I'm bored...

But not in the traditional sense. What I mean is - I yearn for more than most. I think. Well from my observations over the span of my life so far; that's what I've arrived at anyway.

Last weekend, I took my unborn bubba and myself to the 2 day doTERRA Australia Convention in Sydney with 4,500 other Aussies. And evolved in ways, within this space, that I really did not expect.

This was my first doTERRA convention, because I'd said no twice before. I'm usually someone who is a little turned off about these types of gatherings. Maybe it's all the boring conferences I was made to attend in the earlier part of my working career. Maybe it was all the sucky networking events I was forced to go to, and put on a fake smile for a company I didn't truly love.

Who knows?

I do get a little bit uncomfortable when there's wooing and cheering and dancing and yelling out from a crowd. It's not my thing. And this is what I expected it to be. Being hypersensitive in large, significantly charged up, crowds - my senses go into overdrive and my physically body cannot deal! But I was so wrong.

For me, opening up to new information was the reason I drove 2 hours each way to get there. And the reason I was away from my 2 year old daughter for over 12 hours both days - not something I usually do. My intention was to absorb information and learn. I am a sponge right now - and I wanted to take in everything that was going to be shared! So I took myself along, after booking my tickets months ago. Because I just knew I had to be there.

And from being in this space, surrounded by the highest vibrations I've sensed in a long time, and from opening my mind and my heart, and from connecting and aligning with the energy that was produced from this gathering - I have to make an announcement. I have to speak my thoughts and I have to share my 'white hot truth' (as Danielle La Porte would say)

Here goes...

Emily Wright in Nepal - one of doTERRA's Founding Executives

Emily Wright in Nepal - one of doTERRA's Founding Executives

My heart was cracked wide open, my mind blown and I was in tears more times that I let on to anyone else there! I have to say - I am on a high.

And at the same time - I am bored.

Let me explain.

I'm bored with the conversations people have about meaningless things.

Bored with the passive aggressive comments and criticisms and sometime attacks, of working alongside a Network Marketing Company/Multi Level Marketing Company.

Bored of being labelled and talked about behind my back. Bored of people that don't truly know me, questioning my intentions.

Bored of people seeing my offerings of help as trying to 'sell' or con them into something.

Because, when you truly understand, or are educated on, what is being done here by this company, and what I am doing as a job, and what thousands of others are doing as a job too, and how it is so aligned with my life purpose, and theirs, and how it is focused on people healing, and world healing, and disrupting the current systems that are failing us (and not just failing 'us' - failing the downtrodden and forgotten about too..)...

then you would understand immediately that the fears and ideas and opinions around what you think you understand, and what you think you know, about this business model, are so irrelevant. And even more than that - so insignificant.

There are much more important things here, that are going on.

And things that are not just important to me, but should also be of importance to you - if you are a citizen of this place we call Earth. There's a quote that I love that has great impact here, and helps me try to communicate all of this with grace...

"People Can Only Meet You As Deeply As They Have Met Themselves."

And this to me is also about people arriving where you're at, or people only being able to truly see things from their own consciousness. And so I say all of this with love and compassion, and I understand, because I have been there too.

Had. I really want to emphasise the had as past tense - because you can never go back once you've awakened to something. It's just not possible.

I also know everyone is at their own stage of their life and there is also SO much more to be revealed to me. And learnt by me. I'm just sharing where I'm at right now, and explaining what I can't tolerate anymore - because of that. (Ever seen the blinding truth about something, but you hadn't earlier? And when you do, you just have to share it with others - but when you do, you're shocked that they don't want to hear it? Yep, that's what I'm talking about here.)

So if this triggers you...

please know that I truly understand how you've come to believe there is a one-size-fits-all life. That's the way we're conditioned from the moment we're born. We're taught from an early age, in our society, that this is the box that's called life - and if you follow the rules, you'll be just fine. Anything outside of that is far fetched, or just too good to be true, or a scam!

Unfortunately, you've been lied to. That's just not the truth.

The other thing we're told is that there are poor people, and it's sad - but that's just the way it is. There's not much we can do about it - except pray and send donations from the comfort of your loungeroom. We're told - it's going to take more than anything you could ever contribute as one single person. A little bit of 'out of sight, out of mind' conditioning. 'Not our problem' mentality.


I know the paradigm that your perspective is stemming from. And whether you want to challenge this paradigm, or remain within it, can only be up to you. So how can you tell if you want to challenge it? By the way you feel when you think about these things, and your life.

Questioning the paradigm was something I did a long time ago.

And when you can see and understand what's happening in the world, when you're familiar with, and have worked alongside corporations and Government bodies in the past, that are funding projects they don't truly deeply care about; and when you've personally seen them rip away funding as quickly as they've granted it, and just tick boxes for show - you can see as plain as day, when the opposite comes along.

You can see when a group of people have their heart right at the centre of everything they do. On the ground. At the core. And fueling every single thing they do. And when, you know they know, that project sustainability is a must. And when, you know they know, that when your needs are taken care of, you can give a whole lot more to others. That's the Abundance Mindset.

This is a company that is disrupting our current failing systems, starting with Healthcare.

