I look at this X-Ray and I feel like crying.

Why did my body decide to do this? What happened to me, that my spine decided to pull away, twist and skew like it has? Working with energy, I know that everything physical starts energetically. And this has led me on the path that I'm on today. So I wipe away the tears and realise that, for whatever reason, this abnormality has led me on a journey of healing, self care and wellness.

Spine X-Ray 2016

Spine X-Ray 2016


One I may not have gone down if not for this. Scoliosis of this severity is rare and painful and could be the excuse for not doing a lot of things. Had I of listened to 'specialists' and 'professionals' throughout my life, I would've done just that.

But this is why I am a critical thinker. This is why I choose to live consciously, to think for myself, educate myself, tap into myself and listen to my own intuition and body. This is why I question EVERYTHING. This is why I beat this drum, day in and day out. Especially when it comes to my own body and my personal state of health.

My search for health alternatives led me to natural solutions at a very young age. It's funny when people say to me now "you're so healthy". What I think they mean is that I try my best to look after myself, but there was a time when I was very unhealthy. And by this I mean unwell ALL THE TIME.

If only you knew how far away from that statement I used to be.

I was always having time off school, having to go to work with my parents because I was too sick, every birthday I was ill because it falls in Winter, I was taking Pharmaceutical Drugs several times a day from an early age. And it felt like I was on Antibiotics every other week. And then came the Thrush and UTI's.

I woke up in the mornings sneezing and wheezing with Hayfever/Allergies, my gut was always gurgling or bloated after I ate (later diagnosed as IBS), I would often have a Chest Infection - leading to Pleurisy as a teen and Pneumonia as a 2 year old. I had chronic Tonsillitis until 5 years old when they took them out. But prior to this it brought high fevers, vomiting and almost always led to another cold or chest infection.

All of this led to my teeth being damaged from medications, poor gut health, a shitty Immune System, a multitude of other issues - and ultimately, a poorer quality of life. No kid, or adult, should have to experience that. I am still working on some of these issues everyday, but a lot has changed. And healed. Yet there are some things that take longer than others...


My Current Top 3 Personal Health Priorities...

1. Gut Health

Digestion, bloating, food intolerances, link to hormone regulation and Melasma on face

2. Back (Scoliosis)

Pain management, flexibility, healing, holistic balance

3. Energy protection

Overwhelm in crowds, anxiety, taking on other's energy which manifests in my own body

An internal imbalance

Like I said, no major health crisis but continual sickness. This kind of 'dis-ease' becomes draining and frustrating, very quickly. What I can now see, and what I have learnt, is that most of it flowed directly from the physical imbalance within my entire body - seen very clearly from the top to the bottom of my curvy, twisted spine. And that's why it is still a major focus of my health - and why I mention it as such a huge part in my story and healing journey.

The fear that arose from my Scoliosis would keep me awake at night - and here steps in the manifestation of illness from emotion and energy. I was told that I would have to wear a back brace, that it would be hard for me to continue in competitive sports (or be physically active at all!), that I'd need an operation and that I would most definitely NOT be able to give birth naturally. Even pregnancy would be risky. (Well we know where my critical thinking and empowerment led to with this...read more.)

The fear that was put upon me from 'Specialists' sat deep within me, and on continued the constant sickness throughout my high school years and early 20's. Continually manifesting from the energetic and the physical. And whilst I'm sure you know I don't ever aim to create a division between conventional medicine and ancient/natural medicine (because I think they can work beautifully together and they both have their place), the catalyst for me looking for an alternative was because I was not being heard by Modern Health Professionals. And, even at this young age, I had the consciousness to know that this was not what I was going to accept - I was sick of being sick.

Nothing was getting better

In fact things were getting worse for me. My experience was that I didn't feel anyone really wanted to help me. Like really help me! Holistically. And when I did take anything 'prescribed', there was always a secondary side effect - with little, to no, healing of the original issue. Just a masking of symptoms for a point in time. So I started thinking to myself - well, if no one else is going to help me, I'm going to help myself!

Think of this image less as a comparison, and more as a learning opportunity about what both have to offer you, when you're choosing medicine - so that you can make an informed and empowered choice.

Think of this image less as a comparison, and more as a learning opportunity about what both have to offer you, when you're choosing medicine - so that you can make an informed and empowered choice.

And that is the point of all of this. It's not a sob story. I don't blame anyone or anything, I am just ever grateful that I came to a place where I empowered myself to look after myself, to do my own research, to listen to my body and trust myself - even when I was told differently by somebody else. No matter what their experience/qualification - I questioned everything if it did not feel right! Even at this young age, I stepped into this independence. And where did this lead me, time and time again - back to Mother Nature. Back to natural solutions.

I became armed with with the knowledge, the tools, the support and the ability to look after my own health naturally.

