• Restless sleep?
  • Energy running through you?
  • A little on edge?

As the Full Moon reaches it's climax and fullness, it's time to open up and release! This is a time to shine a light (moonlight) on our shadow side - so that we can bring it to the surface, let go of it and work on starting 'a fresh'. For the New Moon in 2 weeks time!

How do we do this?

3 Ways to 'Start a Fresh' This Full Moon www.spiritedspace.org

1. Grab your Frankincense Essential Oil bottle, for this is the Oil of Truth. Franki helps us to create new perspectives based on light and truth, and reminds us of the wisdom and knowledge our Souls brought into the world so that we are able to have a spiritual understanding of situations. Frankincense is the Father Oil, with it's protective and masculine energy, which shields the body and soul from any negativity or lower vibrations - whether this comes externally or from within ourselves, towards ourselves. With the help of Franki during this next activity, you will be able to draw closer to the True You - and love and accept your light and your shadow side.

(Read the Humanitarianism and Philanthropy behind how and where Frankincense is sourced here - http://www.spiritedspace.org/blogs/2016/12/3/rsibqcv0lsdyxczh145eofin1ri4p9)

2. Start with writing down a list of things that annoy you in others, or people that you find annoying - and really think about WHY they frustrate you. (Tip: Don't let guilt creep in here. This activity is merely a reflective exercise.) Rub Franki over your Sacral Chakra if guilt arises - the space below your belly button, between your hip bones.

3. This might be tough, but (without you maybe even realising or accepting it) these are the things you don't like about yourself. Deep deep down. Your shadow side. The traits you deny and wish you didn't have.

4. Read over what you've written, truly and honestly accept that it is, (whilst your ego screams "No way, you're not like that!") and whilst burning that piece of paper, rub Frankincense Essential Oil over your Crown and Third Eye. Set it free. Let go of judgements of yourself, and the people you wrote down. 

This is how you come into your true power. Come into your authentic self. Your True Self. This is how you start 100% accepting yourself. 

And the time we also realise that all of those people are gifts. They've come into our lives as teachers. And we are teachers for others, just the same.

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