I've known for a long time that deeper connection to Mother Earth, aligns me with her balancing and healing rhythms and cycles;

...and must also include embracing our lunar feminine ally.  

It's so sad to think that this connection has been lost within our culture. Back in the day women would send out prayers, intentions and create magic with the lunar cycle - and the moon was always their true Guide.

I've been working for years on this relationship with the Moon & her Cycles; to re-connect to the natural rhythms of nature and the elements. To become more in-tune with myself, my own healing, awakening insight and exploring my internal bodily rhythms.

In developing a deeper connection to the moon, it's helped me tap into my innermost feminine energies & qualities - my true authentic self. I've become... 

softer, more empathetic, more psychic, passionate, creative, nurturing.  

I want to share this process, to remind you how to do the same.

So that you can cultivate your own special moon cycle rituals and harness the feminine power of the lunar cycle - because the benefits are endless.

I'm working on this for you, and I can't wait to share it! In the meantime be sure to fill in the form on the left - to be one of the first to receive it, as soon as it becomes available!