The BEST day to tap into your femininity and celebrate it, as it is 'The Day of the Goddess'.

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Why is Friday the 13th 'The Return of the Divine Feminine'?

Well, it gets deep and is closely linked to our lady cycles - so guys, you may want to opt out now. 

Let's start with the number 13; the most feminine number of all. The average number of menstrual cycles in 1 year, corresponding with the number of annual cycles of the moon.

The female cycles were once respected and honoured on this day. It was called their sacred time. (Say "I'm on my moon" next month and see how that feels compared to what you normally say!)

Ladies, our 'moontime' is the perfect time for us to reclaim our connection to Mother Earth's natural cycles - and as you reconnect, you reconnect to your natural energy, your higher self, Source Energy, your intuition and innate inner sacred knowledge.

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Also - in numerology, 1’s are related to Manifestation and 3’s with Ascension.

But the significance of Friday goes back to the naming of the day - Freya's Day. (Vikings anyone?)

Freya was The Goddess of Love in Norse Mythology. The Goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility and gold. Friday was the day of the week that honoured this Goddess.  

Therefore, Friday 13th is a day when you are most connected to the divine feminine, your intuition, creativity, good luck and great fortune! (Not black cats and ladders!)

Join us this coming Friday the 13th, in connecting with the Goddess that has a message for you...