Energy Alignment Healing Session

I will work on your Mind, Body and Soul via your Energetic Body, Chakras, Meridians and Intuitive Messages

Enjoy the gentle and rhythmic application of 8, specifically chosen, Vibrational Essences via the AromaTouch Therapy. This treatment corresponds with specific organs in the body and addresses four systemic constants:

1. Immunity Weakening  2. Nervous System Imbalance 3. Elevated stress levels  4. Inflammation

Relax - Rebalance - Restore - Recharge

If vibration + energy is low, disorganised or slow moving; we're likely to experience disharmony, unbalance and a lack of synchronicity. An Energy Alignment Session will initiate energy centres flowing with vitality once again.


"Thank you Anita - yesterday was fantastic! Helped affirm my belief I am on the right track. Feeling wonderful and energised and ready to tackle whatever comes my way!" - Amanda

"I went and saw Anita for an Energy Alignment in January, after feeling just a little bit lost after moving across the countryside.." - Kellie (Read the full story here.)

How will you feel?

Combining this rich experience with the healing power of Reiki, the Energy Alignment promotes:

A sense of grounding and uplifting

The removal of disharmony within your whole self

A connection to the highest life-force healing energy

A reactivation of your own personal energy


My philosophy centres around every individual’s wonderful, innate and intuitive healing ability.

As the realities of life gives us certain circumstances, that interfere with the normal functioning of our energies, we sometimes need a few adjustments to start the flow again. By realigning the flow of energy, the body is freed up to begin self-healing and self-regulating – improving, and affecting, us holistically. In our mind, body, spirit and emotional bodies.

A healing technique that promotes holistic balance - treating the mind, body, soul and emotions


Certified Reiki Practitioner - Qualified AromaTouch Therapist - Intuitive - Energy Alchemist

Old blockages and stagnant vibrations will be released

You'll become centred, clearer and more tapped into yourself

Imbalances will be corrected and harmonised

Chemical free + Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade