30 days of Spring activities to get you back in sync THIS SPRING...

A Practical and high vibrational guide, to awaken insight and bring you more in-tune with yourself.

Your own personal handbook on how to cultivate spiritual, yet grounded, practices - to harness all of this amazing Spring energy!



"I'm loving the handbooks can't wait to dive into this one. Thank you!" 

"It is amazing. I'm looking forward to taking part in #springinsync!" 

"This is so great – so helpful. Thank you for sharing!"

"Thank you so much!! Thank you for teaching me…you are beyond inspiring,

"I cannot wait for what's to come!! Love and positivity sister." 

> 4 separate Handbooks with 20+ pages each!

> Grounded DIY rituals and practices to harness Spring's energies, rhythms and cycles

> Space Clearing, Detox and Intention Setting for Spring

> Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotional bodies in Spring

> Spring's Theme, Element, Colour and Gifts

> Spring's Relevant Meridians + Chakras - with related Yoga Asanas and their benefits

> Key dates: Harnessing the Universal, Lunar, Planetary energies throughout Spring

> Distance Flower Therapy: Intuitive guidance and messages

> Personal Alignment: Tuning into the New Moon, Full Moon, Spring Equinox and Mercury Retrograde

++ Plus MORE to restore, re-energise and rebalance your energies!





The Spring Equinox

Mercury Retrograde

A beautiful New Moon

The biggest Supermoon of the year


Available for instant download...

Restore balance between your mind, body, spirit and emotion

Reconnect with yourself by aligning with mother nature's energies

Tune back into yourself to live a more connected life

'It has long been said that if one attunes themselves to nature,

great wisdom will be evidenced in the simplicity and elegance with which the four seasons unfold.'

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