How to Order Mother Nature's Plant Magick...

Ordering Options (in a nutshell...)


Option #1


  • Choose oil/s
  • Transfer payment
  • I order for you 
  • I arrange postage
  • Free delivery, no GST
  • Receive in the mail!

Option #2


  • Order oils yourself
  • Fill in details online
  • Online payment
  • Delivery + GST fees
  • 7 day delivery
  • Reorder the same way!

Option #3


  • Become a member
  • Fill in enrolment
  • Purchase 25% cheaper
  • Yearly Membership fee
  • NO minimum purchases
  • NO obligations

Option #4


  • Become a Member
  • Join the LRP
  • Products 25% cheaper
  • Yearly Membership fee
  • Min. purchase 1/month
  • Incentives + commission

Ordering Options (in further detail...)


Option #1

Order + buy here (BELOW) 

You fill in a form, I order for you, p+h is free and delivery is will be to you by the end of the month.

This is at no extra benefit to me, I choose to absorb your p+h and GST fees.

Why? Because honestly I was a bit overwhelmed with it all, at first. I put off buying because I just wanted a normal, quick retail/buyer process! I think I actually said; "Can you just do it for me?!" 

So here it is. I can do it for you, and this is why I've set up this option - for those that want 'simple'.

I receive your order and enter it into the same system as Option 2 (whilst adding my other orders). Quick and easy for me, possibly not so much for a newbie.

But feel free to order yourself, if you prefer, at the next step...

Option #2

Place the order yourself 

If you want your oils quicker, and you're confident in navigating the online store, you can get started via the 'ORDER NOW' button below.

You'll get your delivery within 7 days of ordering, but you will have to pay the p+h handling + 10% GST fees yourself. (An extra $9.95 + 10%)

You'll be redirected to an online store when you click 'ORDER NOW' (below), but there's a little bit of admin involved.

To make it easier for you, I've developed a 'step by step' for you to follow:

  • Click here 
  • Click 'SHOP'
  • Choose language + country
  • Add Item(s) 
  • Go to 'CHECK OUT'
  • Ignore ID + Password
  • Make payment!

Option #3

buy at 25% discount

If you'd like to buy products at the wholesale price (25% discount), sign up as a Member. 

You'll pay a Membership Fee ($35), and p+h handling + 10% GST fees on all purchases.

There are no sales requirements, no minimum purchases, no obligations, you don't have to get anyone on board! If you're pretty savvy online, you can just use this as your own little portal to collect your oils - at a discount!

*Option to have $35 Membership Fee waived - if you purchase a kit of oils, this will have it included. Good idea if you were thinking of buying some oils anyway.

To maintain your Membership, all you need to do is renew it once a year - for $25. And that's it. Promise!

If you do want to turn it into a business, head to Option #4...

Option #4

INCENTIVES + earnings

This is Option #3 PLUS enrolment into a Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

Each product is assigned a PV (points value). If you're buying for yourself + selling to others, you will quickly accumulate PV's. These can then be converted into 'product credits' to earn you commission - or be used to purchase more products.

This program is based on the amount of purchases/sales you've made in the month.

Earn 100 PV for the month (i.e. purchase/sell approx. $90 worth of products) + you can start earning commission. Earn 125 PV for the month, you earn commission plus a freebie product! 

You will still be buying at wholesale price (25% discount) BUT you will need to purchase at least 1 item/month to remain in the program.


Order + buy here

(Option #1, for those that want easy…)

1. View my favourite picks for the month, along with their benefits.

2. Click on the link (under each product description) to enter your details + delivery address 

3. Transfer $ - Payment details will be provided at time of ordering

4. A confirmation email will be sent to you

5. Receive your oils in the mail!

6. View ALL products here at BEGIN SHOPPING

7. My 'Enroller ID' or 'Sponsor ID' is 2098458