Mercury has gone retrograde.

Ahhh, how severe is it going to be?

How will this Astrological Event shake up our lives!?

But seriously, it's not that bad. Not if you're aware. Not if you're living consciously and in sync with the energies that are being offered to you. It's the perfect time to reconnect to yourself. And the perfect time to practice making things work in your favour - by flowing and not fighting back.

Here are my top 10 suggestions to survive and thrive during this Mercury Retrograde.


1. Reflect, revise, renegotiate, revamp, renew, revisit.

All the 're' words.

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Lemon - the oil of concentration. Put 1 drop in your water, several times a day to help engage your mind and aid concentration. Lemon EO teaches us to be mentally present by focusing on one thing at a time; dispelling confusion, encouraging clarity, counterbalancing mental fatigue and supporting disengagement.


2. Back up everything!

Computers, phones, hard drives, USB sticks - anything electrical. Don't have so many damn tabs open when you're working on something important (guilty!) on the computer! Try and do one thing at a time instead. Otherwise you're just asking for Mercury Retrograde to swing in and ruffle your feathers! (PS I've saved this blog post twice already!)

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA InTune Blend. Role this on your temples or back of the neck. This Oil Blend quiets and grounds our mind, instead of trying to activate it. Very helpful for those with a short attention span as it helps us to remain present and complete one task at a time. It brings us back from distraction when we become lost in thought or we jump from one task to another.


3. Double check all travel plans and itineraries.

Are your flight times AM or PM? Are you at Terminal 1 or 4? Did you get a confirmation email about your tent site or hotel room? Were transfers included, or did you just make the assumption they were?

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Ginger - the Oil of Empowerment. Put 1 drop in the bottom of a coffee mug and add hot water for a beautiful tea. Ginger removes any feelings of powerlessness, when we sometimes believe circumstances are out of our control. It helps us take responsibility for our lives, instead of blaming external influences or other people. It encourages accountability, and removes any blame in the case of misfortune.


4. If there's clone situations coming back around, or people from the past that you thought you had disconnected from - ask yourself what is left to be done?

If it triggers emotions within you, then you may need to clear some related blocks or resolve some things within yourself. What is it that you need to learn in order to let go? How can you think about this situation from a different perspective, to cut the energetic ties/chords you still have connected?

Do you need to forgive yourself or somebody else?

Do you need to truly let it go?

What is it that you're feeling?

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Forgive Blend. Diffuse or dab onto your pulse points. This Emotional Aromatherapy Oil Blend helps to set us free when we are resentful, blaming or bitter - as it assists us in forgiving and showing us that everyone is learning and growing together. It invites us to free ourselves through viewing situations and others with compassion and understanding - including ourselves.

5. Be very conscious of your communication.

Double check who you're texting. Re-read emails and texts that are sent to you, before becoming reactive in your response. Triple check your newsletter, blog posts or mass marketing before sending it out. In fact, get someone else to go over it too! Think before you speak.

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Lavender Oil - the Oil of Communication. Lavender assists us in calming the mind before we verbally express ourselves. It unblocks any blocked communication channels, between people, slows down racing thoughts, releases tension from spoken words and helps you to feel seen and heard.


6. Don't take things personally and don't attach emotion to everything.

If the garage remote stops working, it's going to be OK. If you're locked out of your house, it's going to be OK. If you ran out of toilet paper, it's going to be OK. If you can't find your left shoe but have your right, it's going to be OK! The world is not against you. Everything is actually working on your behalf, energetically. Use these opportunities to slow right down, and come back to the present.

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Easy Air Blend - the Oil of Breath. This Oil Blend opens up our airways, encourages deep breathing, and therefore reduces stress. It supports us when we're overwhelmed, constricted, closed and despairing - and encourages us to let go, open up, embrace life, let go of any heaviness, come back to the present and gain perspective.


7. 'If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine - it's lethal.' Practice flexibility.

Controlling routines in your life may feel safe, but they can often make you rigid and stuck. Try and go with the flow. Use this period of time to try and say 'yes' as much as you can - and notice the difference. You are always being looked after - trust a little more. Spontaneously ask someone to go for coffee. Agree to go away for the weekend with friends. Mix it up. Don't be careless, but loosen up a little! Retrogrades can show us which areas we're holding on too tightly in our lives. (Hint: the magic happens outside of your comfort zone!)

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Cypress - the Oil of Motion and Flow. This Oil supports us when we are stuck in rigidity, feel the need to control, are stuck in perfectionism and guides us in creating energetic flow to create flexibility in our lives. It encourages us to cast aside any worries and lets us enjoy the spontaneity of life when we trust it.


8. Think before you speak and listen before you respond.

Throat Chakras are going to be overactive wherever you go! Keep your head on if there's any misunderstandings and try to remember everyone is in the same boat with all of these high flying energies affecting communications. Avoid arguments, debates and being right - sometimes it's better to be kind, than to be right. Words cut deep and can create wounds that last forever.

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Spearmint - the Oil of Confident Speech. Dilute this oil and rub this oil across your throat. It helps us in gaining clarity of thought before we voice our opinions. This oil also promotes confidence and courage in expressing ourself verbally and being able to articulate that in the way we would like to.


9. Don't start new projects.

Wait until this energy has settled - things will be a lot more in flow after this retrograde and your new ventures will run more smoothly.

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Wintergreen - The Oil of Surrender. Dilute 1-2 drops and rub over your heart and into your lower back. Wintergreen assists us strong willed (sometimes stubborn) personalities in letting go of the action - and allows us to lean into a higher power and for things to unfold in their natural timing and space.

10. Take the time to be reflective and to do some real self-evaluation around your priorities - especially around where your 'energy' is spent in relation to these.

What are your top 5 priorities in life, in relation to your values?

Physical, Emotional, Mental Health? Adventure? Wealth? Freedom? Career? Consciousness? Spirituality? Environmentalism? Connection to Nature? Friendship? Family? Personal Development/Growth? Ethical Living? Knowledge/Wisdom? Being in Service?

And now - where are you spending your energy (time, money, resources, attention, love) - on a weekly basis?

  • Is it time for a shuffle around?
  • Time to start living on purpose?
  • Start living consciously?
  • Choosing what you do and what you do it for?

Supporting Essential Oil: doTERRA Frankincense - the Oil of Truth. Dilute 1-2 drops and rub into your Crown or over your Third Eye between your brows, when self evaluating or meditating. This oil will help you in revealing self deceptions and invites you to release lower vibrations or negativity - to help you in creating a much more positive and productive perspective. It will help you gain clarity around what is bringing the most light into your life, and what is keeping you feeling disconnected.

Mercury Retrograde is gifting you the time and energy to do all of these things - for your highest good.