The Throat Chakra. This is the communication center and the Fifth Chakra.

Its Sanskrit name is Vishuddhi which means 'the pure place' and is represented by the colour blue.

Blue Expressions | The Throat Chakra

When I feel out of balance in this area (not being able to communicate what I feel/think, or over-communicating by speaking before I think, or without purpose) I meditate on this Chakra by visualising:

  • The colour blue - in any form and in any shade!
  • Holding light and dark blue crystals in my hands
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Looking up at the sky
  • Wearing a blue dress and shoes
  • Painting a wall in blue
  • Lying on a blue rug

...whatever I can see clearly in my Mind's Eye, that is the colour blue..

Try this for as long as you can continue visualising the colour - and notice the difference in your expression and communication.