I use the word Sister a lot in my reference to the beautiful community of women I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by. And this is because I have a deep sense of connection to these women, as I believe we have all walked this Earth together before.

The word Sister is not a throw away word for me, it has meaning and importance - but none so strongly than when in reference to my Biological Sister. Who I'm lucky enough to also call my Best Friend.

Guest Blogger Peta -  The Energy of Earth

Guest Blogger Peta - The Energy of Earth

My sister Peta carries knowledge and wisdom within her from many a lifetime, and is years before her time - although to look at her, she appears not much older than 17 in her 30's! Her tiny appearance is not representative at all of her impact on others, and the Leadership role she so she humbly walks in.

She is a great teacher to me, in so many areas. She led me down the road to Vegetarianism and then Veganism. She opened my eyes to the chemicals present in the products we use, by taking me to a workshop. She's showed me the truth around animal treatment, within Australia and internationally, and is the most educated person on Animal Conservation that I know!

She's finally starting to share some of her wisdom and musings in writing and through Social Media, for others to be able to learn through her experiences. So from now on, she will be featured on here as a Guest Blogger, talking all things healing, natural health and wellness in relation to Earth's Medicine - Essential Oils. This is her first post and her story around healing Adult Acne.

Essential Oils for Traveling

My 30th year of life brought some longstanding goals for me. The biggest one being international travel. Firstly solo travel to Bali for celebrating my 30th birthday with a nourishing yoga retreat. Now coming up this month (November) my 30th year will also see solo travel to South Africa.

So, in preparation for traveling to a continent that is going to bring many, many different experiences, I want to make sure I am as well prepared as I possibly can be. For me, this is mostly about my health. Some essential oils that I have been using pre travel and some that I plan to take with me

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