There's something about sitting in Circle with women, dried Sage, Crystals and Essential Oils that brings a familiarity of Sacred Ritual and Ceremony from lifetimes ago

No matter where you are on your journey


Carve out time for YOU.

To reconnect with yourself. To take time out and stop.

To revisit the traditional ways in which we always did this as women.

To remember your ancient wisdom. To revive your feminine energy.

To become in-sync with the flow of the natural world.

Sitting in Circle with other like-minded women provides a space that brings you what you need in terms of messages, energy, healing, or just a safe space for you to relax and realign.

What to expect?

We begin with a group energy clearing

Relaxation and focus via a Guided Meditation

Learn more about the current phase of the Lunar Cycle ans Season

Strengthen your intuition through the receiving of messages via an Oracle Card pick

Grounding to close your energy and the Circle

COST: $18

LOCATION: Mount Pleasant, Wollongong - address provided upon booking

"Absolutely loved it thank you Anita. The energy was fantastic in the room. Bring on the Full Moon for more releasing." 

"Beautiful Soul Spreading her Light. Thanks Anita & thanks everyone for your energies of love bouncing between us."

 "Thank you Anita, you rock. You were in your element helping us find inner peace!"

"A wonderful Circle, meditating and sharing energy with a bunch of beautiful girls."

"A wonderful morning meditating and sharing energy with a bunch of beautiful girls. Oh and did I mention in a teepee on the beach...! I feel fantastic...Welcome the New Moon and enjoy the next month. Thanks so much Anita."

"This was a beautiful few hours with a lovely bunch of ladies...roll on the next one."

"What an incredible afternoon meditating, sharing and being spiritual in our New Moon Women's Circle. Thank you Anita...you are such an inspirational and beautiful soul! Keep shining your light."


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