I know you're feeling the call to reconnect to the Medicine Woman within you. To make the best choices for you and your family.

I know you want to become an empowered, confident, informed Mama - when it comes to the health of your family.

You're leaning towards chemical free, holistic and natural ways to become the Healer in your home.

This has been my journey too.

From this journey, Mother Earth's Medicine has become my toolkit.

And I need to share this from my heart - from one Mama to another.

Having to heal from a lifetime of Pharmaceutical Drugs, led me to doTERRA

I didn’t want the same path for my children. I wanted to be able to have natural solutions on hand as my first choice.

And it all started with conscious conception, then pregnancy, birth, Postpartum and now Mamahood - all natural and drug free.

I am now at the point of my journey where I’m reflecting upon the fact that I have never had to give my children conventional, toxic, medicine.

These have been my footsteps…

1st Trimester Toolkit


The #1 Prenatal Supplement recommended by The Essential Midwife. Wholefood, therapeutic amounts of vitamins/minerals.

Conscious Conception Toolkit


Regulating your hormones, detoxing, cleansing and preparing the body, calling in your baby and releasing control.


2nd Trimester Toolkit

3rd Trimester Toolkit

Labour and Birth Toolkit

Postpartum Toolkit

Mamahood Toolkit

Newborn to Toddler Toolkit

Birthworker Toolkit

Watch my 2 videos below to...

Learn my signature Essential Oil blends for sleep, tantrums and teething

How I used Essential Oils throughout my natural pregnancy and natural homebirth

Correct blending and dilution rates

How to heal and manage teething, colic, sleep time, car trips, immune boosting, travel, tantrums, cracked nipples, hormonal balance, nappy rash and more!

Part 1

Part 2

My Signature Natural Mama Blends + Oils

(Pls note I am only referring to doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, I would not use any other oil during pregnancy, birth, labour or for my baby/family)


Nipples/Tummy/Stretchmark prevention - Frankincense + Lavender + Geranium

Restless Legs/cramps - Marjoram

Hormonal/emotional - Wild Orange + Balance Blend

Nausea/Morning Sickness - Ginger + Peppermint


Frankincense, Clove + Lavender with Coconut Oil applied to jawline

Nappy Rash

Tea Tree + Lavender with Coconut Oil

No Fail Sleep Blend

Roman Chamomile, Myrrh and Balance Blend added to the bath, to Coconut Oil as a massage cream or in a rollerball bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil to roll on back of neck and up spine

Tantrum Tamer

Wild Orange + Balance Blend in a spray bottle to spray in the car or house, or added to a rollerball bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil to roll on bottoms of feet/back of neck.

How to get your own Essential Oils?

Click here lovely Mama. Not only will you get the purest Essential Oils in the world, but you'll get me to help you on your journey - plus loads more tips, blends + natural solutions for your home

Further questions? Contact me here

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