Finally got the chance to set up my Crystal Display Shelf into an energetic grid!

 Handmade by our awesome mate Dane - check out his other amazing creations at   Awaken Aquaponics.

 Handmade by our awesome mate Dane - check out his other amazing creations at Awaken Aquaponics.

If you've always been drawn to triangle and pyramid shapes, it might be because of their special properties.

The triangle is said to be the form behind all manifestation and spiritual development. It represents the divine triplicity of will, love + intelligence - past, present + future - spirit, mind + body - and the animals, plants + minerals of our world.

Traingles can provide a doorway to higher wisdom; by balancing our thoughts and emotions (the two sides of the triangle).

Because of this, it's suggested to charge your crystals and gemstones in a triangle or pyramid shaped structure, or in a triangle shaped flat grid - as more life force is summoned into the stones this way.

I LOVE this display shelf as it's made up of several different triangles. The large triangle structure (and 3 smaller ones inside it) are pointing upwards - representing masculine energy, fire, sun and ascension toward the spiritual world. It also represents a strong foundation or stability, rooted to the ground through a solid base.

The one triangle pointing downwards in the centre, is a focal point for feminine energy, water and moon - as well as a descent/grounding into the physical world. All together they form a powerful symbol of balance, of Yin and Yang and of protection.

Below I've listed all the crystals on my display shelf, why I've used them and why I've positioned them in certain spots:

  • Bottom row - I've placed a large Selenite crystal at the grounding base, as a symbol of bringing light down into the physical body - for personal transformation.
  • I added my 2 Amethyst Merkarbas either side of the Selenite, to amplify my intuition around this, to promote a clearer connection to my higher self & to enhance my psychic abilities.
  • A Kookaburra feather (truth and inner strength) and a Magpie feather (becoming more self aware) that I collected a few years ago, also lies on either side of the Selenite.
  • Next shelf up, I've placed a tumble stone/crystal (corresponding to each of my Chakras) to balance each of my Chakra's energies.
  • Next I've placed 2 crystal hearts - on either side of the Feminine triangle. One Rose Quartz (for the Heart Chakra) and one Selenite (for the Crown Chakra) - the two points which are focused on, when bringing healing Reiki energy through.
  • I've put a purple Amethyst cluster above the feminine triangle, to protect and heal my true feminine nature & energy.
  • Above it, is Orange Calcite - to stimulate creativity and to assist me in releasing any fears.  
  • I've scattered Clear Quartz points throughout the grid, including the one pictured above, to amplify all of the crystal energies. (One at the top, one in between the Chakra stones and one resting in the feminine triangle.)
  • Clear Quartz is perfect for manifesting - I program my Clear Quartz crystals with what I'd like to bring into my life; and use the energy of the other stones to magnify and/or protect these goals, dreams, desires.

This is now my new favourite spot to meditate in front of!