"If you watch the news, chances are you feel the world is a dark and scary place. This is because the predominant focus of mainstream media is to share stories that create a perception of fear in its viewers, causing them to live from a mentality of ‘lack’. Thinking that there is not enough...and that one needs to consume more in order to survive..." (trueactivist.com)  

I still remember actively deciding to disconnect from the mainstream media...

The Day I Turned Off The TV www.spiritedspace.org

It was after a trip to Bali in 2007, and over the 2 weeks we were honestly just preoccupied with having a good time, that we never 'checked in' with what the rest of the world was doing. (Seemed selfish at the time!)

That was a massive shift though, coming from a family that centred it's afternoons and evenings around mainstream media and current affairs programs - one after the other, every single night.

When I arrived home in Australia, I habitually turned on the News. The images, stories, language used and the overall energy brought my vibration down to a terrible place. I had obviously been desensitised in the past. Blind. Asleep!

I was honestly in shock at the negativity and I remember crying. Then I became confused as to why anyone (myself included) would want THIS to be the representation of what the world was really like.

A daily summary and reflection of our planet and its people - presented as a 60 minute horror film, for our entertainment. (Warped much?) I didn't believe that this is what it was really like, so why was I letting somebody tell me it was?!

I decided from that day forward, I would avoid the mainstream media, TV (& its brainwashing ads) where possible. It's honestly one of the best decisions I've ever made. I'm not oblivious to what's going on, I'm not naive, I don't pretend there's not injustice - I just choose to focus my energy on what is going RIGHT.

And when I'm called to educate myself on the injustices in the world, I get it from a reliable source - without an agenda stemming from money or power.

"To induce fear is to eliminate thinking, intuition, and to make one submissive and easily controllable."