Through the use of the doTERRA Oils, and my own determination, I have had my whole life open up to possibilities I only dreamed of.

I’m Kristy, and my story with the doTERRA Essential Oils began one year ago in February 2017, when I stumbled across Anita’s page and her offer of a Spiritual Mentorship. When I saw Anita’s page something resonated with me and I felt like I wanted to know more. I also felt that what was about to unfold was going to be really BIG for me. And it WAS!

The biggest thing for me after starting to use doTERRA Essential Oils was the clearing of energy blocks that I had for many years that were stopping me from being my authentic self. (All fear based!)

Through the use of the doTERRA oils and my own determination, I have had my whole life open up to possibilities I only dreamed of.

I now use these beautiful oils to support my family’s health, build immunity, cleaning/clearing my home, within my spiritual practices and running my own business. I especially love when my son has any ailments, sickness, moods or can’t sleep - that I first try my oils to see if I can use them to bring about change. And they always work!

I specialise in holding Sacred Sister Circles, Chakra Balancing, AromaTouch, Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Tarot/Oracle Card readings, one on one Spiritual Mentorships, Meditation Courses, doTERRA Workshops and Women’s Empowerment Retreats. I can also teach and mentor you in how to hold your own Sacred Circles for women using doTERRA oils; and how to hold your own doTERRA Workshops for your family and friends. 

I am especially drawn to women struggling with fertility, women who want to rise up into their own power, mamas looking for a healthy toxic-free home for their family, and using the oils for spiritual practice, rituals and meditations.

I can support you one on one with consults, mentorships and guidance either in person or online and I would love to connect with you soon.


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