Our doTERRA Team

We are a beautiful collective of conscious living, like minded, Spirited Women. We incorporate doTERRA's high vibrational Essential Oils into our lives - for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. We are Medicine Women and Healers at our core, healing ourselves and then helping others to, with a deep rooted connection to Mother Nature and Ancient Wisdom.

Lindsey: Urban Farmlife

I'm a 31 year old Earth lover and Mum of 2 beautiful boys. We document our journey of sustainable living at Urban Farmlife.

I was drawn to Essential Oils as I believe that plant medicine is a true gift of nature.

Missa: Salt, Earth & Soul

I'm a Mum to a gorgeous active 4 year old. You may have seen me online at Salt Earth & Soul.

I use my essential oils to support my family's health, continue my spiritual development, and for emotional support.

Anita: Spirited Space

I'm a plant based Mama, Energy Healer, Spiritual Development Mentor and Women's Circle Facilitator.

Reconnecting with Mother Nature's Medicine has helped heal myself, as Essential Oils became my toolkit.

Kristy: Kristy Borbas

Iā€™m Kristy. My story with the doTERRA oils began 1 year ago in February 2017...

The biggest thing for me after starting to use doTERRA Essential Oils was the clearing of energy blocks that I had for many years.

Jaye: Sage & Seed

A busy Mum of 4 and Crystal Healer, candle and soap maker, lover of arts...

Essential Oils had been in my life for many years, it wasn't until I started looking to my inner healing that I came across doTERRA Essential Oils...