This is a company that has already impacted the world - in parts of it that no one else cares about.

This is a company that is encouraging everyday people to empower themselves and take their own health and lives and decisions back into their own hands. (Because maybe the ones who said they were helping them do that, weren't really...all along.)

And this is a company that has already, personally, gone out to areas of the world, putting other's lives in front of their own comfort and sometimes safety - because, they care. And because, well, who else is going to do it?

They gift communities with running water. A basic necessity of life. A basic human right. Days of walking, often the women being raped along the way, scooping up unsanitary drinking water from crocodile infested rivers,  carrying it back for their people, some losing limbs in the process - because that was their only option.

They rescue children from sex-trafficking rings, and do everything they can to abolish this through partnering with and utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations. Rescuing these children and then working to rehabilitate them, at the same time as having the perpetrators arrested and convicted to ensure they don’t traffic children again.

And so much more...

So when you open your mind and your consciousness to what really needs to be done in the world, you realise that the BS around how people think a company is structured, from their outdated and limited belief systems, (that have been falsely and effortlessly set up, either by their peers, or parents or by something they heard)...

Is just that - BS.

Come on! It's so small scale! Have they truly looked into what they're criticising? No - most don't. It's easier not to.

I can sense your mind ticking over right now...but isn't doTERRA an Essential Oils Company? Well, yes it is. And this is how it all connects and unfolds.

If you are someone like me, you've always felt like you needed to make a contribution to the world - but you felt useless and helpless at the same time.

If you are someone like me, you're very awakened and educated on what's happening in the world (and I don't mean through our bias, filtered Mainstream News) - and you know there are people in it that need our help.

If you are someone like me, maybe you tried to mould your career around helping others, or work for corporations or companies that appeared to be interested in making change. And maybe they looked like they cared about those things.

If you are someone like me, maybe you were disappointed too.

If you are someone like me, you've moved from job to job, because you were searching for an employer that cared and was authentic and true - like they said they were. 

If you are someone like me, you might've been criticised for this - because in other's eyes, that moving around from your searching became a reflection of your commitment to your career. And maybe you started to believe them for a bit.

But if you are someone like me, you see the structures of our world, and you see that they are less invested in you, than they are in their own profit - and so you decided to start looking out for yourself.

And, you discovered those changes you can make for yourself, within your complete control, were your health and your happiness and your work - and that your healing spills out and over from your own personal life. (See where I'm heading with this...?)

If you are someone like me, you got your own life together, your strength, your health, your vitality and your clarity. You finally came to a realisation that what you'd been chasing, all along, was something larger than yourself.

* Do you need to 'do' doTERRA as a job or a career? No - the majority of people who buy their Essential Oils from doTERRA are just that - customers. But, your individual focus on your health, has such a greater impact than you will ever know.

And then, you come across a company like doTERRA. People that have no ties, no debt, no owing to anyone. People that put up their own money and traded their own equity in their houses because they had such a belief that they could change the world for the better. Make the changes in the world that were needed. Starting with sharing the 'gift of the Earth' with others.

What does your gut tell you their intentions are here?

People that do not owe money to anybody in business, because they will never give their power away. And they will not trade in their vision, or give it away (not even a fraction of it) to somebody that pretends they care, when their interests lie elsewhere.

What does your gut tell you their intentions are here?

I could not be here on this Earth and have a career, or purpose, or spend my time doing something, that had no impact positively in the world. I just could not do that. I came here for more than that. And that's why I get bored of anything less than that. I'm sorry but I just do.

So, just stop with the meaningless comments about marketing and selling and pyramids - and whatever low vibrational energy you're projecting.

Stop ignoring the pain in the world, or thinking that you can't do anything about it.

Stop fighting the urge to look after your health in the way you intrinsically and innately know how, because you'd prefer to hand your money over to someone you don't know running a large corporation, rather than to your friend that genuinely cares about you.

(Cos that's what it's sometimes about, right? Odd when you look at it like that, yeah?)


Ask yourself if maybe you need to see the world through different eyes.

I'm bored of that old paradigm. And you should be too! I can't engage in it these conversations anymore, be at the tail end of them, defend my core values and beliefs in responses anymore. I can only live them in front of you. And through that, protect a company and a vision and a movement that is working for change. For everyone. You included. Whenever you decide to see that.

So when you're ready (and you will be) I will be here to show you how this all unfolds. How this all plays out and how you can actually feel like you have choice, and can be empowered, and have a purpose.

Because you can and you do.

And that's what pulls on my heart strings the most, and makes me most emotional about this.

I am in shock that I have found this. I tripped over this 3 and a bit years ago; and I feel like it's what Ive been searching for, for a really long time. It's the thing that I hear most other women who have stepped into this role, say too. The role of, not only, a doTERRA Wellness Advocate - but a Philanthropic Advocate. A Human Rights Advocate. The Advocate of a movement that will, and is already, utilising the 'gift of the Earth' as a healing tool... for so much more than just our health.

I loved that the 2018 convention was themed 'YOU' - because it was, and it wasn't. This is what the YOU meant to me, after attending...

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” - Rumi