The best $27 you'll ever spent if you have kids!

Balance Blend Essential Oil - The best $27 you'll ever spent if you have kids!

4. Singing Bowls

Then we have a play with my Tibetan Bowls. I have the Throat Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra Bowls and Sage loves to mimic the way I make sound with them. She picks up the stick and so carefully pulls it around the edge - there's no sound when she does it (yet!) but she doesn't care! She often wants to put crystals in the bowls when I'm playing them, and of course, at first, I said "no, that's not what we do" - but I stopped myself and thought... maybe it is? I shifted my perspective and thought, maybe she knows those crystals need a good sound vibrational healing!

(Tip! The more I let go, forget the 'rules', surrender and let her guide things - with boundaries - the better it flows. And not just our Meditation - the entire day.)

5. Crystals

Then we get the other 2 drawers of crystals out. Sometimes we make a mandala together - Sage passes me the crystals and I place them in a pattern, or I hand her the crystals and she lines them up. Sometimes she just wants to place them in the Tibetan Bowls, and then take them out again - over and over. Who am I to judge? Maybe that's her version of Meditation!

When she was a baby I would often place crystals over her energy centres and so she must've grown quite used to this. I wasn't sure she'd remember me doing this, but last week she lay down and put some along her torso, she then asked me to place one on her head. Sometimes she just lies there, letting the energy of the crystal do it's job, and sometimes she makes a game out of flipping it off her Third Eye and onto the ground. Whatever works for you little one.

Selenite Heart and Green Calcite - corresponding Essential Oils are Clary Sage and Geranium

Selenite Heart and Green Calcite - corresponding Essential Oils are Clary Sage and Geranium

6. Breathing Exercises

After I feel like she's grounded (and the Balance Blend Essential Oil has kicked in!) we do some deep breathing. I've just started with 5 deep breaths. Sage copies me and I just love how children are born into the world breathing so perfectly - all the way down to their little belly, filling it up and then pushing it all out. Not just 'short-breathing' into the chest like we adults do. Not enough time for one full breath every time man! Gotta get to work! (Ha.)

7. Om Chant

I started doing my own Om chanting (just 3 long Om's in a row) to keep me calm on the days where Sage had way too much energy during our practice. It would keep me centred and patient and helped me in allowing things to just organically unfold. But now she has been placing her own palms in front of her chest whilst she says 'Om'. And so I just join in with her!

Om is more than just a sound, it's frequency is sympathetic with the vibration of the Universe - immediately aligning us to Source Energy. It's the frequency of the energy that connects and joins all things together. What a simple way to connect our littlies to this on a daily basis. It's easy for them to say (sounds like 'aauummm') and we all know how amazing it feels when we tap into this energy - imagine how beautiful it feels for our little beings! Even if it's just once a day, what a powerful practice to start them with, to nurture that innate connection.

I love our antique Altar Cabinet that was gifted to me by a dear friend. In the past I've shared photos of my Altar set up and over time it was not uniquely mine anymore. Let's just say that anyone would have a hard time replicating/building this individual piece.

I love our antique Altar Cabinet that was gifted to me by a dear friend. In the past I've shared photos of my Altar set up and over time it was not uniquely mine anymore. Let's just say that anyone would have a hard time replicating/building this individual piece.

8. Mantra Meditation

I then start my daily Mantra Meditation, which is the repetition of 'Om Mani Padme Hum' at every individual bead on my Mala Beads, until I reach the end. As I said, this is a mediation I've been practicing for many years (you can read more about that here) and I thought there was NO way I'd be able to do this with Sage around! In the past, I'd wait for her to be asleep.

Most times she's preoccupied with the crystals or the Buddha statue I have sitting at our Altar; saying 'Morning, Hello..." to him - but of course there are times when she wants to climb all over me, try and take the beads out of of my hands and demand "BOOBIE". My reaction to this everytime (with practice) has been to just stop my Meditation, observe, take some deep breaths, allow the frustration to rise up and then leave, be gentle - and she soon gets over it and goes back to doing her own thing.

9. Drawing

I have a sketch book and a few pencils in a little basket next to our Altar, in case she feels the need to express any energy in this way. She loves drawing but this has only lasted a couple of minutes with her so far. I feel like she may be drawn to this the older she gets. Right now though, she's expressing her creativity and energy, during our practice, through her words and physical senses when playing with our props.

Our Buddha on the right, wearing the Birthing Necklace my soul sisters made for me at my Blessingway - and our Umbilical Chord Dreamcatcher hanging on our Selenite Crystal on the left.

Our Buddha on the right, wearing the Birthing Necklace my soul sisters made for me at my Blessingway - and our Umbilical Chord Dreamcatcher hanging on our Selenite Crystal on the left.

