As a woman, you are of the Moon.

You know this.

Your connection with her is growing stronger.


And you're intrigued by

...her cycles

...her impact on YOU to lean into, and harness, her energy


"I've always been someone to try and set goals - but they always seem to get forgotten about...but since We of the Moon, I'm actually sticking to my goals. And not by forcing myself - it's as if I have all this force and power (collective Feminine Energy!) behind me getting the ball rolling and making it seem effortless! Not to mention my actual Moontime being in-sync with Mother Nature, for the first time I can almost ever recall!"

You're starting to remember what you always knew about her...

You want to discover your own personal connection to Her.

How your energies fluctuate every month, alongside Her.

Allow Her to guide you via your Intuition, personal energy and Femininity.

So, let's start with 30 days of Moon Connection to get you back in sync

- with her, and with YOU.


"The We of the Moon course has not only changed the month of August 2016 for me, but has set up foundations for me to continue this way for months and months to follow. It has put light on the things in my life that are really important, helped me keep track of my emotions, motivation, passions - and with this my Intuition has only heightened. The We of the Moon Course can only be described as an ignition to a flame of an even 'better you' - and for me has just helped me be in love with LIFE itself - and everything around me! Not only this, but has definitely helped me get a regular 'Moon.' So appreciative and grateful for this experience..."

This is how...


> Access to a practical, yet high vibrational eCourse

> Self paced modules - in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

> Instructional videos on how to cultivate spiritual, yet grounded, practices

> 2 separate Handbooks with 50+ pages each - available for instant download

> DIY rituals to harness each individual phase and coinciding energies

> A re-connection to, and re-syncing of, your Menstrual Cycle and Moontime

> A Personal Development Toolbox of Mother Nature's Gifts to support and deepen your 30 day journey - and beyond

> An understanding of how to embrace each of the 8 Transformational Phases of the Moon

> Energetic Planning to implement into your daily routine, related to your 4 personal Feminine Archetypes

> Attunement to the Moon's energy for manifesting and goal setting

> Key dates within the Lunar Cycle - harnessing the Universal, Lunar and Planetary energies for each phase

> Weekly Group Readings - intuitive guidance and messages to support you throughout this journey

> Individual Healing + Alignment - learning how to tune in, tap in and clear personal blocks


I want to show you...

that deeper connection to the natural world, will align you with her balancing and healing rhythms and cycles - and must also include embracing our lunar feminine ally.  

how connecting to the rhythm that all plants and animals are attuned to, is one of the deepest forms of transformational healing you will experience

that working on this relationship with our Moon brings you...

back into alignment with YOU.

This program is ready to be re-delivered, for the 4th time since 2016.

It's time - again.

It's here - and you're ready.

Don't be surprised if this is the healing you've been seeking. The aligning you've been needing. And the connection you've been craving.

This offering has always evolved into an organic circle of supportive Sisterhood, a transformational journey, a spiritual experience - as much as an individual journey of growth.

Whether you've been craving this subconsciously or not, this Sisterhood are the women you have gathered with under the Moon before. And they will hold you up eneregtcially throughout this journey.

My fellow Moon Sister,

I want to share with you all that I've learnt. All that I've remembered.


It's time to reconnect to what you once knew too.

I'm ready to add the content that I didn't include in the original course...

Because now is the time.

I'm ready to connect you with the tools that will deepen this experience for you.



Self-paced online modules.

Bonus information to unlock.

Downloadable resources and printables.

Instructional videos.

Handbooks for future reference.

And personal mentoring sessions with me - if this is what you choose.

For those who feel called to work with me, we will reconnect you to some of the most transformational, high vibrational and supportive tools.

We will reconnect you to the natural world, and every element within it - in the most organic sense.

We will add Pure, High Grade, Therapeutic, Essential Oils to your Toolkit - to support you every step of the way.

For as each phase has its own distinctive qualities and symbolism, so do these vibrational essences.

And you will join a DoTerra Sisterhood of like-minded women on the same journey of reconnection as you.

For those who feel called to work with me,

We of the Moon will be offered to you. For free.

And you will begin a journey of remembering your Ancient Wisdom. And a reconnection to the natural cycles around you.

Your journey will begin, complete with the tools to protect you, ground you, connect you, support you and transition you - dependent on the current phase and archetype you are embodying.

This liquid Prana is the energy and vibration of the natural world - the Moon, the Sun and the Earth. In complete harmony.

An Ancient Healing Tool, bottled up for us to use in our modern day.

Consciously gathered from Nature, infused with the energy of some of the most beautiful and spiritual lands, fair traded by the hands that grew and nurtured them, and gifted to us -  

the Lunar Woman.

My discovery of Earth's Magick began long ago, but has since bloomed into a deep gratitude for the individual gifts each plant on Earth offers us.

I now glow with the balance and rhythm that PURE essential oils create within my body.

And I want the same for you.

I'm calling self aware women like yourself, to join with me.

To step into balance, self acceptance, emotional awareness, empowerment and alignment.

To shine your light.

I can't wait to show the energy you will welcome into your life when you open your arms to this opportunity!


We will begin with charting your individual cycle,

where we pinpoint your personal archetypes and identify when you embody these throughout each month.

This will help identify any energetic blocks or personal challenges. But also help you to realise your goals, your vision, your dreams.

Then, you will take each step as you are called to - and when you are ready. Just as the phases of the Moon naturally and patiently unfold.

You will also receive unlimited support from me, during the length of this course - and beyond.

My aim...


to support and guide you into a way of living an aware, balanced, flowing, in sync and aligned life.

The offering will guide you for 30 days, and will provide you with all the tools to learn and engage in your own time, within your own space.

If this resonates with you, if this feels right - then you're aligned with this, you're aligned with the next part of your journey, and you're aligned with me.

Let me be your guide as we uncover the next steps of reconnection for you.

Pre-requisites for this FREE We of the Moon Training

1. You are new to doTERRA and would like to get started with doTERRA Essential Oils to support you throughout this Course - and beyond

2. You grab a discounted Enrolment Kit when you enrol, so you have your Toolkit by your side from the get go

Option 1

The Essential Collection Kit ($174) - view kit here

Option 2

The Home Essential Kit ($330) + includes 4 x BONUS 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with me to support you through the Course - view kit here

If you feel called to embrace this opportunity, fill in your details below

(Applications close Mon 30th April 2018)