You're having coffee with a girlfriend...

She tells you she's going through a rough time. She's been lacking self confidence and self worth. She's feeling terrible about herself after a recent break up. And as you sit there listening, you're in total understanding because you've been through the same thing in your own life. And you wonder how you can ease her pain.

Wait! You have something in your handbag, in a little brown bottle, that will raise her vibration within seconds. It's come all the way from Italy, and you're certain Mother Earth crafted this from seed to plant - just for her. It's the Essential Oil from a Bergamot Orange. And it's the Ancient Oil of Self Acceptance.

You know that it instantly relieves feelings of despair and self judgement. You know that it lovingly lifts a person's vibration when they're not feeling 'good enough'; reigniting self love and acceptance on every level. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. You know this because you've used it yourself - at times in your life when you needed a boost of optimism.

So, as you sit there, you think about the ways in which you can support her. You can buy her a big fat chocolate muffin, be a listening ear, give her a cuddle - and also share this information with her. So what do you do? Do you do the first three and withhold the fourth? Do you keep the info to yourself - or do you tell her?

Of course you share it with her!

This is not being a Salesperson. This is being a Lightworker, a helper, a Healer, a friend. A fellow Sister and Human Being. And this is called blowing some old set beliefs right out of the water about Network Marketing - and simply getting back to basic human connection. You've asked the Universe what your contribution to the world is, and how you can help others. So here it is!

If I'm a Salesperson, then so are you...

I'm certain I know what you're afraid of, when I say that I'm a Natural Health Educator for doTERRA. Or that I'm a proud part of a 'Network Marketing Company'. Those two dirty words; sales and networking. (Or maybe that other word - pushy!) But let's just start there, with 2 words...


  • Giving or handing over something in exchange for money. (Sales)
  • Do I receive an equal exchange of energy, in the form of money, for the energy I put out into the world? Yes. (Sales.)

Are you not already doing this in your 9-5, or business? Selling your time, loyalty, hard work? In exchange for money.


  • A group of interconnected people or things. (Network.)
  • Do I organically and naturally meet and connect with people? Yes. (Networking.)

Isn't this something you're already a part of. A network of people? Several of them perhaps? Isn't this what we innately crave as human beings? To be connected! To be a part of something?

So, yes, one of the hats I wear is as a Network Marketer - even though I don't do titles, I'm owning it for the purpose of this blog post. Maybe you know what that means - and maybe you think you know what that means. Maybe you're finding it hard to see how that aligns with the work I do. (And maybe you don't care at all!)

It was a title I was uncomfortable with at first - which is odd, because I rarely give much attention to labels. But I really did have some things attached to these words. What I came to understand is that, network marketing means a few things.

First of all it means that doTERRA did not want their wildcrafted ancient plant medicine just sitting on a shelf somewhere in the retail world, collecting dust. Second of all, they did not want some impersonal actor yelling at you through your TV to buy their oils - they wanted real, everyday, authentic people organically sharing it.

But the main meaning for me, was the difference between Linear and Residual Income. And I was tired, depleted, exhausted and burnt out from Linear Income - and carrot chasing.


I've got light to share with others...

and there is a heart-centred company that cares about the exact same things as I do - healing, wellness, Philanthropy, freedom, choice, Mother Nature, empowerment, abundance. They've offered to support me with my life purpose, guide me along in my personal journey - with a toolbox to go alongside this.

It was a no-brainer for me to partner with this company - when I got out of the way of myself, that is!

Let me facilitate a gathering, with a group of like minded women who are tapping back into the Medicine Woman within them, discussing all things positively aligned to health, wellness, self love and nurturing, personal growth and continual learning (instead of gossiping or whinging about other people) and I am in my element. Call it Network Marketing, call it whatever you want!

Getting clear on what was important to me.

Right about the time I was starting to get over myself, I started getting really clear on identifying what my priorities and values were. About what was truly important to me.

What did I stand for?

What did I believe in?

Where did I want to spend my time, resources and money?

What will make my daughter proud of me?

What am I contributing to in this world?

And what are the things that will make myself proud in 10, 20, 50 years time?

In doing this, I reverted back to the word Abundance several times. In particular, our 'income' in relation to the 'work' we do. The way our society is structured, in terms of how we are compensated financially for our work. When you open your eyes, though, you realise that Abundance is completely limited within this structure. Capped. Out of reach. Whether it's working for somebody else, or yourself. And most people look to winning the Lotto as the answer - or escape!

So, I started to think things through, from a different perspective...

What if the way I brought abundance to myself, aligned with something I loved? What if it was fun!? And wasn't capped. What if it allowed me to share the message I'm wanting to share? What if it could help me to help others? What if it supported the dream life that I had envisioned? What if it allowed me to lift other like-minded ladies to rise too? What if it allowed me to work, location independently? What if it could create a much healthier world? What if it could hold space for me to...

Evolve as a person.

After allowing myself to think bigger, I couldn't go back. My mind had expanded. I did not align with the old paradigm anymore.

Even though I had shifted - it still took me a lot of life experience, lessons, pushing away, denying, ignoring, insecurity, and years to get to a place where I truly understood the Abundance I was being offered by doTERRA - and to believe it. Really believe it.

Especially when it wasn't the norm. (You know how we resort to 'that old chestnut' to make us feel safe, instead of venturing out into the unknown?)