What I learned is that our amazing bodies are working to bring us back to a natural state of homeostasis, equilibrium, balance - to heal. All the time. IF they're provided with the right conditions. I am an Energy Healer first and foremost, but my work is just another way of expressing the physical, emotional and mental parts of us. My whole Philosophy centres around the fact that our bodies are self healing and are regenerating everyday. This is energetic, yet this is Science too.

And the way to bring us back into balance is always through Mother Nature. Mother Earth. Our modern lifestyle brings us further away from this inner healing and so re-connection to Nature is imperative. I also believe in managing the cause of being unwell, not just the symptoms.

Our Body is a self regulating, regenerating machine that is ongoingly working to restore itself

  • Understanding this, is understanding how natural solutions work in regards to your health.
  • Understanding this is an important aspect of empowering yourself in choosing natural solutions for your health.

Especially when we live in a society that forgets, ignores or tries to override this fact. Think of the way your body creates a scab and then heals it, develops a bruise and then mends it, creates and then births a baby, creates mucus in the form of a runny nose to clear out whatever is invading it, etc

Just ponder this for a moment and ask yourself if you already innately knew this, even if you'd never truly thought about it. Ask yourself if this changes the way you view your body. Ask yourself if you truly respect your body for the amazing intelligent creation that it is, as it heals and protects itself. Ask yourself, have you been helping this innate healing process with your lifestyle, or hindering it?

What is a Natural Health Solution?

MEDICINE; a drug or other preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease. (Prevention too - not just symptomatically reactive!)

Did you know that in 2017 plant medicines are the most widely used medicine in the world!? Seems odd to us in Australia and in our Western Society, as they're not commonly our first 'go to'. But they're starting to become just that, as we're understanding and remembering that plant medicine is safe, gentle and better for our health.

So why is plant medicine accepted by the body far better than synthetic medicine?

  • Because as humans, we have co-evolved with plants over millions of years.
  • Because most plant compounds perform the same functions in our bodies and so are easily recognised by them
  • Because synthetic medicines, which are most often alien to the chemistry of the human body, act as irritants and toxins upsetting the balance: producing side effects.

Reconnecting back to plant-derived medicines is the way I manage my health, in regards to healing and protection. And because of their potency and the success I've had with them, ESSENTIAL OILS are my most trusted and successful go to - they are what I have overhauled my entire Medicine Cabinet with.

Natural Solutions I use to support my current Health Priorities

(1) Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil

(2) DigestZen Essential Oil Blend, Fennel Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil, Cardamon Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil

(3) Serenity Essential Oil Blend, Balance Essential Oil Blend, Peace Essential Oil Blend, Melaleuca Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil

(1) Back - Scoliosis


(2) Gut Health


(3) Energy Protection

Holistic Health Plan to support my current Health Priorities


Before morning workout / yoga rub Deep Blue into back for increased flexibility (also to reduce pain upon awaking) (1)

Before breakfast - 1 drop of DigestZen in glass of water to support my digestion througout the day, get rid of any bloating/gas and keep me regular (2)

After morning shower - aromatically dress with Balance & Peace, or diffuse whilst getting ready for the day. Keeps me grounded and in the best state of mind when interacting with others. (3)

(Aromatic Dressing - Diluted Essential Oils rubbed all over the skin working from the feet up to the heart. Consciously massaging your body, working on blocked energy Beautiful self love ritual to help you connect with your body.)


Rollerball with Frankincense, Black Pepper and Lemongrass diluted, in handbag to roll on back, hips and neck as my body/back tends to get more sore and stiff as the day goes on. (1)

Ginger & Lemon Tea after lunch. 1 drop of each added to hot water to make sure all of my earlier meals have digested properly, as our digestive systems slow down towards the end of the day. (2)

Take a rollerball of Serenity Blend and Coconut Oil in handbag to apply to back of neck and wrists throughout the day. Protecting my energy wherever I need to go. (3)


After evening shower - aromatically dress with Frankincense before bed. Very powerful anti-inflammatory to help ease back pain during the night and to prevent inflammation when I start moving as soon as I get up in the morning. (1)

After dinner, make Chai Tea - add 1 drop of Cardamon, Fennel and Ginger. Or, add Fennel to dinner - Indian dish. Or 1 drop with coconut oil and rub on belly. Helps digestion of last meal of the day to help me have a better night's sleep.

Diffuse Melaleuca Lemongrass before evening shower/during dinner, or add a few drops to hot shower to naturally diffuse (The Oil of Energetic Boundaries and the Oil of Energetic Cleansing.) Acts as an energy cleanser for whatever I may have encountered during the day.(3)

* I also support my health, my family's health and use Essential Oils in many other ways in a single day - but this plan will add these oils to my regular routine for the next 6 weeks or so.

I am only referring to doTERRA Essential Oils that are 100% plant material, certified Therapeutic Grade as natural solutions for my health and wellness. Essential Oils that are able to be ingested, diffused and applied safely to the skin and be used with animals and children. No synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers, beyond Organic, sourced from all over the world - wherever the plant thrives best.

Get your own Health & Wellness Plan here

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