Taking a few moments in Cancun, 2013.

Taking a few moments in Cancun, 2013.

So you've tried Meditating? A few times. Lotsa different styles. But your Monkey Mind won't stop jumping around. You had a routine, it was going well…then it all got too hard. Or you forgot one day, and you blew it. Well...

I'm going to tell you how to drop out of your head and into your Spirited Space - with a super easy (yet super effective) Meditation!

This Meditation may seem too simple - but please know, this is how it's supposed to be! The easier the Meditation, to start with, the better the results. Stop timing yourself and stop berating yourself for not carving out 10-20 minutes a day.

Just. Do. This...

(If you're a regular 'Meditator', this will also be useful for those days you only have a few minutes to 'tap in'.)

If you can, go and sit outside. If not, just find somewhere to sit, or lie, where you can relax - and people won't be coming over to check if you're breathing! If outside;

> Lean against a tree, take your shoes off, or lie on the grass.

> When you're comfortable, close your eyes and close your mouth.

> Notice your breathing.

> Feel the air coming in - and how it feels cool against the inside of your nostrils.

> Feel the air coming out - and it's warmth, after it's circulated within your body.

> If your mind wanders, bring it back to the temperature of the air going in and out of your nose.

> Now start to count your breaths, from 100. Backwards.

> Breath in - 100, Breathe out 99. 

> 98 - in breath. 97 - out breath.

> Continue this until you reach #1.

> If you lose the count, start back at 100. (Don't try to remember where you were at - remember, we want you to drop OUT of your head and INTO your Spirited Space!)

BONUS: Once you've done this a few times, ask a question in your mind before starting the meditation. I always get the answer before the end - and then I'm finishing with a smile. Because I've made that transition from my to head to…yep, you got it now.

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