This explanation by @thenewearth resonated so much with me, especially at this time, that I had to share. I hope it helps you too...

Many lightworker souls are born with parents or in families which are heavily stuck in the reality of ego based consciousness.

The lightworker comes in with a certain awareness, a certain spiritual sense which makes him or her “different,” not fitting into the family’s expectations or ambitions.

The Black Sheep's Solitary Struggle

The lightworker child will somehow, by what she radiates or expresses as her truth, challenge the family’s basic assumptions about life. They almost instinctively will do everything to get the energy moving and flowing again.

They may be looked upon as the odd one out, even as the black sheep & when the inner beauty and purity of the lightworker child is not recognized as such, they will often temporarily get lost in emotions of loneliness and even depression.

Because they are spiritually aware souls who are often older and wiser than their parents, they are very much aware that “something is not right” about the energy of their environment. On the inner level they clash head-on with the parents’ energies, not understanding or resonating with their mind set or behavior.

This clash causes great distress inside them & they have to find a way to survive emotionally, coping with the fact that they both love the parents dearly and are very different from them. This causes a lot of psychological problems in light workers ranging from loneliness, insecurity and fear - to addiction, depression and self destruction.

The solitary struggle you all have to go through to discover your light is the heaviest burden for you. On the soul level you have chosen this path consciously, but to live through it as a child of flesh and blood is a painful thing that wounds you deeply.

I urge you to feel and recognize this pain in yourself, because only by connecting to it can you transform and release it. Once you know that wounded child inside that took the cross of alienation upon its fragile shoulders, you will get to the core of your burden.

You only need to embrace the pain of that child with a pure and deep awareness.