Step off the treadmill guys, just for a few moments whilst you read this and allow yourself to experience the present - and expand your consciousness through the words you’re about to read.

Slow down.

Christmas is 1 day, that’s it.

Don’t subscribe to the hype. The busy-ness. Switch over to receiving mode, just for this window of time, rather than what you’ve been following along with. Focus on giving to yourself totally right now, rather than what you’ve been giving away - your focus, energy, attention. Whatever you’ve been draining yourself of.

I have a gift for you to receive - fill up your cup...

And here it is. Free for you. Not only a vibrational experience of Frankincense via these words, but the tangible bottle placed into your hands in December. Did I mention, for free?


The Father Oil. The lifeforce of the Boswelia Tree in Somalia. The energetic essence that balances the masculine within us. Which helps us to lean into the comforting, protective energy of our patriarchal world, without always feeling frustrated by it's imbalance.

Franki - the oil of light.

I always say if the intention of the term Namaste was an essential oil, it would be Frankincense. The light in me honours the light in you. This is how Franki opens up our heart and connects you with your Higher Self. That voice that knows judging others, judging yourself and falling into any sort of seperatedness does not align with your highest, truest self.

Franki whispers a little louder than the Ego…

…when we allow him into our 4 bodies. He is the high vibrational state of joy that a child lives in, that flows through our veins and expands beyond our physical shell. Frankincense under the tongue, massaged into the fine lines around your eyes, rubbed onto the bottom of your children's feet when their defences need fortifying. 

Frankincense shot out from the diffuser, clinging to water particles and hanging in the air, becoming the aura of your home - and then your body. Travelling in through your airways, journeying up to the Limbic part of your brain, triggering emotional healing, mental cleansing and then entering every cell in your body to repair what needs attention.

Whilst you’re doing other things, living life...he does this for us.

Frankincense, the masculine hug, the fatherly shoulder to lean upon, the channeller of higher energies down into your crown, but then out through your feet and into Mother Earth (the perfect union of masculine and feminine) without the residual dizziness after spiritual work. 

Frankincense sourced and harvested where he's thriving. (Read more on doTERRA’s philanthropic efforts regarding this here.) Where the conditions to grow strong and vibrant and full of the Great Goddess, pulse strongly. Ethically and sustainably harvested. Frankincense. No not your 'other' brand of Frankincense...doTERRA's Frankincense. If your connection to our Great Mother is strong - you know and feel this anyway. 

Franki - you are the oil of Truth and that’s why I love you so much. 

We’re all fizzin’ for Franki right now because he is a FREE GIFT to you if you place a 200+ point order - whether you’re a doTERRA customer yet or not. And doTERRA gives him away every year in December. This time of year gives us an opportunity to really appreciate this ancient and magnificent oil. As well as demonstrate to you just how generous this beautiful company is.

This is the month to get started on your natural wellness journey sisters. To get these oils (and Franki!) into your hands before you kick off the new year. Again - Christmas is 1 day. Value your health and wellness more than what you’re prescribing to right now.

Do this for yourself, don’t wait until next year. For some of you, that ‘later in time’ moment will never come.

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