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Join Natural Wellness Educator and Energy Healer, Anita, to learn about the therapeutic properties of doTERRA Essential Oils.

Learn how Mother Earth's healing energy, in the form of Essential Oils, can restore your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellness.

It's time to reconnect with Mother Nature to heal us once again. In this class, you will learn natural remedies for:

- Getting more sleep
- Reducing stress
- Relieving tension, pain and inflammation
- Improving digestion
- Increasing energy
- Elevating low moods
- Balancing hormones
- Maintaining healthy metabolism
- Fortifying the immune system
- Reducing the toxic load in your home

Learn how these plant extracts can provide natural remedies for your ailments, support you on your holistic health journey and in becoming your own healer.

Learn how Essential Oils restore balance, promoting and initiating our body's innate healing process.

* Limited spaces available
* Available to anyone that is new to doTERRA, does not currently have a doTERRA account or working with another Wellness Advocate