90 min Mama Support Session


90 min Mama Support Session


Consult with Tools, Resources, Referrals, Info + Intuitive Guidance


Pregnant or considering?

Preparing for Conception?

Mid term?

About to give Birth?

Pregnancy and Birth is not a ‘procedure’ - it’s a spiritual journey of transformation

Mama or new Mama to be…

you want to feel supported and empowered in this journey (whether it’s your 1st or 7th experience) and you’ve got questions...

  • About your pregnancy

  • Birthing without fear

  • Birth options, choices and rights

  • Conscious conception

  • Natural remedies

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Birth Imprinting

  • Cycle Charting

  • What is necessary/what is not

  • Pregnancy + Labour Intervention

  • Womb Wisdom + Healing

  • The Low Tox Natural Pregnancy Pathway

  • and more

During this consultation you will get

  • Answers to your questions

  • Advice and knowledge

  • Tools, resources, information

  • Referral to like minded communities

  • Intuitive guidance

Derived from…

  • my formal industry training

  • me personally (and thoroughly) navigating and investigating the birthing world

  • my own natural pregnancies, homebirthing and freebirthing experiences

  • and my connections to some of the wisest women in the herstory of birth

Empower yourself with all the information you need to birth on your terms.

To reconnect to yourself, your innate ancient birthing wisdom, your body and your intuition.

To become the Powerful, Awakened, Conscious Mother you feel within you.

1 hour Consult: $111

3 x 1 hour Consult Bundle: $264 ($88/Session)

3 x 1 Hour Group Consults: $111

** If enrolling in ‘The Spirited Mama Support + Hypnobirthing Course’, the full price of your Consult will be discounted off the Course price