10. Oracle Cards

Towards the end of our practice, I shuffle a deck of Oracle Cards and we have a bit of a play with them. She loves watching me shuffle - "I do it, I do it!" So I give her a go. I chose the Robert Reeves Flower Therapy Oracle Cards because they have such a gentle energy and connect me straight to the pulse of Mother Nature when I read with them. It reminds me also of why I chose to study Flower Therapy Healing and how it opened so many doors for me, which have led me to further my connection with Mother Nature. Plus, Sage loves flowers and tells me the colour of every flower on every card.

And so, we already know that kids are magickal right? Like truly magickal - if we get out of the way and allow them to be. My beautiful friend Meagan once told me that her son picked the same card over 10 times in a row, on entirely different days. These kids KNOW, I tell you. This generation is tapped in and straight up connected! Give them some space and distance and nurturing to allow them to bloom in this way. They often know more than we do, in relation to Intuition, energy and the natural flow of things.

Of course then, you won't be surprised if I tell you that Sage has picked the same two cards for me - 4 days in a row. I'm talking shuffled several times each time, put back into the box, pulled out of the box, put back into the cabinet, back out of the cabinet - and even thrown around the room!

Photo 9-11-17, 8 21 37 am.jpg
Photo 9-11-17, 7 48 31 am.jpg

11. Binaural Beats

Basically, the modern version of repetitious beats to encourage particular brain activity, different to white or brown noise that I know a lot of parents use with their children. Much the same way that the beating of the drum during gatherings in ancient times would induce relaxation, the auditory beats can entrain the brain to different states and induce specific brainwaves - dependant on the frequency.

Deep sleep is promoted when listening to the Delta Frequency (0-1.4Hz) but we use the Theta Frequency (4-8Hz) for our practice which induces meditation, creativity and intuition strengthening. This is intertwined with a relaxing music track and Sage often hums along to it - so I assume she likes it! You can download this as a free App.

To end our Meditation...

we pack everything away together and I always ask for a big hug. I cherish this time every morning, I know it will be something that I will forever hold dear to me and I hope it allows her the space and confidence to be who she authentically is, plus start to develop a practice to honour and reconnect with herself everyday.

There is no age that you're supposed to start doing anything. People thought we were crazy for reading to Sage at 1 month old, but I know she was absorbing certain things. Maybe not in the way we imagine or expect, but we could tell it made her calm and happy so we made it a regular practice. It's also just a nice way to connect in with each other's energy.

But to end this story, that sounds so surreal and seemingly perfect, I want to tell you that it isn't. I want to tell you about the first day we started - and about the importance of intention...

Photo 9-11-17, 7 55 56 am.jpg

With all of the big changes our household has been experiencing, our little Sage must have been holding in some of that energy. The first time I invited her to sit with me at our Altar was, seemingly, a disaster. It started out OK, but just after I introduced the crystals and Essential Oil, she exploded.

She was frustrated, angry and upset - over nothing in particular or in the present. She was lashing out and kicking the crystals, throwing the cards and even threw the Buddha. I thought "oh right, here we go - stupid idea Anita!" and I almost gave up. But again, a voice dropped in saying that this is exactly what needed to happen. The high vibrational and healing nature of the crystals, Essential Oils and the space itself was allowing Sage to release and heal. It was providing such a high vibration that anything that didn't resonate with that frequency, within her, needed to come out. (That's how energy/vibrational healing works by the way.)

She had obviously internalised some of what was happening around her and I could literally see her fear, uncertainty and pain release from her mind, body and spirit. It only went on for about 5-10 minutes and after the tears stopped falling, she looked over to me where I had my arms outstretched ready to hold her. She came over and was calm. She felt lighter and seemed relieved. Wow how powerful (and necessary) this space was for her. She no longer needed to carry the weight of any of that!

Photo 9-11-17, 8 13 54 am.jpg
Photo 9-11-17, 8 24 15 am.jpg

The intention I had set for our Meditation Practice and Space was to deepen our connection as Mother and Daughter, was for any healing and transformation that was needed, and was to take time during the day to connect to something larger than ourselves. Intention is important and I set the tone for this from the very first day. I could have easily abandoned the idea of this practice after that first episode, but I realised it was just a clearing of energy blocks and I saw the importance of this practice even more so, after this.

So, in summary - I love holding this space for us, and for her. And that's all they need - you know? Just for you to hold the space. You are their Tour Guide for a moment in time in their lives - and most of them have been here many times before. They look up to us to learn the ways of the physical world, but energy wise - they got it figured out. Allow them the opportunity to surprise you with what they are capable of and what they can do, before you decide for them. They will blow your mind.

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