It's Intake #4 of my Spiritual Development Mentoring Program - and again, it brings me back to why I created Spirited Space at the very beginning...

Something is rising inside of you. It feels like the beginning of a journey,



you're unsure of the first steps to take.

You feel uncertainty,

You feel fear,

You feel doubt.

All tangled up with excitement, motivation, enthusiasm and thrill!

Something is calling you, but - what, where, when, why and how?!

I understand, because I was where you are now.

There is radical change happening, Universally. And you can feel it.

Awakenings, swift transformation and rising consciousness is moving through. And you sense it.

At a time when you're not sure how to harness the energy and align with it, I want to hold the space for you. I want to give you the support I craved.

As a collective Sisterhood - yet as individuals on different journeys too.

Starting with your own transformation first.

Right now I'm feeling Mother Earth hold me.

I've found the healing tools that I'd been looking for. For so long I wandered and wondered. I couldn't pinpoint anything enough, to lead me down one particular path.

And then I realised it was there all along.

Mother Earth - a direct conduit to the Medicine Woman within me.

Within you.

Anita is a Modern Mystic, Spiritual Practice Mentor, Psychic, Plant Medicine Educator and Women's Circle Facilitator. A Homebirther and natural pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding advocate. She is certified as a Reiki Practitioner, AromaTouch Massage Therapist and Flower Therapy Healer.

As an Entrepreneur and business owner, her transition from Career Coach to her current role years ago, outlined the fact that she needed to get clear and courageous about moving forward with her own identity, life purpose and calling.

Today she supports and guides women who are feeling the call to tap back into their ancient wisdom, spiritual crafts, herstory and the Medicine Woman within them - reconnecting them with themselves, Mother Nature and each other via Women's Circles, educational workshops, one on one mentoring and Energy Healing.

There are no coincidences.

We always receive the healing we need. The healing we've asked for.

You tell me you have much to unblock. Much to learn. Much to share. Much to give. Much to change.

And I've been waiting for this moment in time.

For this expansion of consciousness.

It's here and you're ready.

My fellow Sister, Lightworker, Goddess, Healer. I am holding out my hand to you.

It's time to reconnect to what you once knew.

I'm ready to step into my role and teach about plant medicine, intuition strengthening, flower therapy healing, Moon Cycles, spiritual practice, energetic planning, alternative wellness, natural mamahood, heart-centred business and more.

Take what you need - and leave the rest.

I'm ready to teach about life purpose, consciousness, limitless abundance - and empowerment of the free, feminine, creative, passionate and independent Woman that you're becoming.


Spirited, mind expanding, soul driven conversations.

Between just you and I.


For those who feel called to work with me, we will reconnect you to Earth Alchemy.

We will add Pure, High Grade, Therapeutic, High Vibrational Essential Oils to your Toolkit - and you will join a DoTerra Sisterhood of like-minded women on the same journey as you.

For those who feel called to work with me,

a Mentorship Program will be offered to you. For free.

And you will remember your authentic nature as a Healer - for yourself, your family and your fellow sisters.

And your journey will begin; complete with the tools to get you started.

This liquid Prana is the energy of the Earth and Sun.

An Ancient Healing Tool, bottled up for us to use in our modern day.

Consciously gathered from Nature, infused with the energy of some of the most beautiful and spiritual lands, fair traded by the hands that grew and nurtured them, and gifted to us -  

the Awakened Woman.

My discovery of Earth's Magick began long ago, but has since bloomed into a deep gratitude for the individual gifts each plant on Earth offers us.

I now glow with the light and magick of PURE essential oils flowing through me.

And I want the same for you.

I'm calling conscious thinkers like yourself, to join with me.

To step into empowerment.

To shine your light.

I can't wait to show the energy you will welcome into your life when you open your arms to this opportunity!

We will begin with an initial consultation,

where we pinpoint your blocks, your challenges, your goals, your vision.

Then, each fortnight we will meet together via Skype or over the phone, for support on how to move you through your goals with alignment. You will be given a login to book these sessions each fortnight, according to your availability.

You will also receive unlimited email support during the length of your Mentorship.

My aim...


to support and guide you into a way of living an awakened, flowing and aligned life. And to reconnect you...

The Mentorship Program will last for 8 weeks (and beyond, for some) and will be tailored individually to your needs - evolving as we flow through your intentions, challenges and achievements together.

If this resonates with you, if this feels right - then you're aligned with this, and you're aligned with me.

Let me be your guide as we uncover the next steps of your journey.

Pre-requisites for this FREE Mentorship Program

1. You are new to doTERRA and would like to get started with doTERRA Essential Oils with my support.

2. You grab a discounted Enrolment Kit when you enrol, so you have your Toolkit by your side when we start our Mentoring Sessions. The 2 Kit options for this Mentorship are the Home Essentials Kit ($330) and the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit ($310)

If you feel called to embrace this opportunity, let's get straight to it...