If this causes resistance within you too, what if I told you it stems from what we've been conditioned to believe - and not reality. Why? Because there's a lot of people that have a vested interest in making you think that it's not possible. Because tapping into true Abundance, does not serve a particular group of people - at all.

What if I cleared away all your old programming and told you that living your life with true choice, isn't a fantasy. It is, in fact - reality. Maybe not yours. Maybe not your friend's. Or your family's. But for millions of other souls who stopped listening to people with a Lack Mentality and stopped being an 'Ant'. (Watch below.)

What was I afraid of, at first?

Why did I think there was an ulterior motive with doTERRA initially? Where had all of these beliefs come from? How did I get to this place? Why did their offering make me uncomfortable? And then; I heard everyone else's voice in my head.

And this created a disbelieving voice within myself.

Truth be told, I was an Ant. I cast judgement on something I knew nothing about. And none of this originated from fact, truth or knowledge. It came from fear. I wasn't even educated on the opportunity doTERRA was offering, before I rejected it. Without any real reason, except for the fact that I stayed safely within the crowd. I knew what 'most' people's opinion would be, and so I jumped on board.

Anyone that knows me, knows that that is SO unlike me! Fear is such a controller.

When I finally opened my eyes I learnt that doTERRA and their business structure, was all about Empowerment. About living consciously. About giving people options around how they supported their health - and also themselves financially if they chose to. It was about us, the people, regaining our power back when it came to how we live our lives. Getting out of the herd! Consulting with our own Intuition when it came to every decision we make. Starting with our wellness.

Isn't it so funny that tiny little brown bottles filled with the oils of a plant, bring up so much 'stuff' for people!

You go Mother Earth - you powerful, influential being!


What had I asked for, at every New Moon?

In almost every journaling / intention setting session?

Written in the middle of every Crystal Grid I'd ever constructed?

Visualised in every Meditation?!

CHOICE. FREEDOM. ABUNDANCE. TIME. An opportunity exactly like this one! It's just that I had a different version of what this was going to look like, in my mind. Which is what almost always happens when the Universe delivers you something...bigger and better.

The very first step of the journey...

I've been asked a few times when I started looking into using doTERRA as a platform for my business, but it wasn't one moment. It was a combination of things. I would say, though, it stemmed deeply from my unwavering passion to empower others to choose better options for their health.

This led me on a wild donkey ride as I became more and more thirsty for knowledge on the oils. One day I got hooked on reading where the Essential Oils I was using, were coming from. I learned that these mini vials of Mother Earth were from Guatemala, Italy, Nepal, Madagascar - from all over the world! I literally had healing gifts from Mother Earth, from every corner of the globe. From some of the most ancient and spiritual lands.


This then led me to discover that doTERRA had tapped into the traditional ways of growing and harvesting plants, so that the Life Force of the plants (aka Essential Oil) could be extracted from the plant, in the environment it was thriving in - in the ways it had always been done. They were tapping into the Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom that had gone missing in our society. There were Artisans from tribes and communities still doing what I had based all of my spiritual and healing work around - and they were being supported by doTERRA to do this through their Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative.

Immediate alignment for me - again.

But I thought; 'why couldn't you see this before Anita? Why didn't you do this earlier?!'

We only know what we know.

And we only see what we're ready to see.

I can feel that this personal development and growth journey is going to be a continual process, because the deeper I dive into this role...

  • The more people I connect with that are remembering. Awakening. Becoming conscious.
  • The more people that think like me - that feel the familiarity of reconnection to nature.
  • The more people that understood our bodies are made absolutely perfectly, and that all it needs is a little support to do what it's meant to do in healing itself.
  • The more people I cross paths with, that are also on a personal healing journey.
  • The more people that are 100% attuned to, and aligned with, abundance.
  • The more people that feel they need to play a part in the healing of this world.
  • The more people that want to create more Leaders, not Followers.
Images by Feather and Sage Portrait

Images by Feather and Sage Portrait

My heart is becoming fuller everyday. I am aligning more and more with my purpose. I am guiding others in personal growth and reconnection to their Spirituality. And I am supporting a team of beautiful women in finding their own place within this structure - whether that be personal healing, leading other women in healing themselves, or tapping into that stream of abundance in the form of making this a business too.

I am unashamedly in-sync and in alignment.

And I wear it in my energy field like a big ol' magnet - connecting with more and more people, bringing more and more opportunities to fulfill my purpose, everyday. I will so boldly say that by integrating Mother Nature's energy into my life, through the use of these oils, has led me to 'vibe' this way. (If you've used the oils, you know what I'm talking about.)

My dream is slowly unfolding. I am surrounded by an authentic support system of sisterhood that comes with doTERRA. (Let me emphasise the authentic part!) I bring meaningful purpose to my life everyday. But the biggest part of it all - it's not even about me! It never was. And it never will be. I help people. Individually, and collectively.

And I am in utter appreciation of this opportunity.

doTERRA is a vehicle for a dream I've had for a long while. A dream for me and a dream for my family. All I had to do was put out my hand and take the offer. And just as Abundance is limitless and ever expanding - so am I. And so are you.

There is a community that feel the same pull that I do, and together we are guiding each other in then guiding others. We believe Leaders create more Leaders, not followers. We are The Spirited Tree and we have some beautiful offerings for you. Read more here > >

I would never end this story with a call to action, or ask anything of you. I don't need to. If you feel me, you know where I am - and I'll be ready to welcome you with open arms and that familiar feeling that we've walked this path together before sister. Many times. xo

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